Favoring brand extension analysis

Sellers have long recognized that strong trade name names that deliver higher gross revenues and net incomes have the possible to work their thaumaturgies on other merchandises. The costs of presenting a trade name into a consumer market can be considerable, runing above $ 50 million. It is a considerable investing and like most investings carries no warrant of success. The recession of the early 1990s focussed selling directors on cost-saving tactics to increase fight. One of the most of import effects was to do trade name extensions more compelling. Leveraging the trade name equity of a successful trade name promises to do debut of a new entry less dearly-won by merchandising on an established name. In kernel, companies can be tantalized by the chance of harvesting a 2nd dividend from their initial investing in advertisement, research, and merchandise development costs. As support for this option, surveies of consumer trade names in different markets found that successful trade name extensions spent less on advertisement than comparable new name merchandises.

Against the costs and sing the nest eggs, trade name extension may look like the lone option for some companies. Successful illustrations such as Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke benefited from the trade name franchise of their parent merchandises. Arguably, farther advertisement the extension might even make synergism between it and its parent trade name. In fact, after ab initio defying trade name extension, Coca-Cola introduced six extensions and captured a larger market portion than the original trade name. As an utmost illustration, one of the extensions, Cherry Coke, was successful despite a close absence of advertisement support.

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While successful merchandise extension can harvest benefits, it has some drawback excessively. History shows the potency of trade name extension jobs which range from straight-out failure to partial failures such as trade name cannibalism. Alternatively of success, the failed extension might stain the image and cut down the market portion of the parent merchandise.

Classical 4Ps ( Marketing Mix: Merchandise, Price, Promotion, Place ) is in uninterrupted usage by marketing practicians and academicians to plan an incorporate selling program. Along with STP ( Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning ) , marketing mix plays a major function for planing selling roadmap get downing from early phase of new merchandise development until keeping market portion. Regardless what content inside the merchandise, how much it is priced, how intensive the publicity takes, and how big the coverage of distribution, a clear individuality to separate the merchandise to other merchandises that have existed in the market is important. In selling survey, such individuality labeled to a merchandise is called trade name. A trade name is created to further long term chained connexions between company and clients. As more alternate of merchandises available in market, clients take bigger trust on trade name they can trust on, to merchandises that offering values closely meet their demands. Brand is a powerful tool for marketing scheme. Epicurean trade names like Gucci and Prada are negatively affected on forgeries sold by illegal sellers in developing states. Consumers who buy the merchandises know unsimilarity of quality. They, nevertheless, still do purchasing determinations as driven by power of trade name. The typical consumers wo n’t do purchases when no trade name is attached to the counterfeited merchandises. A series of plans to advance merchandises trusting on trade name images is called stigmatization. Branding is important to increase sensed consumer value. Successful stigmatization plans lead to trade name trueness and accordingly reassign the trueness to trade name extension. Similar with worlds, trade name has an image as accretions of some properties. Physical merchandise quality, the most touchable and easiest to observe, belongs to the aggregation of properties. In the long tally, nevertheless, the merchandise quality is perceived individually from trade name image. Some argues that trade name image is more of import that physical merchandise quality. In put to deathing trade name extension, high profile and good known trade name image is more applicable than one with low image.


