Fellowship of the individuation process

In the land of Mordor, Sauron forged the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. The narrative begins with forging of the One Ring and so returns with great desire of Sauron that eliminate all races hereby posses the Middle Earth. After the Dark Lord was defeated, the One Ring was relocated over and over for old ages and so a hobbit – named Bilbo – the smallest and powerless animal of the Middle Earth took the One Ring and therefore, Frodo ‘s mythic journey has begun that will take to tonss of surprises. Campbell claims that hero ‘s journey occurs in a rhythm consisting of three stages if they are applied to Frodo ‘s journey for destructing the One Ring: Departure, when Frodo leaves Shire, he ventures an unknown universe. The 2nd stage is Initiation, when Frodo confronts challenges to turn out his character and faces up to evil until he destroys the One Ring. Campbell mentions the concluding stage as Return that is Frodo ‘s return to the Shire, where Frodo writes a diary about what he has lived through the journey ( Ubelhor, parity. 2 ) . Harmonizing to Campbell ‘s hero definition, in the Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo is represented as a male character whose parents are absent except his uncle Bilbo and, his title of destructing the One Ring is evidently marked as a baronial intent ( Ubelhor, parity. 5 ) . To Jung, the manner to individualization has 3 stairss that are ace self-importance, self-importance and shadow ( Eckert, parity. 1,2 ) . From my point of position, Frodo ‘s journey in Fellowship of the Ring has 3 phases: consciousness of the job, credence of the journey and get downing to the journey. By concentrating on Campbell, Frodo achieves initiation portion, experiences his first metabolism. Harmonizing to Jung ‘s theory, he confronts his corporate unconscious, interrupt his super self-importance, equilibrate his anima – animosity and as a effect he completes the first measure of Jung ‘s individualization procedure theory.

My first claim is that before Frodo begins journey, he knows what the job is and at that point, understanding the job is good and plays a important function on Frodo ‘s journey. At this phase, Campbell claims that hero ‘s journey begins with a call causation to continue into an unknown universe. Campbell describes the call to gamble as “ signifies that destiny has summoned the hero and transferred his religious centre of gravitation from within the picket of his society to a zone unknown ” ( Ubelhor, parity. 7 ) . The call to escapade occurs when Gandalf references narrative of the One Ring, the escapade that biddings Frodo as a redemption ( Jackson, LOTR Fellowship of the Ring ) . In the Fellowship of the Ring, Shire is represented as a comfy land as mentioned by Campbell. Gorgeous trees, reasonably and bantam houses, peaceable people signify that the Shire is excessively far off from the evil further from Shire, it represents ( Eckert, parity. 36 ) Heaven since Shire is shown as such a desirable land. Therefore, with all these, Shire original is much harder for Frodo to be abandoned. Aeternus says: “ Once maturity is achieved, the hero often undergoes a preparative period of isolation before having a call to action, which the hero sometimes ab initio refuses. ” ( Aeternus, parity. 7 ) . In the gap of the film, Frodo is shown while reading a book under the gorgeous trees. He is wholly isolated from the society and he is making an uncommon thing by reading a book. When Frodo faces with Gandalf the grey, he asks him what the intelligence is from outside universe. Then he portions his uncertainties about Bilbo, so these can be considered as obvious indexs demoing that Frodo has the possible to go a hero. Since Frodo is far eager and funny for a hobbit, he wonders the outside universe, it can be said that Frodo is oppugning, when there is a demand for understanding the job, oppugning has significance and that characteristic makes Frodo to understand the job procedure in an easier and more effectual manner.

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Another Campbell ‘s phase that is applied to “ understanding the job ” , after the destiny biddings the hero to the escapade, he refuses the call because of fright and deficiency of assurance ( Ubelhor, parity. 8 ) . In the film, Frodo notices that the ring must non remain at Shire, so he refuses to maintain the ring and offers to give the ring to Gandalf since he was afraid of the menaces that would come from Mordor, therefore, he avoids taking duty to maintain the One Ring. After Frodo considers the options and possibilities in instance of remaining in the Shire, he realized that he would be killed and the evil forces would take the One Ring. Thus, in my sentiment, his fate forced him to accept the journey and besides it might be said that the cardinal ground why Frodo accepts the journey was Gandalf because Gandalf is the wise old adult male of Jung ‘s originals ( Eckert, parity. 18 ) . He has a great cognition that Frodo can utilize it for good. His thoughts guide him to give more reasonable judgement and impact his determinations in a good manner. Therefore, Gandalf plays a cardinal function in Frodo ‘s journey ; he helps Frodo to understand the job and to some extent he pushes him into the journey by declining to take the ring. Because of all these, although Frodo does non desire to accept his destiny, at the really get downing he should be failed against his ace self-importance. In add-on, Jung describes ace self-importance as portion of the unconscious head and really frequently based upon a point of view of society and traditions that a kid absorbs from parents and the surrounding environment ( Eckert, parity. 5 & A ; , hence it can be said that ace self-importance is the hardest obstruction to interrupt for a human being and besides for Frodo. Nevertheless, people of Middle Earth think that Sauron ‘s power is resistless and hence contending him would hold no intent at all, Frodo avoids accepting his journey because of these frights that are described as “ resides deep within unconscious head ” and called “ corporate unconscious ” by Jung. Therefore, at that point collective unconscious might impact persons in negative manner as Frodo affected. In brief, Frodo realizes what the job is and what the society ( Gandalf and other people who know the ring ) expects from him and therefore “ understanding the job ” provides Frodo clip to accept the journey or non.

