December 28, 2016 History

For almost a thousand years the Roman Empire was the greatest civilization on the earth. At the peak of its power it is considered by most to be the greatest empire that ever existed. But like all other civilizations at that time, it started to diminish slowly after its last great ruler Octavius Caesar. What was left at the end of the Roman Empire were clans of people who had no since of government or citizenship. From the heights of a distorted democracy, to the pits of anarchy renamed the Dark Ages. Following these years of confusion and suffering, a different type of government evolved. Feudalism originated in the 9th and 10th centuries and was the formal type of government till, sticking with the theme, it slowly was weeded out of society. Feudalism, though nothing compared to the complex systems of government as seen before in the Greek and Roman society, had distinct characteristics that developed because of the collapse of the roman civilization. These characteristics, following the collapse of the Roman Government, included a weak central government, rise of the aristocracy, and the pledge of fealty.

The Roman Empire has long been the epitome of classical civilizations. The Roman Empire was the largest empire in the world at that time, and was very successful because of the type of government and economy it had.If man were called to fix the period in history of the world during which the condition of the human race was most happy and prospered, he would, without hesitation, name? [the Roman Empire]? (Gibbons 1). In most historians opinions, the Roman Empire collapse caused a whirlwind that sent the world into a period of anarchy and suffering called the Dark Ages.?Roman Civilization?did not die a natural death. It was murdered?? (Grant 58). The causes were varied but devastating to the people of Rome and to the citizens of the Roman Empire. The characteristics were the injuries of time and nature; the hostile attacks of barbarians and Christians; the use and abuse of materials; and domestic quarrels of the Romans.

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