Film Summary – Edward Scissorhands

January 16, 2017 General Studies

The popular movie “Edward Scissorhands, directed by the visionary Tim Burton, portrays an excellent example of a story about differences. It’s interesting; the main character has scissors for hands; hence the title of the movie. He lived in the darkness until a kind lady brought him into the light of her suburban neighborhood. I highly recommend this movie for anyone looking for something a little out of the ordinary that almost anyone can relate to. This film depicts Edward as a hero, since he is highly misunderstood and brings something new to the never changing routine of the town he is brought to. He changes the people, making them feel alive. He helps them to open up more and be different, which makes their moods happier. Edward cuts the women’s hair into outrageous fashions; he manicures the suburban lawns into something off of a Disney set with all the characters he creates from the topiary. .

Edward is the creation of a kindly old inventor played wonderfully by the experienced horror film veteran Vincent Price. The inventor died before he could give Edward hands, leaving him alone in a remote castle on a hill for most of his life. Now he is with giant shears that started as temporary replacements for his hands, but have become permanent. Played by Johnny Depp in one of his first major film roles, Edward is a character who is physically terrifying until you see that he has the confused, curious face of a child. He is brought down from his castle one day when Peg Boggs (Diane Wiest), the cheerful local Avon representative, comes calling and finds him all alone. Each house in this suburban neighborhood is a different pastel color and exactly the same. The setting appears to take place in the 1960s but has references to modern day technology including CD players and elaborate security systems. Everyone loves and takes care of Edward until he gets caught up in an unfortunate series of events that make him look like a crazed criminal.

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