My 2nd claim is that Frodo accepts his journey after he realized that the ring must non be stayed at Shire and must non be taken by evil. At that point, if we return to Campbell, following phases of Departure is supernatural assistance. Campbell describes supernatural assistance as “ For those who have non refused the call, the first brush of the hero – journey is with a protective figure. ” ( Ubelhor, parity. 9 ) and besides harmonizing to Campbell, protecting power of fate helps hero ( Ubelhor, parity. 10 ) . In the film, where Frodo and Sam confront with Merry and Pippin, Frodo feels the danger coming, ( Jackson, LOTR Fellowship of the Ring ) . But in fact Frodo receives the major supernatural assistance from Aragorn. Aragorn is the inheritor to the throne of Gondor, he was loath to take reign because he was afraid of the same failing that inherited from his ascendants ( Jackson, LOTR Fellowship of the Ring ) . Harmonizing to Jung ‘s originals, Aragorn is another hero because he shows great bravery in the conflict and he is one of the cardinal figures in get the better ofing Sauron. He supports Frodo and rescues him ( Eckert, parity. 13 ) . In my sentiment, supernatural AIDSs support Frodo ‘s journey, Frodo becomes hopeful because he starts to believe the destiny protects him and moreover, he knows that he has comrades who will ever stands by and protect him, since there are powerful people in his crew who is dependable such as Aragorn. These factors affect Frodo ‘s determination to accept the journey.

To Campbell ‘s phases, crossing of the first threshold which is applied to “ credence of the journey ” described by Campbell as “ with the personifications of his fate to steer and help him, the hero goes frontward in his escapade until he comes to the threshold defender at the entryway to the zone of exaggerated power. ” ( Ubelhor, parity. 12 ) . In other words, it is a phase transition beyond the known into the unknown universe that represents outside of the Shire. It is obvious that traversing the threshold is non something easy achieved, so that is why Campbell says that merely the heroes are able to traverse it because it is a trial dividing hero from non-hero. To Jung ‘s theory, traversing the first threshold represents interrupting super self-importance which means hero ( Frodo ) demolishes society ‘s outlook that is make bolding to destruct the ring for a vulnerable hobbit since it is a crude or child-based cognition of right and incorrect, ( Eckert, parity. 1-3, 5 ) . Mentioning to the film, at the Council of Elrond, when quibbling occurs, Frodo interrupts by boldly stepping frontward and stating, “ I will take it! ” ( Jackson, LOTR Fellowship of the Ring ) . But the really fact that Frodo is seems so ready at first to go a hero shows that he is non ready at all. He does n’t even recognize how weak he is. It is considered that, Frodo accepts his journey because he recognizes the power of the ring at the council. He confronts corporate unconscious, he feels power of the ring and so he is afraid of it and so he decides to extinguish it without believing, merely natural because he shouts all of a sudden and says “ I will take it! ” ( Jackson, LOTR Fellowship of the Ring ) . ) ( Eckert, parity. 2 ) . In brief, Frodo accepts his journey through interrupting his super self-importance.