Brand extension is a portion of trade name direction to diversify and leveraging the bing trade name by come ining into new merchandise class by new merchandise development. Positive images and strengths of bing trade name / parent trade name are leveraged to convey another success narrative for new merchandise. Brand extension is progressively used by companies as a portion of scheme for merchandise developments. It is viewed as one of agencies to achieve incorporate trade name architecture. The usage of same trade name on bing merchandise ( parent trade name ) for a new merchandise in different class ( extension trade name ) increases rate of new credence and purchase purpose to consumer. The scheme maintains efficiencies on advertisement and publicity outgos yet still can make new market section. Company is non in place to apportion selling disbursals at the same degree as spent by the parent trade name, yet may derive similar degree of success. A strong repute of parent trade name can minimise hazard of new merchandise launch by taking advantages on consumers ‘ cognition and experiences of the established trade name. In comparing, line extension scheme is sometimes assorted up with trade name extension. While taking wholly different attack, line extension offers new merchandises, under the same trade name name, in the same merchandise class. Line extension can besides by widening same merchandise and same trade name with different merchandise characteristics ( e.g. presenting new spirits and selling different sizes of packaging ) . From hazard direction position, trade name extension poses more hazard than line extension. Ill executed extension of trade name to new merchandise classs can endanger current image of parent trade name. In less grade of hazard encountered, line extension trades merely with the merchandise itself with little connexions to the trade name. Entire processes of new merchandise developments take important hours and attempts to convey about a success. Particularly for some type of merchandises holding short term merchandise life rhythm, a selling scheme that leads to a cutoff of accomplishment is a penchant for a selling plan. Alternatively of working up from a zero point, one would get down from an established ground-base. From marketing position, trade name extension scheme is a solid base and perceived for a chief pick to go on the bequest of a successful parent trade name. Besides, it optimizes economic graduated table of company ‘s rational belongings. However, trade name extension scheme is non a riskless and does non to the full procure the consequences. It poses some hazards since the trade name associations of the parent trade name must be suitably transferred and linked to the new merchandise. The failure of tie ining trade name to new merchandise can negatively impact non merely to the new merchandise, but besides does impact the parent trade name. The image and fiscal figures of parent trade name may be endangered due to the failure of scheme execution.


For FMCG ( Fast traveling consumer goods ) companies, the usage of trade name extension is increasing for last few old ages. Very high cost required to establish a new merchandise becomes a major factor for company to rethink and turn up different selling attacks. Sellers find that utilizing the same trade name ( of class, the established and reputable one ) in the company ‘s portfolio to be used by new merchandise in different class can be the reply to fiscal efficiencies. As this attack becomes popular and widely leveraged by more companies, auxiliary hazards occur as trade name concentration is focused to large trade names merely. Too many merchandises under a trade name portfolio can besides jeopardize overall trade name image. Two FMCG companies P & A ; G ( Procter & A ; Gamble ) and Unilever are concentrating on large trade names that generate gross revenues of more than $ 1 billion. P & A ; G late launched two new merchandises utilizing trade name extension: new biodegradable rubs named Kandoo, launched under Pampers parent trade name, and a new merchandise for rinsing autos under Mr. Clean parent trade name. Different nature and selling patterns, pharmaceutical companies tend non to implement the trade name extension. Some merchandises were in test but resulted in small success. In branding scheme, pharmacists show a important function. They provide chief watercourse on how label a merchandise name. Pharmacists fear that widening trade name to different active ingredients increase opportunities of distributing error. For case, Panadol is the trade name of generic paracetamol. Adding one or more active ingredients yet keeping same trade name of Panadol would be hard for selling and safety grounds. Unique attacks experienced by pharmaceutical sectors and can be seen as a trade name extension is by utilizing two different trade names for the precisely same merchandise and for handling two different interventions. The generic name of Bupropion hydrochloride is manufactured and marketed by GSK ( GlaxoSmithKline ) as a trade name name Wellbutrin for handling depression and as Zyban for smoking surcease.


The perceptual experience of parent trade name transferred inside consumer head strongly influence credence of merchandise extension associated with the trade name. Images transferred to consumer heads are perceived and received positively if both, merchandise transportation ability and company transportation ability, address value degrees of parent trade name. Product transportation ability indicates how characteristics of merchandises in parent trade name portfolio are movable to new merchandise extension. Meanwhile, company transportation ability denotes company environments ( i.e. people, installations and accomplishments ) in doing the merchandise extension. For case, assume Nike plans to widen its trade name name by presenting a new merchandise extension in personal computing machine class. Consumers mind may be directed to how efficaciously company ‘s existing resources is movable to doing personal computing machine. Perception inside consumer head plays an of import function. As more options available before purchase

determination is made, consumer without consciously accommodating their experiences with other merchandises of the same trade name. The merchandise, whose parent trade name has been established and is triggered with immediate perceptual experience and associations, is likely to hold better opportunity for concluding choice instead taking wholly unfamiliar trade name. For case, Volvo is perceived with luxury and safety, while McDonald is associated with fast service and standardisation. This original and expansive perceptual experience of parent trade name is critical and need to be transferred right to new merchandises. Bic, letter paper maker based in French, took failed measure when widening its trade name. Originally as a pen shaper, Bic embraced successful trade name extension into shaving equipment and coffin nail igniters. The success of anterior two merchandises stimulated Bic to come in another wholly different merchandise class by establishing aroma. Sony, which is associated with strong quality of sound and ocular devices, makes smooth transportation of the perceptual experiences when presenting a new class of personal computing machine with label Vaio.


