Fate of Dr. Faustus

December 22, 2016 History

The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus tells a tale of a discontented scholar with an unappeasable craving for knowledge. Faustus .

personifies the renaissance aspiration for unlimited knowledge, yet he is fueled .

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by greed and the want for ultimate power.

Although extremely intelligent and educated, Faustus is blinded by his own greed. Using a mysterious incantation, Faustus is able to conjure Mephistopheles, one of Lucifer’s underlings. Faustus makes a pact with Lucifer and trades his soul for twenty-four years of worldly power. Faustus spends the next years traveling to Greece, poking fun at the Pope in Rome and impressing an emperor. Act five, Scene two encompasses the conclusion of the twenty-four year period. This very important scene clears up any doubt that Faustus, in the end, will pay dearly for his sins. .

Lucifer’s dialog in this scene, his only lines throughout the entire play, is our first clue that salvation will not come for Fastus. “Thus from infernal dis to we ascend to view the subjects of our monarchy, those souls which sin, seals the black sons of hell, ‘mong which as chief, Faustus, we come to thee, bring with us lasting damnation, to wait upon thy soul. The time is come which makes it forfeit” (5,2,3-9). In short, Lucifer states that he and his servants are coming for Faustus’ soul. Lucifer comes to wait until the clock strikes midnight, at which point he plans to take Faustus’ soul. Although it is possible that Faustus could still be saved at this point, it definitely elevates the likelihood that he will not be. .

What is very interesting is that Scene five, Act two is the only time Lucifer .

speaks the entire play. It seems the author wished to save Lucifer’s words for the most important part of the play so his lines would seem more meaningful. Lucifer’s presence and words show that he is serious and intends to take Fastus’ soul.

Secondly, after finishing his Will, Fastus begins to speak to the Scholars,.


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