File Management And Memory Management Computer Science Essay

September 7, 2017 Computer Science

File direction is forming and maintaining path of files and booklets. It helps you stay organised so information is easy to turn up and utilize. Using the file direction tools, you can salvage files in booklets with appropriate names so these files can be found or identified easy, make new booklets rapidly for acknowledgment of information, delete unneeded files and booklets, hunt for files and booklets, create cutoffs of files for speedy entree and compress files and booklets to salvage infinite

Memory direction:

Memory direction is the map of an operating system in which the operating system checks whether the hardware and package constituents are working decently within their restrictions. Operating system manages the infinite on the storage devices. It allocates infinite to the freshly fed information. Memory direction besides handles the motion of informations between different degrees of memory.

User interface:

User interface in runing systems provide interaction between the user and the computing machine system. A user can pass on with computing machine system utilizing input device such as keyboard, mouse, track-ball, etc. and the computing machine system gives end product through end product device such as proctor, pressman, talkers, etc. When user input his bid into the computing machine, the interface translates it into the linguistic communication that the computing machine can understand, and when computing machine gives end product, interface translates it into the linguistic communication that the user can understand.

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Interaction between hardware and package:

Operating system interacts with hardware in order to run a computing machine system. Hardware and package interaction takes topographic point during user interface. When user gives input utilizing peripherals, which are hardware, the package processes that input and gives end product on proctor screen. In this instance hardware has communicated with package by treating the input.

GUI versus bid line:

GUI or Graphical User Interface allows users to come in bids by indicating and snaping on the objects that appear on the screen. While in bid line interface, bids are written in bid prompt and so these bids are executed. Example of bid line interface is DOS

Merit 1

Windows XP

Windows Me





Undertaking director

Task director is made to name all the applications and programmes presently running on computing machine system. A user can establish undertaking director by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL keys at the same time. Task director besides shows the public presentation of computing machine system in public presentation check

Quick Launch Toolbar

Quick launch toolbar is a new characteristic in Windowss view. It allows the user to add any plan straight to the Quick launch toolbar from the start bill of fare. To add plans to quick launch toolbar, click start, so right-click plan name, so choose Add To Quick Launch.

Control panel

Control panel gives you the ability to command different tools and programmes of Windowss xp. Control panel allows you to alter scenes of different computing machine characteristics. You can entree command panel easy by snaping on start bill of fare.


Windows view has enhanced the taskbar by modifying taskbar grouping and supplying Live Taskbar Thumbnail, Windows Flip, windows 3D.

Management console

Live Taskbar Thumbnail

This is a new characteristic introduced in Windowss view. When user moves the arrow over a taskbar button, view shows the unrecorded thumbnail of the window. The thumbnail continuously updates to reflect the unrecorded province of window. If many Windowss are unfastened for same plan, view will expose the thumbnail for late opened window.

Add pressman ace

Add pressman ace is used for several different intents. First clip when you run this ace, you connect a pressman to your computing machine and 2nd clip you run printer wizard, you add an entry for pressman. You can entree printer wizard from control panel.

Notification country

Notification country is on the far right-side of taskbar. Notification country include two type of icons ; one type of icon comprise of clock, volume, web and power, other type includes icon for plans you have installed.


Update is a characteristic of Windowss XP that automatically look into for updates from the cyberspace. You can manually run the available updates or you can besides choose automatic update option to run updates automatically.

Command line

Window view besides provide command line. Command line helps to alter the location of files easy.

Accessibility Wizard

Accessibility ace characteristic in Windowss XP helps you change scenes of visual aspect and functionality of computing machine so that it fit the demands of user. Accessibility ace is easy to entree. Choose start & A ; gt ; all plans & A ; gt ; accoutrements & A ; gt ; handiness & A ; gt ; handiness ace.

Windows guardian

Windows guardian is a characteristic of window that allows user to protect the computing machine from harmful and malicious package by barricading and turn uping spyware and other types of such plans.

Distant aid desktop

Distant aid desktop characteristic allows another user such as decision maker to see your computing machines screen remotely and to take control of your computing machine. utilizing this characteristic, the remote operator can demo you how to execute map that you are holding jobs with on your computing machine. You can entree remote aid desktop characteristic from the control panel of your computing machine.

Windows Mail

Windows mail is a characteristic that allows you to pull off and form your mails on your computing machine. You can besides direct and have electronic mail messages, you can besides utilize it you browse and work with newsgroups. It besides allows you to add and delete contacts, delete debris mails and do booklets for organizing mails. Windows mail is a replacing of mentality express.

Command prompt

A user can run plans and public-service corporations from bid prompt, seek to repair jobs and run different types of bids. User can entree command prompt. bid prompt can be accessed by taking start & A ; gt ; run & amp ; gt ; typing cmd in the tally duologue box and snaping Oklahoma.

Windows Appliances

Window view comes with some side au naturel appliances. These appliances include reckoner, clock, CPU metre, provender spectator, conditions, slideshow and recycle bin.

Program compatibility ace

Program compatibility ace is used to trouble-shoot jobs with plans which were created in earlier versions of Windowss and does non open in XP. Program compatibility ace alteration scenes of such plans so they run decently.

Windows Shared View

Windows shared position allows you to do practical presentations over the web, portion press releases and co-ordinate with colleagues. As Windowss shared position connects with other computing machines, user should make exclusions on his computing machine & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s firewall.

Security Centre

Security Centre gives user the information about the security position of computing machine system. It continually monitors the security of system. If security Centre inds some job in system it diplays the message on screen. The security Centre shows monitored consequences in three classs. In these classs headers are displayed with three different colorss:

If the header is ruddy so computing machine is at hazard, if header is xanthous so some scenes are at hazard and if the header is green or bluish, it shows that scenes are healthy.

Device director

Device director supplies information about devices installed on your system. Device director besides fix hardware jobs. If XP detects any device non working decently, the device director displays one of the three icons next to the device & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s name ;

A xanthous exclaiming point agencies there is some job with device

A ruddy Ten means the device is disabled or non working at all

A blue I means that the device & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s constellation has been changed utilizing device director.

Task saloon

Taskbar is a saloon displayed at underside of Windows XP. Taskbar displays all the plans and applications presently running on computing machine system. A user can travel the taskbar to even exceed of screen or to the left of screen or to the right of screen. Some applications and plans are pinned to taskbar for speedy entree. Taskbar displays the most of import, the start bill of fare, which contain all the plans of computing machine system.

Disk tool

It is really of import to keep your difficult disc because it has got all your of import informations and plans. Disk tools include three plans, disc killing, Disk cheque and Disk Defragmenter. These plans are used for the care of disc.

Event spectator

Event spectator is the cardinal coverage location for the Windowss. The 3rd party applications and Windowss add entries to this aggregation of log files to maintain the system administrator up to day of the month on of import events and mistakes that occur. The event spectator comprises of tree separate system loggings, the application log, the security log and the system log.


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