Fiji Water/What Are Customers Really Buying?

June 11, 2018 Health

Augmented product: this generates from the core benefit and actual product, offering consumer services and benefits. People drink water when they are thirsty or just to keep health; Fiji’s goal is to provide the best tasting water. Fiji is a brand of water that originates from the Fiji Islands; it is bottled in a square shape stylish bottle. Fiji Water Company is fairly new; it was founded in 1996 and introduced to the United States in 1997. The brand development discussed in Kotler, P. Armstrong that best describes Fiji water would have to be Multibrands, companies often introduce additional brands in the same category (p. 238). The product planners of Fiji created a new brand name for water introducing Fiji Water. As mentioned before Fiji Water is fairly a new company originating from the Fiji Islands, this water is not a brand that was renamed, or extended in order to be recognized. Fiji water is known to be the most pure water than any other bottled waters. Fiji water is uncontaminated and uncompromised.

Fiji waters aquiter is in a virgin ecosystem a continent away from the nearest industrialized civilization. Being so far Fiji is protected by the winds that carry acid rain and pollutants, their rainfall is purified by equatorial winds (http://fijiwater. com/Ecosystem. aspx). Fiji water is drawn from an asterian aquiter, which is located at the very edge of the primitive rainforest. The vast artesian aquter lies at the very edge of the primitive rainforest in the Yagara valle of Viti Levu. It is a huge volcanic chamber.

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Artesian water comes from a source deep within the earth protected by layers of clay and rock. This is why the water never comes into contact with the air protecting it from contaminations. According to the EPA, water from the artesian aquifers often is ore pure because these layers of rock protect the water from anything that may be harmful. Fiji water is the only water that originates from an asterian source. Fiji water begins as rainfalls filtering through layers of ancient volcanic rock, gathering Silica an essential mineral that helps maintain your body.

Silica is known to strengthen bones, teeth, skin, nails and hair (http://fijiwater. com/why. aspx). So not only does Fiji water taste good, but also drinking it can also improve your health and appearance. Drinking water is important to one’s health, it is second most important after oxygen for your body. By drinking water you support the biological process of the human body temperature, carrying nutrients, cushions joints and protects organs and tissue (http://fijiwater. com/Drink. aspx). Fiji mission is not only to make great tasting water but to help the environment as well.

Fiji has partnered up with Conservation International to become the first “carbon negative” industry and to save the largest rainforest in Fiji. They have reduced the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by cutting emissions across their products entire lifecycle and are investing in forest carbon and renewable energy projects to take Fiji beyond carbon neutral to carbon negative (http://fijiwater. com/Carbon. aspx). Fiji also relies on the health and well being of the aquiter and its surrounding environment. This is why it is important for the Sovi Basin; the largest rainforest is Fiji to be protected.


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