My concluding claim is that Frodo begins his true escapade, which is a journey towards the Self. Harmonizing to Jung, human mind desires to make unconscious, which is besides called individualization ( Eckert, parity. 1-3 ) . As mentioned above, Frodo breaks his ace self-importance by accepting his journey, so that he needs to finish other two phases which are interrupting self-importance and recognizing and extinguishing the shadow. Furthermore, get downing the escapade is a requirement for go throughing self-importance and shadow obstructions. Beyond all these, returning to Campbell ‘s phases, he claims that after carry throughing the going stage, hero begins initiation stage. Hero confronts defenders, evil forces and obstructions at an unknown zone during this stage and so he achieves chief end of the journey ( Ubelhor, parity. 16 ) . In the film, the induction stage begins with subsiding of family of the ring ; they encounter many issues including orcs, hobs, trolls, and other unpleasant evil complications. Alternatively of Frodo, most of the comrades aware of their shadows and therefore, they are closer to be individuated. For case ; Gandalf was highly loath to travel to the Moria Mines because he knows what lives in the really deep. Saruman calls it “ shadow and fire ” ( Jackson, LOTR Fellowship of the Ring ) that was awoken when midget delved excessively greedily and excessively deep. More significantly, because Balrog is Gandalf ‘s ain fright and he is the lone 1 who can contend with it, stand foring shadow of hisself. Gandalf breaks his self-importance via making his subconscious ( falling into darkness ) . Therefore he reaches individualization as mentioned by Jung ( Eckert, parity. 1-3 ) and he was reborn as Gandalf the white. The inquiry at that really point is why decease of Gandalf the grey is so of import? And why it affects Frodo ‘s journey procedure? In my sentiment, losing Gandalf the grey was the 2nd measure ( induction to interrupt self-importance ) going individuated and going a true hero. Because, Frodo ever rely on Gandalf and cognize if something happened to him, Gandalf would deliver him, in other words, that incident makes Frodo more entirely but besides makes him more self-confident and brave since he has nil to lose, when everyone was astonished, Frodo moves on his route at the issue of Khazad – Dum. It is obvious that Frodo loses his childlikeness and his exposure and alternatively he becomes more powerful by taking Aragorn ‘s aristocracy and strength since Aragorn is Frodo ‘s animosity which is mentioned by Jung ( Eckert, parity. 10 ) . Furthermore, besides his procedure of development, he struggles with tonss of obstructions by go throughing the trials one by one. Despite all these, Frodo is still afraid of making what he must make, because he has non faced with his shadow yet, he has non confronted Gollum and has non seen his deep desires and dark side.

With Gandalf ‘s decease conquered, Frodo takes another pursuit which is described as “ meeting with the goddess ” ( Ubelhor, parity. 16 ) . In this pursuit, Frodo and the other chaps reach the Forest of Lothlorien where Frodo meets with Galadriel. Frodo looks into Galadriel ‘s mirror and sees some images from future and what will go on if he fails. More significantly, the quest Galadriel says, “ To bear a ring of power is to be entirely. This undertaking is appointed to you. And if you do non happen a manner, no 1 will. ” ( Jackson, LOTR Fellowship of the Ring ) . She emphasizes that Frodo is chosen for the pursuit and she makes him an archetypal hero even if he does non hold archetypical features. She gives him significantly of import inspirations and religious thoughts. Harmonizing to Jung, these features make her “ the Platonic ideal ” and besides she is the emotional side of Frodo which is mentioned by Jung as anima ( Eckert, parity. 9 ) . With Galadriel ‘s inspirations, Frodo takes awareness of what he must make, in other words, he gets rid of all outlooks of society and he gets used to his corporate unconscious ( being a hobbit ) . Therefore, he manages to interrupt his ace self-importance wholly, more significantly he balances his anima ( Galadriel ) and animus ( Aragorn ) via run intoing them, therefore Frodo becomes integrity of good ( composing of anima -animus ) . After that, he merely needs to detect shadow and confront with it. As a cardinal point, he recognizes that he must finish his quest entirely without any aid and trusting on person else because he knows this is his self individualization. Briefly, Frodo begins journey towards the ego via equilibrating anima – animosity.

In decision, Frodo begins a journey even though he does non desire it at the really beginning or he does non cognize precisely what he must make. He was wholly immature and could non decide his ain issues. Tolkein created Frodo as the ring-bearer because he was non the archetypical hero like Aragorn was. He wanted Frodo to demo that even the smallest animal can alter the class of the hereafter. At the beginning, Frodo was nil but an ordinary hobbit life in the Shire but the sequence of fortunes made him a hero, together with resolved self-issues and resolved assurance. He gets rid of most of his frights and faced with his most fearful dark side. The obstructions and challenges he struggled with helped him finish the manner of individualization procedure with ace self-importance and therefore he takes great advantage to acknowledge the ego. He passed my three cardinal phases that are consciousness of the job, credence of the journey and get downing to the journey. He faced with his anima ( Galadriel ) and animus ( Aragorn ) by equilibrating them, therefore Frodo becomes integrity of good ( composing of anima -animus ) . Hence, it is said that after these procedures, Frodo becomes a hero wholly since he believes this is non merely a pursuit but something merely he could get by with. So, it can be inferred from the narrative that, anyone who has adequate bravery and religion to face with his deepest dark side and interrupt his ace self-importance by equilibrating his anima – animosity could accomplish the individualization procedure successfully.


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