Degree of value creative activity delivered by merchandise extension is a major influential to prolong long term consequence to the scheme. Making values are applied either through physical merchandise or emotional experiences ; or at higher degree can be both. In make up one’s minding which values put into the merchandise, company should see from multi positions of clients. At retail merchants point, merchandises offering value benefits of maximising shelf infinite are likely to offer positive fiscal returns to retail merchants. Challenging point of value created to retail merchants cover with offering wide assortment of merchandises with forced infinite they have. Brand direction is responsible to pull off full procedures of trade name life rhythm, from creative activity, development to riddance of the trade name. Consumer goods transnational company, Unilever, has late taken a restructuring on the trade name portfolio. By cut downing 1,600 to 400 trade names, Unilever streamlines its trade name assortments in order to be in front of planetary competition. The more figure of merchandises managed in a company trade name portfolio increases degree of hazard faced due to unsuccessful plans of merchandise extension. In greater impact, it can endanger a concern unit or company being. Correlation of 2 maps, span of control and figure of merchandises in a trade name, provides a model to invent a trade name extension scheme. More merchandises handled by a trade name director diminish the span of control. It brings a additive correlativity with trade name hazards. To lower hazard, trade name director is likely to widen trade name portfolio with a moderate figure of extension, which besides cut down span of control issues.


Brand dilution occurs when consumers loss the original appreciation of trade name perceptual experience on their heads and no longer tie in the trade name with a specific merchandise. For case, Cadbury may see trade name dilution by fring its strong individuality of cocoa and confect saloon by running a figure of different classs like mashed murphies, powdered factory and soups. Too wide assortments of merchandise classs run under same trade name can thwart consumers in believing which fluctuations of merchandises that really fit to their perceptual experiences. Even though today ‘s consumers are selective in their purchasing wonts and expect invention, the world of trade name extension success is still low. This is because most of new merchandise extensions are non alone and do non fulfill consumer demands. There are some factors that lead to trade name dilution. Among those include perceptual experience in consumer heads comparing between parent trade name and merchandise extension, degree of acquaintance with parent trade name, fit degree transferred from parent trade name to extension and consumer ‘s perceptual experience to new merchandise. Level of trade name trueness shown by a client can exchange to extremist grade for trade name extension instance. When trueness and degree of acquaintance with parent trade name is high, new merchandise extension failure may greatly decrease trust degree to full trade name portfolio. In bend, low acquaintance to trade name affects low dilution when merchandise failure occurs in new extension.

This survey will measure, whether trade name and line extension can market the merchandise faster, salvage cost associated with making new trade names, or can take to a trade name dilution.

Statement of the job

The thesis is basically a research based one and will seek to bring out whether trade name and line extension is favourable or it lead to trade name dilution. More specifically, It is believed that trade name extension has some favourable benefits such as

For this intent, foremost a survey and analysis of the ordinances set Forth by SECP, which happens to be the regulation organic structure for private Pension fund companies, would be conducted. Second, a survey would be conducted as to how Pension fund companies go about carry oning their concerns such as the diverse investings they carry out and the returns they provide to the pensionaries. Last but non the least ; different Torahs, other than those prepared by SECP, impacting the working of private pension fund companies would be highlighted.

When one measures the market public presentation of any merchandise the factors taken under consideration are monetary value, characteristics, image and accoutrements, market portion, production, and the public-service corporation derived from its usage.

In instance of autos, in add-on to the above mentioned factors, one considers safety and security, comfort, public presentation, security, and dependability. Buying a new or used auto can be a confusing determination.

The clip has come to turn for the transmutation of auto market from that of Sellerss ‘ to purchasers ‘ for the benefit of people but besides the manufacturers which have realized that without bettering the quality of their several merchandises, and assisting manus from renting companies, they would non be able to develop the much needed economic systems of graduated table.

Therefore, this research is aimed at happening the market leader among the three major rivals – Alto, Cuore, and Santro – in the in-between category section of the economic system. It will besides concentrate on the factors that companies must see during marketing their autos.

Significance of the survey

To measure the market public presentation of Cuore, Santro, and Alto:

Profile of the industry in footings of:

Market Share



Monetary value

Tendency of sale of these autos for the past few old ages.

