Players from Development will be remoter into Elite squads with good attitude, punctuality, performing well in training & games. That means Elite players can also go down to Development if form & attitude drops off at any point. Last season alone we promoted just over 30 boys into the Elite squads which now one of them has even gone on to play for England. Training days will be on both Monday and Wednesday from pm-6. Pm each week for every age group. There may be opportunities for where we add in an extra training day some weeks for no extra cost.

This training session could be used for game preparation or extra attach fitness. The fixture schedule for the upcoming season will be from ages LU 0-1316 for both Development & Elite squads. Home matches are played at various G and grass venues in West London while away matches can be played anywhere in England. Fixtures can take place on a week evening, weekend or day time during half terms. This means there are no fixed days on which we play matches. The Development squads will play other independent academies in London and some of the top amateur clubs in London.

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The Elite squads will play professional club academies throughout England & abroad but also against independent academies from all over the country. All upcoming fixtures will be confirmed in monthly newsletter. Some examples of the fixtures confirmed for pre season already for Elite squads are Carlton, Cumberland, San Diego Academy & Toronto Academy in various age groups with more games to be confirmed. Selected Elite age groups will be playing Queens Park Rangers, Reading SEC, Crystal Palace SEC, AFC Windblown, Pelham SEC, Newcastle United, Manchester City, Norwich FCC and more throughout the season.

Select Academy is an independent academy which specialties in developing youth players throughout London and not an amateur or professional football club. This means we do not participate in local leagues, so players can register for Sunday league sides if they wish to as well as signing for Select Academy. This academy is for players who want to take their game to the next level and potentially make it into the professional game through playing in our Elite squads and going through our wide range of contacts.

Within the academy 90% of the boys play for Sunday league clubs and there has been no trouble hen it has comes to fixtures as most matches have been played on a Saturday. When there is an upcoming match where there may be a fixture clash it will be down to the player on who he wants to play for. All coaches throughout the academy are FAJITA qualified coaches with up to date CRIB checks and first aid certificated. This is essential for any coach before they even come for interview for when applying for a job at the academy.

Elite coaches have all played the game at a high level and also come from professional clubs previously. Development coaches are all FAA Level 2 Charted who are working towards their Level 3 and FAA qualifications. The cost of the academy is as follows; EYE joining fee (registration fee/training kit) EYE per month direct debit for 2013/2014 season EYE per month direct debit for parents with siblings joining for 2013/2014 season It is the same price for both Development/Elite squads and all age groups.



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