Field work assignment

May 1, 2018 Communication

THE PURPOSE of this assignment is to apply scholarly findings regarding interpersonal communication to everyday life. This will be a mini-observational or autoethnographic experience. This page constitutes guidelines that you should follow. 1. Select an interpersonal context for your analysis. This means dyadic communication, though some situations also entail larger groups (e. g. , roommates, friends with cliques, romantic partners, family, etc. ). 2. Look for examples of interpersonal communication concepts or principles that have been highlighted in the textbook.

For example, you could talk about the specific relationship maintenance behaviors that you and a friend use over the course of two weeks’ time. Or you could look at specific instances of a person’s self-presentation mode (e. g. , how a person tries to be likeable). Or you could illustrate the communicative behaviors that a person uses to terminate a relationship. 3. This paper assignment allows you to explore and apply a topic of reading or discussion from class. There are going to be times where you have a personal example or reflection on an idea presented in lecture or readings.

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The reaction/application paper is your chance to explore, reflect, and expand upon how course content relates to your experiences and relationships. What you apply is up to you. You can use yourself or you can observe interactions of other people. 3. Organize your paper according to the following format. a. Provide the background to help me understand the situation that you investigated (one paragraph). b. Articulate the specific concept or principle of interpersonal communication covered in the textbook that you are applying. Please refer to this material by page number. c. Offer a summary of the types of behavior you noticed.

d. Provide examples that illustrate the summary you make in “c” above. e. Offer a conclusion about the implications of this communication behavior (e. g. , the effects of not reciprocating self-disclosure, the effectiveness of particular maintenance strategies, etc. ). 4. The reaction/application paper should be 2-4 pages in length (with a 6-page maximum), typewritten (or word-processed) double-spaced with standard margins (i. e. , 1 inch on all sides) and a 12-point font. The citation of sources and reference list for this paper (if any) should be consistent with the APA (American Psychological Association) Style Manual.

5. Make sure your paper is stylistically clean and grammatically correct. I WILL deduct for ONE FULL LETTER GRADE for grammatical and spelling errors. Evaluation will follow several criteria. The first criterion is the quality of the reaction/application. This will include the depth of the reaction or application, the adequacy of the explanation of the course material, and the description or your reaction or application. The second criterion is the quality of the definitions and understanding/comprehension of the course material under consideration.

The final criterion is the quality of the writing style and presentation. The reaction/application paper can be handed in at any time before the deadline. You might find it helpful to write the paper while the course material is fresh in your mind rather than waiting until the deadline, requiring you to re-examine a reaction you might have had several weeks before. You are required to use the textbook and at least one outside scholarly source to help explain/define your topic. Do not write your entire paper using the information from lecture notes!


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