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May 4, 2018 Health

Not the Cure Food comes in many different forms; frozen foods, fresh foods, processed foods, natural foods, healthy foods and unhealthy foods. There comes a time when one has to look at what is being consumed on a regular basis and evaluate the situation on what may be helping in terms of health or slowly killing off the body he or she possess. Individuals eat unhealthy foods every day, knowing and not knowing what types of affects these foods are having on their bodies.

With the knowledge one gains from looking at the sorts of foods they are consuming, a decision must be made; continue down the path of destruction or change the types of foods being eaten with the hopes of living a healthier life. Reversing the damage done by the consumption of unhealthy foods may be possible by eliminating them from one’s diet and adding healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables, with the addition of regular exercise. As children, society grows up viewing commercials about fast food facilities like McDonald’s and Burger Kind while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

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It is forced in to the brains at a very young age that these types of foods are the greatest places to eat in the world, and we should ask our mommies and daddies if we can go there and eat all the time. This leads to an unhealthy way of looking at food. Children are hardwired to want these delicious burgers and tremendous french-fries at a very young age, believing that eating these foods on a regular basis is healthy and normal. Throughout the years, studies have shown that fast food consumption has been the main leader in obesity in adults and children in the U. S. According to a paper written for NBER. rg, The Effect of Fast Food Restaurants on Obesity and Weight Gain, the fact that fast food is so readily available may be a factor as to the rise in obesity in all walks of life(Currie, DellaVigna, Moretti, & Pathania, 2009). One has to ask themselves “why do we eat this food if it is so bad for us? ” There are essentially many different answers to this question, one of which being the fact that we are subjected to it at such a young age, but also the fact that fast food is so very convenient. A study was done in California examining the relationship to obesity with the proximity of schools and fast food restaurants.

The study indicated that students who had these types of restaurants readily available to them were less likely to have a regular serving of fruit or vegetables on a daily basis, thus leading to continued unhealthy eating (Brannan Davis, 2009). Although it would be a perfect world if fast food restaurants were removed from the vicinity of schools cured the obesity rate, but this is just not a fact. Regardless of where the facilities are in regards to schools, people would still find a way to consume the tasty treats as often as their wallets and bellies would allow.

Perhaps making adolescents aware of what types of food they are consuming on a regular basis will help them make more health conscious decisions, according to one article, children are very well aware of what healthy eating and unhealthy eating is at a very young age (Dixey, 1998) One of the aspects that need to be taken in to consideration when it comes to eating the plethora of foods from these restaurants is not only the size of the portions, but also the amount of calories and fat that are in each serving.

Many of these fast food restaurants use foods that are extremely high in saturated fats and loaded with calories. One Big Mac from McDonalds alone holds 550 calories alone and 10 grams of saturated fats (Sarah Muntel, 2013). Eating foods like this on a regular basis can lead a person down the path of susceptibility to many different chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. When a person is faced with diseases like these it is important to take a look at the nourishment being consumed and begin limiting things that may be causing these issues.

It is also important to begin adding activities to one’s diet to help begin the process of the body healing from the damage that has already been done by the years of eating such bad foods. There have been studies that prove that eating foods that are healthier can help make a person feel better in the long run. According to an article on helpguide. org, antioxidants and other nutrients in fruits and vegetables help protect individuals against certain types of cancers and other diseases (Maya W. Paul, 2012).

It is important to eat foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients the body needs, not foods that are high in fat and calories. Eating these types of foods can potentially help lower one’s body fat which would then lower their cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels; thus lessening their chances for developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Another way to help heal the body from years of eating unhealthy foods is to begin adding daily exercise in to one’s routine. Doing something as simple as walking for 30 minutes every day will reatly decrease the risk for developing obesity and reversing the damage that has already taken place. It is important to continue moving one’s body in order to get it to the maximum health. Focus should also go on developing the muscles in the body, this keeps the bones strong and the body strong, having a strong body leads one down the path to healthy living all around. When an individual adds muscle training in to their schedule of exercise they are increasing their muscle mass which then helps burn calories faster, this then leads to speedier weight loss.

And as mentioned previously, weight loss would help decrease the chances for many different types of illnesses. There is a tremendous amount of evidence out there that supports the negative effects eating fast foods has on one’s body and there is also just as much evidence that shows what eating healthy and choosing a healthy lifestyle can do for one’s body. When an individual eats healthy, they begin to live healthy, making healthier decisions and healthier choices. This in turn leads to an all-around healthy lifestyle.

There are many different reasons to begin developing a healthier way of living, the main being that a person has the potential to live a much longer healthier life. Fast food may not be the healthiest path to take when it comes to eating, it can lead a person in a direction that many never find their way out of. In order to be healthy, an individual has to stay healthy and focus on the foods that are being taken in, fast foods restaurants may not be the healthiest choice for long term health.


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