How does renting ease the sale of these autos?

Percentage sold on rental?

How do people come to cognize about these autos?

Who makes the purchase determination in the family?

Are people cognizant of the characteristics?

What factors do people see during the purchase determination?


After sale support service

Spare portion handiness

Make the upper center and lower center categories perceive the monetary value as the auto ‘s worth?

General satisfaction degree of proprietors?

The chief intent of the auto?

range and boundary lines

Holmium: There is no difference in Cuore and Santro, Alto footings of client satisfaction and public presentation.

Hour angle: Compared to Cuore and Santro, Alto is the market leader in footings of client satisfaction and public presentation.


Chapter TWO

Foreign Literature and Surveies



hypertext transfer protocol: //www.bcg.com/publications/search_view_ofas.asp? pubID=446


hypertext transfer protocol: //cars.goldfishguides.com/cars/editorial.

Foreign Literature

Suzuki Alto ( 1997 on )[ 1 ]

Value: Very inexpensive to purchase, but standard equipment is ungenerous ; Third universe physique quality non up to modern criterions ; outclassed by challengers such as Arosa and Ka, even by Perodua Nippa.

Costss: Very low running costs ; Group 3 insurance ; miserly fuel ingestion ; small demand for used illustrations, so long-run values are likely to be hapless.

Dependability: Suzuki promises dependability, but the build quality of the Indian-built Alto does non hold the build quality to fit European or Far Eastern criterions ; long guarantee is a fillip on such a inexpensive auto.

Driving: Fails to present any merriment ; guidance is heavy when parking but over-light when going faster, and is non every bit precise as it should be ; house, clashing drive.

Performance: Nippy plenty in low cogwheels, but hapless mid-range acceleration ; decelerate on unfastened route ; noisy engine is rough if pushed.

Comfort: Comfortable plenty in the forepart seats ; hapless quality stuffs, spare and finish to the cabin ; cramped in rear ; steadfast drive ; small boot infinite.

Image: Looks cheap and awful interior and out ; anon. , forgettable and normally ignored except by the most budget-conscious ; masochistic misers may appreciate its meager endowments.

Safety No airbags or ABS ; complies with modern impact criterions though still feels onionskin.

Security Alto does non appeal to felons.

Foreign Literature


Value Competitively priced ; good trades on about new autos ; Cuore+ and Avanzato have generous equipment.

Costss Excellent fuel economic system and Group 2 insurance mean low running costs.

Reliability Based on long-run record of Mira and Charade theoretical accounts, Cuore should give proprietors few jobs.

Driving Easy to steer and park ; agile, antiphonal guidance ; narrow path and high organic structure means it leans perceptibly when cornering ; stable at higher velocities.

Performance 850 gives just acceleration but is buzzy when pushed hard ; newer 1.0 is somewhat nippier and a spot quieter at velocity ; Avanzato is frenetic merriment.

Comfort Ride is better than some challengers ; good head- and leg-room even in rear ; equal boot country.

Image Cute metropolis auto but less of a manner statement than Seicento or Ka ; is the Avanzato a modern Mini Cooper?

Safety Standard airbag and side impact protection bars ; route retention is assured ; stable when cornering.

Security Standard immobilizer.

Foreign Literature


Value: Very alone looking ; zero care ; longer battery life.

Costss: Very low running costs ; miserly fuel ingestion

Dependability: More solid & A ; hardy organic structure ; good route managing & A ; antirolling

Driving: Easy manoeuvrability ;

Performance: Better route clasp & A ; braking of tyres ; fuel system is speedy & A ; smooth acceleration ; increased fuel economic system ; 12 % more pulling power at lower revolutions per minute ; fewer cogwheel alterations.

Comfort: Comfortable plenty in the forepart seats ; more headway, spare and finish to the cabin ; steadfast drive.

Image: Looks unique and is memorable. You ca n’t assist but do a remark when it passes by.

Safety Safest vehicle in India

Security Alto does non appeal to felons.

