Final Reflection Essay

October 9, 2017 General Studies

During hebdomad one. my initial definition of acquisition was listening to an direction. analyzing and so practising that information in my head. or categorising it in a manner so I could retrieve most of what was taught in the class. The category has opened a new dimension for me in the acquisition procedure ; from understanding how I process information to decoding which larning procedures I use in knowing acquisition or metacognition. Understanding my acquisition forms form dynamic acquisition relationship is a cardinal component to my position of how and why I process the acquisition experience. even associating it to every twenty-four hours life.

Since detecting my acquisition forms by administrating the Learning Connections Inventory or LCI appraisal. I have discovered my aptitude for utilizing Sequence ( 20 ) . Precision ( 23 ) . Technical Reasoning ( 35 ) and Confluence ( 29 ) acquisition forms. My “use first” forms of Technical Reasoning and Confluence are now axiomatic and caducous visible radiation on why my calling took the way it did. taking me to this point in life. Confronting each undertaking as a Dynamic Learner. I subconsciously used my Technical Reasoning and Confluence acquisition forms foremost and every bit needed used my Preciseness and Sequential acquisition forms. Throughout my calling in the Navy. Technical Reasoning was pronounced which led me to taking a mechanical trade ; so in the building industry. utilizing my custodies as a carpenter to regenerate or raise edifices. Consecutive and Precision forms were used on an as needed footing when specific undertakings required a structured attack like developing designs or mending equipment.

Throughout this class. different quizzes took Sequential larning to finish. I found it hard to merely utilize this form and my strong Technical Reasoning form was apparent by my traveling from inquiry to inquiry if I did non instantly cognize the reply ; so traveling back to reply the inquiries I skipped utilizing Precision larning form. Reading assignments were a battle as good ; I was accustomed to utilizing Technical Reasoning. briefly reading through the chapter to pick out phrases I knew were of import. The critical reading procedure drew me back to rudimentss by airting my usage of Sequence and Precision larning forms to go the prevailing forms used. Sequence larning form was needed in the completion of treatments ; I needed to concentrate. non merely on treatments but finishing all my work and subjecting it on clip.

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Having high proficient logical thinking and meeting acquisition forms are what shaped determinations and inclinations in this category ; procrastinating and being late with assignments started early in the class. Learning how to “FIT” my forms together is a new construct which was hard to present non merely in my college class but in my day-to-day life every bit good. Forging. Escalating or Tethering my acquisition forms are a continual activity and now that I have begun to understand how to decrypt a undertaking. it will enable me to acknowledge the acquisition forms to utilize. strengthen and cut down. This class was highly interesting to me ; detecting the four different larning forms. how they influence college coursework and my calling way. I appreciated looking at the inter-working of how I learn and what I can make to heighten my larning capablenesss.

As the hebdomads went by. the online experience with Ashford University became easier to schedule ; I used consecutive and preciseness acquisition forms to modulate my clip. turning in assignments when they were due. In the past. online acquisition was boring and hard to pull off. Ashford’s attack with an introductory class in personal acquisition is oculus gap ; understanding how and why I learn will transport over into future classs. The overall on-line college experience will be what I make of it. Interacting with teachers and equals is an facet in my control. Challenging categories will be met with a different attitude and position. cognizing the how’s and why’s of my acquisition forms is cardinal to being successful.


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