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Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born on August 16th, 1926, in Mayari, Cuba. He was educated at the University of Havana in jurisprudence, where he besides studied political relations. His political thoughts were formed throughout these old ages, and he joined several pupil political groups devoted to assisting the hapless workers and provincials. His thoughts subsequently matured, and he joined the Ortodoxo Party ( Party of the Cuban People ) , of which he became the leader in 1951. As Fidel Castro was running for elections, general Fulgencio Batista staged a putsch dA?etat, and established a absolutism in Cuba. In response, Fidel Castro favoured of armed revolution, and he joined belowground groups trying to subvert the unpopular dictator. In 1953 he attacked with a group of 150 revolutionaries, but failed and was captured. He was jailed until 1955 for confederacy to subvert the Cuban authorities. He used the old ages in gaol to analyze political doctrine, history and literature, which strengthened his policy of alteration from corruptness to societal equality.

In 1955 he was granted amnesty and left for Mexico, where he trained a guerilla group in Sierra Maestra aided by another well-known revolutionary ; A Che Guevara. They lived among the hapless provincials, and were able to see their troubles, which once more formed Fidel Castro ‘s socialist political relations. While they were contending in the mountains they were bombed with US planes, from which the guerilla groups escaped unhurt from, but caused serious casualties among the hapless provincials. At this clip, there were many anti-Batista groups led by different leaders, but Fidel Castro ‘s advantage was his clear ideological place, in contrast to other groups merely focused on taking the dictator. The Cuban armed forces was aided by boatloads of weaponries from the United States, but as these ceased, Fidel Castro ‘s group caught strength. In January 1959 Batista fled the state and Fidel Castro overtook the leading. During his initial address, a white dove landed on his shoulder before the crowds. In the deep frozen superstitious notion of Catholicism, this signified Godhead credence of the guerilla leader.1A His strong personality overpowered the other revolutionary groups, and the people pledged to his promises of reforms and alterations from the corrupt yesteryear of Fulgencio Batista.

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The dove incident did non gull Pope John XXIII who excommunicated Castro, an atheist, on January 3, 1962. In the 1990s, Pope John Paul II permitted Catholics to fall in the Cuban Communist Party which reversed the 1949 edict by Pope Pius XII prohibiting Catholics from back uping communist governments.2

Throughout his first period as the Head of the Cuban Armed Forces and subsequently the Prime Minister of Cuba, he pushed through radically altering reforms such as the redistribution of wealth among the hapless. Together with Che Guevara, Fidel Castro developed a new theory ; The New Man ‘s Theory, which was fundamentally that Cubans should no longer work for personal benefits, but for the good result for everybody in the society. The literacy rate was increased unusually, and about all Cubans could hold free quality wellness attention. He besides controlled purely the ideological propaganda machinery of Cuba, seting out neighborhood ticker groups and commanding the media, even censoring such books as The Diary of Anne Frank. His political orientation was fundamentally socialistic ; he wanted to redistribute wealth and derive back US controlled belongings in the state, support societal justness, strengthen the national individuality, supply for economic independency, and clear the state of damaging influence from powerful foreign states in Cuba ‘s personal businesss. In 1961, Cuba was declared a socialist state. Tens of 1000s from the higher category capitalists and Jews left for the United States.

Fidel Castro ‘s resistance to the US influence and socialist political orientation brought forth a hit between the two states. He seized US owned concerns in Cuba and established contacts with the USSR. Therefore, the US broke all the former dealingss and began be aftering an invasion of Cuba in 1960, after holding put a partial trade trade stoppage on the state ( forbiding all import except nutrient and medicine ) . The CIA trained Cuban expatriates, which landed on the Bay of Pigs April 17th, 1961, was trying to construct up a counterrevolution in an effort to subvert the Cuban leader. But the Bay of Pigs invasion failed as the people backed up Fidel Castro and his political relations. The US now attempted a military invasion from within the state, where agents working for the US authorities tried to assassinate Fidel Castro several times.

During the Cold War, Cuba invited the USSR to set up military bases on the island. WhenA John F. KennedyA discovered the missiles, it led to the Cuban Missile Crisis, in which the US and the USSR about went to war. After negociating, the missiles were removed with the US promise of ne’er occupying Cuba. Castro could now develop his political thoughts without fright of a US invasion.

Castro ‘s foreign policy besides included the support of radical groups in other states, like Nicaragua, Bolivia, El Salvador, and eventually, the Venezuela of Hugo Chavez. As a Communist, Castro ‘s chief foreign end was to recommend release from wealthier states ‘ rule over the poorer. He ne’er submitted wholly to all the communist political orientations from other strong states, like the USSR, and he was loath to back up revolution groups without clear political orientations. As a consequence of the US maneuver of weakening the Cuban authorities with a trade roadblock, other states, some hostile to the USA, backed the Castro government.

