Feud over the English throne

December 30, 2016 Health

Throughout the history of England, many conflicts have arisen over the rightful heir to the throne. The most infamous of these conflicts centered on the controversy of a female heir. One was in 1135 during the reign of King Stephen, the other was 415 years later with the death of Henry VIII. These two events changed not only the course of English history, but also changed the minds of a country in regards to gender roles and the crown.

The History of the Norman Kings.

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The Reign of Stephen would not be complete without a history of the Norman Conquest. In 1066, William Duke of Normandy defeated Edward the Confessor ending the reigns of the Anglo-Saxon Kings. The Battle of Hastings was fought on Saturday, October 14 from morning until dusk and marked the beginning of the Anglo-Norman era. With William I the newly crowned King of England, the modern age of English monarchy began.

He was tall and extremely fat, with a fierce look and .

a forehead bare of hair, with arms of such strength.

that nobody else could draw his bow, though he himself.

could bend it while his horse was at full gallop. He was.

majestic, whether sitting or standing-though the outward.

swell of his big belly deformed his royal person-of robust.

health and addicted to the pleasures of hunting. .

This description of William I gives him the image of a deity, which would help explain England’s immediate acceptance of their new King. For 21 years, William the Conqueror built England into a very dominant country that he handed over to his son, William Rufus.

William II was a man after his father’s image. He was very regal in look and very frugal in his spending of royal money. He was very arrogant, and treated people under him with much disrespect.

When he was in public and in large assemblies, he wore.

a haughty look and darted his threatening eyes on those.

around him and with pretend severity and fierce voice he.


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