Father Goes to the Court

June 25, 2018 General Studies

The Father goes to the court I. Plot ·Incentive Movement -The young narrator begins by describing his large family ·Rising Action -Complaint of the rich man to the father in terms with the spirit and wealthy food causing for his family became thin and sick. ·Conflict -In this story, the rich family and poor family having a conflict in each other. ·Climax -The tension in this story is when ·Falling Action -It is accurate to the story because the father give also the questions that given by the lawyer of the rich man and then next is on how the poor man will pay for that. II. Characters

The character seems real and depth in emotions and they are recognizable in their stereotypes. And their motives were understandable that we can relate to them. The Good guy/s which is the father was likeable and same as the bad guys/s which is the rich man that it is really bad. III. Setting -The story is set in a city in the Philippines that accurate to what the story all about. The setting of the story is very Filipino, people in the barrio, helping each other.

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The young narrator is allowing the readers to experience what they are reading so that readers could imagine clearly the location around the characters. IV. Point of View -This Short story is a 2nd point of view because the young narrator itself is in the story. He or She is inside of the story she or he is telling what is happening there. V. Figurative Language -In this matter it uses Hyperbole because it says here that the poor family was stealing the spirit and wealthy of the food by smelling it only causing for the rich family became thin and sickly.

And also consider the paying of the father to their food spirit and wealthy ny jingling the coins. – VI. Word view ·Theme -“ Laughter is the best Medicine ” because Filipino’s are known to be the smiley person inspite to their problems that came into our life especially in poverty that we do not show that we have a problem in life that every problem that God given to us there were always a solution for that. ·Symbol – VII. Summary -The story is set in a city in the Philippines. The young narrator begins by describing his large family.

Though they are poor they are full of mischief and laughter. The children are all strong, happy and healthy even though they often go hungry. While in contrast, their rich neighbour’s children are thin and sickly although they are given plenty of good food, which their poor neighbours’ enjoy smelling over the fence. Consequently, the rich man brings a charge against the narrator’s family for stealing the spirit and wealthy of his family’s food. The absurd case goes to court, and the narrator’s father agrees to pay back the rich neighbour.

He does this by collecting coins from all his friends present in his hat, then shaking the hat full of coins. Being charged to pay for the spirit and wealthy of food which his family supposedly got from its smell, he maintains that the jingling of the coins is a fair equivalent. The judge rules in the poor father’s favor, and the rich man is forced to depart with no other payment than the “spirit” of the money the poor man collected. VIII. Reaction -The story depicts the typical Filipino family. It has the characteristics of being simple, poor, hardworking, and happy and has strong family ties.

The author described the plot accurately but the scenes of the story do not happen in everyday life. The family in the story was described by being happy because despite the hardships they encounter in their everyday life, they can still laugh and enjoy their lives and can still survive the burdens caused by poverty while the rich man in the story was very selfish and does not want to socialize with the poor people in the community so he ended up being sick because he only cares about was his wealth and money.

Same thing happened to his children, they grew up thin, weak, sickly and sad because they did not experienced and enjoyed the life of a ordinary kid like playing outside, and hanging out with other kids while the poor family, despite the hardships and problems the kids still enjoy playing outside so they grew up strong and healthy. The poor family enjoyed their life to the fullest.

There is an old saying that happy people will live their life longer. For me this story has a deeper meaning, the story he made was very happy and was like a fairy tale that everyone is happy and laughing. I think this story implies the gap between the upper and lower classes in the society. I think Carlos Bulosan wants to reveal the reality about this issue because he experienced social discrimination when he was in the U. S.


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