Fatima be held in high esteem even

Fatima Jinnah
“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of woman”
With the advent of the Pakistan Movement,women’s participation in the freedom struggle became a dire neccessity,both for increasing the Muslim vote bank and for displaying numerical strength at the Muslim league’s political rallies.Mr,Jinnah announced,:
“Women are supposed to create a sense of general political consciousness. They should stand shoulder to shoulder with men in practical politics.”
So Then, The first lady was Ftima Jinnah who was an inspiration to the women of Pakistan and continuous to be held in high esteem even today.She formed the Women’s Relief Comitte,which played a vital role in the settlement of refuges the new state of Pakistan.After the Quaid’s death,she assumed the mantle of the Protector of Public Interest.She fearlessly pointed out the lapses of the rulers on a regular basis,and continuosly beckoned the Nation back to the Quaid’s cherished principles. In 1964, after Khawaja Nazimuddin died,the Combined Opposition Parties (COP) nominated Miss Jinnah as their presidential candidate. By agreeing to challenge Field Marshal Ayub Khan at the hight of his dictorial power,she not only electrified the Nation, but also took a massive step toward the political empowerment of women. This, one courgeous decision, raised the threshold of politival ambitions amongest he female politicians of the Subcontinent to the very highest levels.

Fatima Jinnah is truly a role modal for the women of Pakistan because she not only worked for creating awareness among woman but also fought a hard battle alongside his brother Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to make the dream of making a new country Pakistan a reality.

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The life of Fatima Jinnah is a role modal for the women of Pakistan because she was at the top of all woman who struggle for the creation of Pakistan, she supermacy of role of law, she said that, Fatima Jinnah is a source of inspiration for women and women of Pakistan should follow her footprint and should take firm stand on the issues relating to women rights,she made an insipirig and impressive contribution in women empowerment trough contribution in the field of education, art, health, and legal rights etc. To Pakistan, to the image of Pakistan and Pakistani woman both locally and internationally.

The hight of her political accomplishment came toward the end of her life when,in 1965, she defied traditions by challenging Ayub Khan in a tight race for the office of president of Pakistan. Even a conservative party like the Jamaat-i-Islami accepted her as a woman presidential candidate.

if Fatima Jinnah serves as a role medal for Pakistani girls, she is needed a fine one for she had a life filled achievment.

“when women succeed , nations are more safe,secure and prosperous”
She helping the development of a modern Muslim female persona which would equip itself to shoulder, along with its male counterpart, the tasks of nation building the dramtic birth of the new nation in the most treacherous circumstances had called for.



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