Local Literature and Surveies



CKD Passenger Car Market Shares ( Courtesy of Indus Motors )


Market SHARE ( 2001 )

Trade names


Share %


Pak Suzuki Co


Toyota & A ; Daihatsu

Indus Motors



Honda Atlas



Dewan Farooq Motors



Ghandhara Nissan


Beginning: Pakistan Association Automotive Parts & A ; Accessories Manufacturers


Car theoretical accounts



Suzuki Alto



Diahatsu Cuore



Hyundai Santro



Beginning: Pakistan Association Automotive Parts & A ; Accessories Manufacturers



Standard Model

A/C Model

Fully Loaded


Daihatsu Cuore CL 847 milliliter



Daihatsu Cuore CG


Daihatsu Cuore CX 847 CC



Hyundai Santro Plus 1000 milliliter




Suzuki Alto 1000 CC




Relevance to the Present Study

The above stuff has played a critical function in explicating this research. From the first stage of placing the job to the last stage of recommendation, these beginnings have vastly guided the research worker. They have provided numerical ( e.g. market portion, gross revenues, etc. ) every bit good as descriptive and comparative informations on Alto, Cuore, Santro and the prevailing conditions of the market.

Chapter THREE

Method of Research

Descriptive and study methods are used to carry on this research. Exploratory method of research is most appropriate for this survey.

Research Instrument

Data will be collected through questionnaires.

Methods in Data Collection

Primary informations will be collected through questionnaires. Main respondents will be pupils at Bahria Institute of Management & A ; Computer Sciences ( BIM & A ; CS ) and auto proprietors in Gulshan-E-Iqbal.

Secondary informations, provided by Indus Motors, Pak Suzuki Motors & A ; Dewan Farooq Motors, will be used to garner information on the profile of the industry ( market portion, sale and monetary value of the relevant autos ) . Internet is besides an of import beginning of secondary information.

Population and Sampling Techniques

Size of the population:

Population of Karachi * Percentage of people who own autos * Percentage of people who own Alto, Santro, and Cuore

= 11,000,000 * 0.6 * 0.45 = 2,970,000

Margin of Mistake: 5 %

Type of Sampling: Random

Sample size: 40

Sample size of the survey: 26


The statistical interventions given to informations in this study include the usage of frequence distribution, comparative frequence ( per centum ) , manner, and mean of

the information accumulated.

Chapter Four

Analysis & A ; Interpretation

Profile of the industry in footings of:

Market Share:

Pak Suzuki Company has been taking the market with the largest portion in 2001 with 40.2 % portion, followed by Indus Motors with 29.8 % portion and Dewan Farooq Motors with a market portion of 14.5 % and others 15.5 % .

Detecting the per centum of ownership of the three autos in the sample taken, this survey concludes that Alto has the largest market portion ( 62 % ) , followed by Cuore ( 21 % ) , and Santro ( 8 % ) .

Monetary value:

The line of Santro autos is most expensive at Rs. 479,000, followed by Alto at Rs. 469,000 and so Cuore Rs. 439,000[ 1 ].

Tendency of sale of these autos for the past two old ages:

Domestic auto market, which is now quickly altering its colour owing to the reaching of new entrants, is likely to see an addition in its size.

A sum of 39,378 autos ( including Nipponese and Koreans ) were sold in July-January 2000-01 as compared to 36,248 units in the same period of 1999-2000 due to entry of Hyundai Santro, Daihatsu Cuore, Suzuki Alto 1,000cc and Kia Classic, therefore increasing the market competition among Nipponese and Korean shapers.[ 2 ]

Harmonizing to figures of the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association ( PAMA ) , gross revenues of Santro Plus during 2000-2001 stood at 3,374 units compared to 1999-2000 378 units, of Cuore in 2000-2001 3,059 units compared to 1999-2000 1,267 units, of Suzuki Alto in 2000-2001 4,187 units compared to 1999-2000 4,489 units[ 1 ].
















Renting facilitates the sale of these auto:

It would be safe to state that without the leasing companies the local auto manufacturers would still be stuck with larger measure of their merchandises as beginnings say that auto renting contribute up to 40 per cent of all auto gross revenues in the state today. That besides explains the ground for the four auto manufacturers – Indus Motor, the manufacturer of Toyota and Daihatsu Cuore autos ; Pak Suzuki Motors ; Honda Atlas Cars ; and Dewan Farooque, the manufacturer of Kia Classic and Santro – have made specific agreement with at least one renting company.[ 1 ]In a market where the buying power is on the diminution go forthing small hard currency in the pockets of even the middle-income section, auto leasing makes all the sense for the bulk of public which today can merely woolgather of purchasing a new auto on installments at low-cost down-payment. After all, auto purchase globally is the 2nd top investing after house purchase.

