Fast N Consistent Always Beat the Slow N Steady

April 1, 2017 General Studies

The ‘fast and consistent’ will always beat the ‘slow and steady’.. The saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’ is in many ways inaccurate. This cannot be taken literally and also does not pertain to everyone. If this saying was taken literally, it would make no sense at all. For an example, my brother is on the track team, and I know that you have to be very fast to win. If my brother runs very slowly, he would never win the race. Although you need to be steady in long distance races, you can’t be slow like a tortoise. In the end you need to be fast to win any type of physical race.

In addition of that, in some timed contests, only people that fast and consistent will win while the slow and steady will lose in the race. This situation show that only people with the first criteria will be active in any competition. Let’s focus on the public transportation, in this era of globalization, where the world is getting smaller, people would expect much more faster and convenient services. So, public transports that only provide faster and convenient service will get people’s attention. Moreover, in restaurants, we prefer fast and consistent services as we don’t like to wait for a longer hour.

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Restaurant that provide slow and study service will not get peoples attention. I can’t just change the way I work. I can’t tell all of a sudden be miraculously fast. And I definitely can’t just stop at a certain point when I know I’ve worked for too long. I can’t go to sleep at night unless I finish my homework. When it comes to my schoolwork, I’m a perfectionist! It’s not just schoolwork; I’m slow in everything. I finish my dinner after everything is already cleaned up! I’m always the last one to hand in a test.

And it takes me one hour to read 15 pages of a regular book or even just 5 pages of a textbook. Am I missing out by being slow and steady? As I’m growing up, I also began to realize I am very slow. VERY slow. I’m in seventh grade and my homework can take up till midnight to finish. My friends, on the other hand, finish theirs at 7. 00. My mom always tells me, “It’s okay. Slow and steady wins the race. ” But just recently I’ve realized that’s so not true. Is it really fair that what takes my friends 45 minutes takes me 2 and a half hours?? Yes I get really good grades….. but is that actually winning?

Would you rather get some As and some Bs and live stress-free and be a happy kid, or be an A+ student and always be tired and stressed and have to fight yourself to stay awake in school? This theory ‘slow and steady wins the race’ really confuses us because it just doesn’t make any sense. I’ve concluded that maybe this is only for people who are fast and rush through life and don’t take time to ‘smell the roses’. I have smelled many rose bushes, and sometimes I wish I would stop smelling the roses and give my nose a rest. In my case, slow and steady doest not win the race.


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