In October 1973, Castro broke diplomatic dealingss with Israel after he deployed 1000s of Cuban soldiers including chopper pilots and armored combat vehicle crews to contend alongside the Syrians during the Yom Kippur War. Hundreds of Palestinians have received military preparation in Cuba. In Havana, Castro gaveA Yasser ArafatA his esteemed “ Bay of Pigs Medal ” in 1974.3, 4

The economic system of Cuba continues to be really hapless in comparing to the part ‘s other states. The USSR provided the state with fiscal assistance, but when the USSR collapsed in the 90 ‘s, and with the US still implementing the trading roadblock from the 60 ‘s, Cuba lost their fiscal ally and the already hapless economic system collapsed. In a address, Fidel Castro said that he knew no solution for the fiscal crisis, but promised the people to non give up to a capitalist system enforced by a stronger wealthier state, but to assist the crisis, he allowed for some free trading and investings of other states in Cuba. As a consequence of black market trading, rising prices occurred and Castro had to let the usage of foreign currencies. This destroyed the Cuban societal and economic equality as a higher societal group was formed. As a consequence of the falling economic system, despairing public violences broke out in old Havana, but Fidel Castro met the crowd face to face and allowed them to expatriate, which re-established the peace.

On February 24, 2008, the National Assembly of People ‘s Power nem con chose his brother, Raul Castro, as Fidel ‘s replacement as President of Cuba.


A A Tribute to a Revolutionary Leader: Fidel Castro

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization

On July 26, 1953, Fidel Castro stepped onto the phase of history, as he and other revolutionists launched an onslaught on the Moncada Barracks of Cuban dictator Batista. After being captured, Castro made an facile defence of his action, stating, “ history will shrive me. ” Less than six old ages subsequently, Castro led the Cuban revolution to triumph by subverting the corrupt and barbarous U.S.-backed Batista absolutism. This act entirely – taking a radical motion to triumph on a little island merely 90 stat mis off the seashore of the U.S. – would be adequate to do Fidel Castro an unforgettable hero in the battle of laden people for release. But this was merely the beginning of Fidel Castro ‘s 49 old ages of parts to the Cuban people ‘s release and to oppressed people the universe over.

Fidel Castro announced that he would non seek or accept the place of president or commanding officer in head in Cuba ‘s February elections. He said he would still give his clip to being a soldier in the “ conflict of thoughts. ”

Freedom Road Socialist Organization would wish to take this chance to acknowledge and honour Fidel Castro ‘s life-time of indefatigable dedication to contending for release and edifice socialism. Fidel Castro led the Cuban revolution to triumph in 1959 and has done the even more ambitious and complex work of constructing socialism in Cuba through exceeding challenges.

Cuba ‘s socialist revolution inspires people worldwide. In Latin America the illustration of Cuba has proven that it ‘s possible to withstand the U.S. in its ain backyard and win. Cuba ‘s internationalist solidarity with release battles in Africa has earned it high regard at that place. And Cuba ‘s missions of directing physicians and supplying free wellness attention to the poorest states and people around the universe has been a reflecting illustration of internationalism in pattern.

Cuba ‘s internationalism is built on the foundation of Cuban socialism. Cuba is a little, hapless state. But Cuba is a autonomous state, so the Cuban people live with self-respect. All Cubans have free wellness attention and instruction. Cubans do n’t hunger to decease like hapless people do every twenty-four hours all over the Third World. The infant mortality rate in Cuba is lower than in the United States. Cuba survives natural catastrophes such as hurricanes without widespread loss of life. All of this is due to socialism and corporate organisation of the Cuban people, under the leading of the Communist Party. Fidel Castro ‘s leading and ability to animate and mobilise the multitudes has played a great function in giving employment, wellness attention and nice life conditions to the people of Cuba.

From the beginning, the Cuban revolution and Fidel personally came under onslaught by U.S. imperialism. All such onslaughts have been defeated. Fidel was the chief leader in get the better ofing U.S. imperialism ‘s attempted invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs ; he led Cuba through U.S. imperialism ‘s atomic blackmail during the ‘Cuban missile crisis ; ‘ he has survived 100s of CIA blackwash efforts. He has led Cuba through decennaries of the barbarous U.S. trade stoppage. And he led Cuba through the ‘special period ‘ in the 1990s after the prostration of the Soviet Union led to the sudden loss of 85 % of Cuba ‘s foreign trade.

In that context of utmost adversity in the 1990s, Fidel Castro and the Communist Party of Cuba had small to derive and everything to lose from remaining committed to socialism. But stay committed they did. They prepared and mobilized the multitudes of Cubans to keep on to their self-respect despite utmost troubles. Cubans survived the ninetiess with their self-respect and with socialism integral, emerging in the current decennary with an progressively strong and turning economic system, while other Latin American states that are dominated by U.S. imperialism are enduring. During its most hard hr, Cuba was so committed to socialist values of seting people foremost that non a individual school or infirmary was closed.

Fidel Castro has stepped down as president and started the passage to the following phase of Cuba ‘s leading. His determination is making a stable passage of power and insures the stableness of the socialist undertaking of the Cuban people. The Cuban people, with the leading of the Cuban Communist Party and Raul Castro will go on constructing socialism in the twenty-first century.

We stand in solidarity with the Cuban Communist Party and the Cuban people. We reject the dreams of U.S. imperialism that tries to strangulate the Cuban revolution with a trade trade stoppage and continues to incarcerate five Cubans for their resistance to the terrorist programs of rightist Cuban expatriates in the United States. We call on the U.S. authorities to stop the trade stoppage and to liberate the Cuba 5! We say long unrecorded Fidel Castro and socialism in Cuba!

A?Viva Fidel Castro! A?Viva La revolucion Cubana! A?Viva el socialismo!


Freedom Road Socialist Organization is a Marxist-leninist organisation in the United States. This website contains information about our organisation, our political relations and some of our activities in the people ‘s motions.

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