But from the graph it is evident that this population is non renting its autos. Hence, the decision drawn here is that renting facilitates the purchase of autos in the lower in-between category section ( this sample is of the upper in-between category ) .

Percentage sold on rental:

Primary information shows that merely 12 % of the entire sample has leased the autos. Of this 12 % , approximately 70 % of the autos leased are Santros. But there is an mistake here, hence secondary informations will be taken into history here.


Is your auto leased?













( Primary Data )










Renting and Purchase determination:













Beginnings of Information:

Major beginnings of information for the populace are ownership of the auto by familiarity and word of oral cavity. They regard these more reliable than advertisement and exhibitions.

6. Purchase determination shaper:

The survey shows that 70 % of the clip the male parent makes the purchase determination. 19 % of the clip individuals between the ages of 18-26, 8 % of the clip the household, and merely 3 % of the clip the female parent makes the purchase determination.

Decision Maker



Me ( individual of age 18-26 )




















Awareness of characteristics:

From the graph we can reason that 42 % of the people merely had cognition of about two characteristics. The Santro proprietors had cognition of 60 % of its characteristics.

Features people consider during the purchase determination:

Fuel efficiency is of major concern 100 % of the times. Hence, we can reason that the lone characteristic that is about ever of particular involvement to the purchaser is fuel-efficiency. Easy maneuvering, parking and comfort were besides among the high rankers.

What features were of particular involvement to you when you purchased this auto?

Percept of Monetary value:

Does the in-between category perceive the monetary value as the auto ‘s worth? From the responses of inquiry 14, we know that our sample is of the upper in-between category. When asked, compared to other little autos is your auto priced right, the undermentioned consequences were obtained.

The upper center and lower center categories perceive the monetary value as the auto ‘s worth:

For all three autos, ~88 % of the times, respondents felt that the autos were priced right.

General satisfaction degree of proprietors:

Satisfaction degree is the highest among Cuore and Santro proprietors ( 90 % ) , with Alto non excessively far behind Alto ( 85 % ) .

Are you satisfied with after sale support service

Largely the auto proprietors of these three autos are satisfied with the after gross revenues support service provided by the company.











Spare portion handiness and after sale support service

All purchasers were extremely concerned about the trim portion handiness and after gross revenues support service.































What was the ground behind you non buying other vehicles considered?

The chief intent of the auto?

Apparently, the upper in-between section of the economic system uses the auto chiefly for transposing to school or college. This is besides due to the fact that these autos are extra autos for the household. The chief autos are used for transposing to the office and parties.

The income of the sample under survey:

The sample under survey is of the upper in-between category and hence, 86 % of the sample had income runing from Rs. 60,000 – 70,000 per month. The lowest income recorded is between Rs. 20,000 – 30,000 per month.

Chapter Five


The survey has concluded that the alternate hypothesis formed at the beginning of the research is true.

Suzuki ‘s Alto has besides been in the market for the longest clip and is the market leader when monetary value, market portion, and overall public presentation are measured. Cuore and Santro have been able to capture a comparatively little part of the market due to assorted environmental factors ( treatment of these factors is beyond the range of this research ) .

Suzuki ‘s monopoly in the in-between category section has been distributed, and the market is now saturated due to the entryway of rival ‘s such as Hyundai ‘s Santro and Daihatsu ‘s Cuore.

The major beginnings of information about autos are word of oral cavity, newspaper and telecasting. Word of oral cavity is regarded as the most reliable beginning because its roots are in first manus experience. Peoples purchasing the autos frequently do non hold equal cognition of the characteristics of the autos except for the truly outstanding characteristics. The characteristic which is ever of maximal concern to the purchaser is fuel-efficiency.

These autos are used by the upper in-between category household in add-on to other autos such as City, Accord, Corolla and Sunny 2.0 D etc. Whereas, the lower in-between category usage these as the lone auto. Hence, leasing has well facilitated the sale of each of these autos, particularly of Hyundai ‘s Santro.

The general satisfaction degree of these autos is rather high, and the in-between category perceives the monetary values of the autos as ‘just right ‘ but of class a monetary value diminution is ever appreciated.


