Final Report On Australias Economic Stability Economics Essay

Australia is an independent western democracy with a population of more than 20 million. It is one of the universe ‘s most urbanised states. Australia ‘s economic system has been making progressively good throughout the old ages and it has besides proven to be really strong even during the recent economic depression. Australia ‘s economic system is best classified as a assorted market economic system because it has market economic system with some authorities intercession. Government involvement include ; having major province endeavors, energy coevals, supplying wellness services, transit systems, and having communicating endeavors. Most of the authorities ‘s engagement is positive and is assisting the people and economic system of Australia in add-on to the private concerns predominating in Australia. Free market, nevertheless, is arguably the chief feature of Australia ‘s Economy and it consists of four major constituents ; fabrication, trade, finance, and services.

Australia ‘s economic growing commenced in the center of the 19th century due to its woollen industry and the gold haste. This was the first economic roar in Australia and the 2nd roar followed in the beginning of World War II until about 1970. By 2000, the economic system started to stabilise and this was possible because of stableness of the authorities over the old ages. Australia ‘s present economic system consists of a batch of cognition based industries such as Information Communication and Technology. Besides, international trade has been significant to the development of its economic system.

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Political System

Australia is a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. This means that it uses a parliamentary system of authorities with Queen Elizabeth II as the sovereign of the commonwealth kingdom. Australia ‘s current Prime Minister is Julia Gillard from the Australian Labour Party preceded by Kevin Rudd from the same party. However, the Liberal party was in power for in 11 old ages between before the Labor party came back into power and John Howard was the Prime Minister until 2007.

Australia gained independency from Britain and became a Common Wealth state in 1901. Since so, Australia has come a long manner through go throughing assorted Acts of the Apostless such as the Australia Act with Britain. The Australian Act was passed in 1986 and the British Parliament no longer had any say on the determinations that the Australian Government wanted to go through. The authorities was able to establish its determinations on what its people wanted and what was best for the economic system and society.

A state ‘s economic system and its political relations are improbably dependent on each other. Chiefly because Australia is a assorted market economic system and that there is Government Involvement in the Economy. Conversely, the economic system besides reflects on the authorities because it gives the people thoughts about who to vote for and whether or non they want to swear the political systems and the present authorities.

Economic Activity: Current and Tendencies

Gross Domestic Product- GDP

GDP has become a really popular step of a state ‘s economic public presentation and criterion of life. Australia is making really good, the 2009 GDP Estimate: 851.1 Billion Dollars and is ranked 18th in the universe. The entire GDP has been increasing steadily. Australia being a developed state maintains a high GDP per capita every bit good. Some developing states have big GDPs every bit good but the GDP per capita is really low ; an first-class illustration would be India.

Figure 4 on the left shows the GDP from 1965 and overall at that place has been a considerable icnrease. The immense spike in GDP started in about 2000, when Australia ‘s economic system was being dominated by third industries.


As seen in the graph below, the unemployment rate has been rather unvarying for the past 8 old ages. The most recent unemployment rate recorded was 5.2 % on December 9th, 2010 ; this was a 0.2 % lessening from November. This is rather an appreciable lessening in one month, and is about 19,500 people employed in one month.

Australia was really the first state where full employment was made necessary even though it was a free society. This was all the manner back in 1945 and the Australian governemnt has taken assorted steps to do certain that unemployment is at minimum Numberss. The full employment rate was set in 1945 to be 4 % and this rate was maintained 1941-1975. The graph above shows a more recent tendency graph which is from 2005 and the graph on the below shows unemployment figures from 1980. Australia has done an equal occupation to maintain the unemployment rate low and it has been traveling down systematically from 1993. However, in 2009 there was a spike in the unemployment rate. In the graph above, this can be seen more closely, Australia tried to forestall the economic downswing from impacting its economic system and people but 2009 was n’t the best twelvemonth for them. Fortunately, the unemployement rate is diminishing at a good rate and Australia is still seeking to make full unemployment.

Inflation hypertext transfer protocol: //

Inflation has become a immense job in Australia and may be the cause of the ruin of Australia ‘s Economy even after its incredulous resurgence from the economic depression a few old ages ago. In 2009, Inflation hit 4.40 % and it was a unsmooth spot for Australia due to the fact that it was seeking to battle the economic depression. On the other manus, it was one of the few states that was able to stabilise its economic system even with the depression. With economic growing come s rising prices as good and in the beginning of economic growing in 1980s to 1990s, the rising prices was out of control. However, as shown in the graph, rising prices has been rather fluctuant until about the 1990s ; this is when Australia started taking more steps to command this rising prices rate for the wellbeing of its public. This was done through first-class pecuniary and financial policy.


