Feasibility study of laundry shop Essay

October 3, 2017 General Studies

A. Background of the survey

Before the coming of the lavation machine. apart from watercourses. wash store was besides done in communal or public washhouses. H2O was channeled from a river or spring and fed into a edifice or outbuilding built specifically for laundry intents and frequently incorporating two basins – one for lavation and other for rinsing – through which the H2O was invariably fluxing. every bit good as a rock lip inclined towards the H2O against which the washers could crush the apparels.

Such installations were much more comfy than rinsing in a watercourse because the launderers could work standing-up alternatively of on their articulatio genuss. and were protected from inclement conditions by walls and a roof. Besides. they didn’t have to travel far. as the installations were normally at manus in the small town or at the border of town. These installations were public and available to all households. and normally used by the full small town. The laundry occupation was reserved for adult females. who washed all their family’s wash or the wash of others as a paid occupation.

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Clothes washer engineerings develop as a manner to cut down the manual labour spent. supplying an unfastened basin or sealed container with paddles or fingers to automatically foment the vesture. The earliest machines were non-automatic and constructed from wood. while later machines made of metal permitted a fire to fire below the washtub. maintaining the H2O warm throughout the day’s lavation.

Koronadal metropolis is besides known as a ”MARBEL” . a 3rd category City in Philippines and Capital town of South Cotabato and Regional centre of Region Xll. the word Koronadal has been derived from two B’laan words-“Koron or Kolon” significance cogon grass and “Nadal or Datal” which means the topographic point to the indigens. The other name of Marbel is a B’laan term “MARB-EL” means “MURKY WATER” mentioning to a river and now called Marbel River.

B. Rationale of the survey

A wash store is intended for the occupants of Koronadal City and it’s nearby Municipalities. It significantly act as a assistant for the people who does non hold adequate clip to make the wash. it’s fundamentally to assist the occupants lessen their work loud and guarantee that their apparels are clean. In that instance. a wash store is the reply to the demand for clean apparels in less clip. less cost and less attempt.

C. Objectives of the survey

The survey aims to find the feasibleness of set uping a wash store in Koronadal City. Specifically it such to understand the undermentioned inquiry.

1. Describe the profile of laundry store concern in Koronadal City.
2. Discourse the feasibleness of the purposed survey of the undermentioned facets:
a. Organizational
B. Operational or proficient
c. Selling
d. Financial
3. Show the findings of the purposed survey of the undermentioned facets:
a. Organizational
B. Operational or proficient
c. Selling
d. Financial

D. Scope of the survey

This survey focuses merely on wash.

E. Significance of the survey

This survey aims to supply information informations of set uping laundry store in Koronadal City. What ware the indispensable facet involve in this concern to do this concern profitable. give satisfaction for the clients and assist the economic system of the state.

F. Definition of footings

-is the lavation of vesture and linens.
-the stuff that is being washed. or has been laundered.
Laundry store
-a topographic point where apparels are washed and Fe
Washing machine
-is a machine to rinse wash. such as vesture & A ; sheets.

Chapter II

Review Related Literature

Chapter III


This survey will show based on the process of the research survey which starts in the research design. mark population and sampling process. informations assemblage process and informations processing analysis.

A. Research Design

In order to garner the necessary information/fact. the research workers of this survey used the descriptive method to be able to cognize the different demands sing the viability and desirableness in footings of organisational. operational or proficient. selling and fiscal facets of the concern. To garner more information and fact about this survey. the research workers approached the assorted owners/managers of bing of the wash store. The survey focuses within the vicinity of Koronadal City. The research workers conduct interviews and observation to come up to the dependable information and facts.


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