Alto is the market leader and to go on its reign over the industry it must offer more leasing installations and must go on to hold the lowest monetary values for its line of autos. These low monetary values have been the major factor in increasing Alto gross revenues. The fuel efficiency characteristic has played a critical function in its success and this shall go on into the coming old ages.

Since word of oral cavity is the strongest beginning of information it will take clip for Santro to derive a significant portion of the market. Its first-class dependability and safety characteristics are deriving popularity and it must prevail monolithic advertisement. The selling runs should be aimed at the in-between category section that has a gustatory sensation for ‘different looking ‘ autos. Since fuel efficiency is really of import to purchasers, it should be highlighted in the selling runs to increase consciousness.

Cuore has taken an first-class start and has been one of the fastest merchandising autos in the market[ 0 ]. It should see advertisement aimed at in-between income population between the ages of 25 – 55 because this section purchases this auto the most. Father ‘s are normally between the ages of 25 – 55, and as exhibited by the research are the chief purchase determination shapers. Since fuel efficiency is really of import to purchasers, it should be highlighted in the selling runs to increase consciousness.

The general populace must see the characteristics of each auto and must thoroughly measure the market public presentation of each auto in order to do a sound determination. A auto is non something one bargain everyday and hence, careful analysis of resale value, handiness of parts, after sale support, and safety must be carefully compared and analyzed. Price should non be the lone concern during the purchase determination particularly when the autos in comparing are really near to each other in footings of monetary values.

Some sites that provide first-class comparings of autos are www.karpoint.com and www.pakers.uk.co. These should be visited before doing the purchase determination.


What theoretical account did you buy?

Alto Cuore Santro

i‚? VX i‚? CL i‚? GE

i‚? VXR i‚? CG i‚? GS

i‚? CX i‚? GL

i‚? GLS

i‚? GX

This is your

i‚? First auto ________________________________

i‚? Replacement auto ; theoretical account replaced: ________________________________

i‚? Additional auto ; other auto ( s ) owned: ________________________________

Is your auto leased?

i‚? Yes i‚? No

Would you hold bought the auto if leasing was non available? If the reply to old inquiry is ‘no ‘ so delight jump this inquiry.

i‚? Yes i‚? No

How did you foremost come to cognize about this car/ where did you acquire information on this auto?

i‚? Television

i‚? Newspaper/magazine

i‚? Word of oral cavity

i‚? An familiarity owns it

i‚? Exhibition / display/ streamer

Other: ____________________

Who was the concluding decision-maker in this purchase?

i‚? Me i‚? Husband / married woman

i‚? Father/ defender i‚? Family

i‚? Children i‚? Other: ____________________

What features were of particular involvement to you when you purchased this auto?

Fuel efficiency i‚? Cozy reclining and skiding front seats

Easy maneuvering and parking i‚? Cabin is bright/roomy/comfortable

Digital twin Trip metre i‚? Reduced unpleasant noise and quiver

Color assortment i‚? Remote controlled fuel palpebra

Attractive exterior i‚? TECT and high-tensile-steel side door impact beams[ 0 ]

Compared to other little autos is your auto priced right?


No, ground being __________________________________________________________

Are you satisfied with your auto?

i‚? Yes

i‚? No, ground being: __________________________________________________________

Are you satisfied with the after sale support service?


No, ground being: _________________________________________________________

Did you see service and trim parts cost/availability during your purchase determination?

Yes i‚? No

What was the ground behind you non buying the other vehicles considered?

i‚? Other vehicles were beyond your budget

The leasing installation is non available on other vehicles

The after sale support is non available on other vehicles

It is difficult to happen the trim parts of the other vehicles

Other: ____________________________________________________________________

What is the auto chiefly used for?

i‚? Commuting to the office i‚? Used by the housewife during the twenty-four hours

Bring kids back from school i‚? General-purpose

14. What is your family ‘s monthly income bracket?

Rs. 10,000 or less i‚? Rs. 40,001 – 50,000

Rs. 10,001 – 20,000 i‚? Rs. 50,001 – 60,000

Rs. 20,001 – 30,000 i‚? Rs. 60,001 – 70,000

i‚? Rs. 30,001 – 40,000 i‚? Rs. 70,001 or more

Your Name: ___________________________

Please return this questionnaire to M. Zeeshan Bashir

************* Thank you *************



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