Productivity is really a turning job in Australia. The latest graph that was provided was the twelvemonth ended 2008 and it shows the productiveness through the index which measures use of available labor and capital, economic systems of graduated table, and resource reallocation. In the long-run, it represents betterments in ways of making things ( proficient advancement ) , In the most recent productiveness growing rhythm ( 2003-04 to 2007-08 ) there was an overall diminution in Australia ‘s productiveness. Output growing during this rhythm averaged 3.6 % per twelvemonth, while entire inputs grew at an mean 3.8 % per twelvemonth

Standard of Living

Human Development Index:

The Standard of Populating harmonizing to the Human Development Index ( HDI ) is improbably high. Australia ranks 2nd all over the universe with an index of 0.937. The HDI of three different indexs: life anticipation at birth, instruction as measured by a combination of school registration and grownup literacy, and criterion of life as measured by a fluctuation on GDP per capita that adjusts for monetary value differences between states.

GDP per capita

The Human Development Index does take into history GDP per capita, nevertheless, Australia ‘s GDP per capita of $ 42,279 is applaudable and it shows that the people of Australia have a certain criterion of support. GDP per capita has been increasing steadily and this tells us about the economic growing every bit good. The Genuine Progress Indicator ( GPI ) was besides used to cipher the GDP per capita and is a step of economic growing. GPI is an effort to mensurate whether a state ‘s growing, increased production of goods, and spread outing services have really resulted in the betterment of the public assistance of the people in the country.A The GDP was non recalculated but GPI was considered into the concluding GDP figure.

Value of Currency in footings of US Dollars

The Australian Dollar is presently stronger than the US Dollar and 1 AUD= 1.0235 USD. Australia has been seeking to keep the strength of its dollar ; nevertheless, Australia decided that commanding rising prices was more of import. A strong currency is good for importing ; fundamentally with a stronger currency Australia is able to buy more foreign goods but at the same clip its ain goods become more expensive in foreign markets. The graph on the left shows the trade weighted index which is the value of Australia ‘s currency relation to the currencies of its major trading spouses.

Contributions of different parts of the state to the national economic system

The part of fabricating to Australia ‘s gross domestic productA peaked in the sixtiess at 25 % , and had dropped to 13 % by 2001-2002 and 10.5 % by 2005-2006. In 2004-05, the fabrication industry exported merchandises deserving $ 67,400A million, and employed 1.1A million people.

Australia is rather a large state and the fabrication and parts vary from different provinces of Australia. The chart below shows the fraction of fabrication and gross province merchandise:

The major fabrication industries in Australia are ; nutrient processing, fabric, motor vehicles, and chemical. Thankss to fabricating from different provinces, Australia is able to bring forth finished merchandises like autos, cleansing merchandises, vesture, and hardware. Finished merchandises were ne’er Australia ‘s forte. They were ever the in-between work forces between states and provided natural resources and natural stuffs.

Besides, as mentioned before, the service industry plays a immense portion in Australia ‘s GDP. Major metropoliss like Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra contribute a batch for this sector through touristry, banking, funding and etc.

Economic Efficiency

Market Structure and Corporate Concentration

Australia ‘s economic system consists of largely in private owned corporations. Australia is a free market nevertheless there is authorities control over major industries such as telecommunications. The Australian authorities does n’t give in private owned companies to monopolise because of the negative effects it may hold on the economic system the purchaser wo n’t hold any state in the monetary values. Food and drink companies are besides monitored and partially owned by the authorities.

Government ordinance

Private Production:

Private production is monitored by the authorities and there are assorted authorities competition agency. Australian companies are regulated by a figure of authorities bureaus. The chief 1 is the Trade Practices Commission, which has the duty of promoting competition and forestalling monopolisation in any industry. The Trade Practices Commission is concerned with monetary value favoritism, resale monetary value care, abuse of market power, types of sole dealing, and anticompetitive understandings. Another authorities organic structure, the Prices Surveillance Authority, identifies monetary values that are deemed inordinate and conducts enquiries to find if high monetary values result from anti-competitive nature of a company.

The Industry Commission is besides rather of import ; it is concerned with the allotment of resources in the economic system as a whole. The Industry Commission advises the authorities on the scene of duties and other protective barriers needed to back up Australian industry or to do it more competitory globally. Basically, it protects domestic production.

Public Goods and Services:

Merely like Canada, Australia has Crown corporations and entities that are owned by the authorities. Servicess provided by authorities comprise an of import portion of Australia ‘s third sector. Three of the largest countries, in footings of public disbursement, are wellness attention, instruction, and public assistance. The authorities controls telecommunications, electricity, airing to some extent, and others. Australia ‘s authorities has ever been rather involved with society and its citizens, and it wants to supply as many services as possible.

