Fast Food Addiction

May 15, 2018 Media

Obesity is increasing rapidly because of the fast food. Showing and telling people how unhealthy to eat the fast food is extremely hard because it is now the popular culture for the societies those are dominated by the fast food industries. High profit and low cost is the primary reason why there are many Burger Kings and McDonald’s in the world (Kenway, “Junk food: The New Tobacco”).

Yet some readers may challenge my view by insisting that the fast food industries are dominating the societies however, people who are against me do not consider that they have many food options instead of the fast food (Blutt, “Is Food The New Tobacco). I intend to prove that fast food is the new tobacco and societies cannot live without fast food especially people who adopt it culturally. But is my proposal realistic? What are the chances of its actually adopted? Douglas MacMillan overlooks what I consider an important point about the fast food.

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My own view is that “Children see advertisement of fast food” which is also stated by Douglas MacMillan. The fast food advertisement focuses on children because these industries know that how to use children’s foibles to attract their attentions. MacMillan also added that KFC has some healthier options which is grilled chicken and these industries uses media to reach children to make them believe how healthier options they have. These conclusions, which MacMillan discusses in advertising, add weight to the argument that eating fast food is

a new addiction instead of tobacco addiction (MacMillan, “Alcohol, Then Tobacco. New Fast Food”). On the other hand, at this point I would like to raise some objections that have been inspired by the skeptic in me. Lyn Roberts explains that people try to struggle with obesity reducing fast food. The evidence shows that if people clarify why the fast food is unhealthy then they can propose some solutions to solve fast food addiction and obesity.

As almost anyone knows that tobacco is a common addiction and governments try to reduce deaths using advertisement on the tobaccos. In the present day fast food is the new tobacco and some options are best suited for this particular problem such as reducing salt and saturated-fat contend of food, avoiding the use of trans fats, and promoting fruit and vegetable consumption (Roberts, “We’ve tackled tobacco- why not unhealthy food”) On the one hand, I agree with Eric Schlosser that “Fast food has proven to be a revolutionary force in American life.” It may be stated as a revolution because food is culture such as art and literature.

Schlosser also indicates that “The extraordinary growth of the fast food industry has been driven by fundamental changes in American society.” In the given day, some parents spend their money to buy fast food instead of buying food and preparing meals at home (Scholosser, “Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All- American Meal”).

In conclusion, fast food is becoming an addiction and a part of our lives. While it is true that people do not have time to cook every day or fast food restaurants can perform some improvements on their meals, it does not necessarily follow that ideas. The authorities may help people to quit smoking or alcohol, however people who obliged to eat fast food cannot live without eating it. Also people who are responsible for fast food industries do not say that “You must eat fast food to survive”, it is obvious that it is just people’s choice.

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