Final Comsumers

After examining all the choices, I decided to write about the first topic involving five advertisements and how they relate to cultural trends, values, lifestyles, and the basic diversity of our culture. The product I decided on is cars. There are many different types of car commercials that try to appeal to different types of drivers and different cars to fit the particular requirements of drivers. I got all my information from the television since it has the most types of car advertisements. I also believe it is easier to determine the target of the advertisement if you watch the commercial instead of read it in a magazine or read a web site. I am going to compare the different brands of the same type of vehicle and how they try to appeal to a different type of audience. .

To start off, I am going to talk about sports cars and the different target consumers that sellers go after. The two brands I am going to compare are Kia and BMW. Kia, with its line of the spectra, tries to provide a sporty car for a consumer that might not have enough income to afford the BMW Z4. Some car consumers want a sports car and their interest can either be very specific or very broad. Society seems to put a stamp on the kind of car a person drives, especially in larger cities. A person looking to buy a sports car doesn’t want to get a “cheap” car. For a person with a moderate to lower income, Kia provides a car that looks great and is very affordable. They try to draw customers to their product by offering great deals, such as 0% financing. On the other hand, BMW targets higher income consumers buy providing an expensive, sleek high performance vehicle. Their commercials depict men in suits in heated chases, where of course everyone is drive some style of BMW. The good guy (or at least the one who gets away) is of course driving the car that is the focus of the advertisement, the Z4. For someone who has the money and has a belief that a more expensive car will impress people and places high value on that, then they he would definitely go for the better car.

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