Economic Stability

Fiscal Policy

The authorities plays a large function in act uponing a state ‘s economic system. Fiscal policy is usually used aboard pecuniary policy. Basically, the authorities can do alterations in where it wants to pass the money in order to fulfill the populace and keep good economic conditions.

Government Spending

As seen in the graph on the left, general authorities services and instruction are sectors that the authorities has increased disbursement in well. However, overall, the most money is spent for societal security and public assistance.


Income Tax is where the authorities earns the highest gross. This twelvemonth, the Australian authorities has provided Australia with more benefits. There have been a few alterations to income revenue enhancements:

Raising the effectual tax-exempt threshold to $ 16,000

Supplying a 50 % revenue enhancement decrease on up to $ 1,000 of involvement income

Leting a standard tax write-off for work-related disbursals and the cost of pull offing simple revenue enhancement personal businesss

Australia ‘s alterations in the revenue enhancement policy are good to citizens and it besides helps excite the economic system. Basically, there is an addition buying power and this means there is more money in round the flow since it decreases escape. For a long clip, rising prices has been a job in Australia and revenue enhancements were increased in order to command this. This twelvemonth is different though ; Australia basically decreased the revenue enhancement rates this twelvemonth.

Monetary Policy

Australia ‘s Central Bank

The Reserve Bank of Australia ( RBA ) is the cardinal bank of Australia and is in charge of involvement rates, rising prices control and fundamentally pecuniary policy.

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Banking System

Until the 1980s, Australia ‘s Bankss were largely publically owned. Therefore, the Bankss had a batch of restrictions. For illustration, Bankss in Australia were divided into two distinguishable classs, known as salvaging Bankss and merchandising Bankss. Salvaging Bankss paid virtually no involvement to their depositors and their loaning activities were restricted to supplying mortgages. Trading Bankss were basically merchant Bankss, which did non supply services to the general populace.

Because of these and legion other regulative limitations on Bankss, other signifiers of non-bank establishments flourished in Australia. These establishments had fewer limitations and hence became more popular. It took Australia until 1994 for privatized Bankss to be the bulk,

Tools of Monetary Policy and Interest Ratess

RBA implements pecuniary policies that focus on the stableness of the Australian Dollar, the care of full employment in the state and of class to guarantee the economic prosperity of Australia ‘s citizens. Around the 1990s, Australia ‘s economic system started turning improbably. Agriculture was no longer the chief industry and its economic system started going more secondary and third. At this point, the Australian Dollar was going stronger and rising prices started going a job. Therefore, in 1993 a mark was introduced and this mark has been a base for most determinations on pecuniary policy. The graph on page 2 shows that RBA has been rather successful until 2007 and 2008. Basically, what the RBA does is that whenever rising prices is higher than the mark rate, it increases the involvement rates charged which means that less people invest and borrow ; hence less money is circulated in the economic system.

The chief tool of pecuniary policy that Australia uses to command rising prices is commanding the involvement rates and these rates are determined by supervising the hard currency rate. The hard currency rate is basically the rate charged on nightlong loans between fiscal go-betweens. This gives RBA an thought of the more specific economic conditions and can put their involvement rates consequently.

As stated before, 2009 was n’t a good twelvemonth for the economic system and hence the involvement rates were comparitively lower in order to excite the economic system by go arounding more money. Australia ‘s overall involvement rates are high compared to many other states because of its demand to command rising prices.

Economic Equity

The graph on the left shows the Income Distribution of Australia ‘s people through a normal distribution chart. The average income is about $ 800 a hebdomad. The incomes range from $ 50 a hebdomad to $ 2000. Diagram: S5. Distribution of equivalised disposable family income

Government Control of Economic Inequality

Progressive Taxs

The Australian Government does two chief things to impact the distribution of income and do certain that there are no utmost inequalities within the society. These things are ; the execution of progressive revenue enhancements and public assistance systems. Progressive revenue enhancement is an indirect attack in impacting the distribution of income. Basically, people with different scopes of incomes are put in different revenue enhancement brackets to keep a grade of equality. As shown in the charts below, the revenue enhancement for different income earners are rather different and this ensures a lessening in impossible differences of income.

Social Security

Social security is besides focused on in Australia ; it is a developed state and hence can concentrate clearly on the well-being of persons in the society. The Australian authorities does an astonishing occupation of keeping the criterion of life. However, in the recent old ages at that place have been increasing ailments of public assistance dependence. The types of societal security that the Australian authorities provides are ; Age pension, calling allowance, aid for stray kids, young person allowance, disablement support pension, unemployment insurance, rent aid, pharmaceutical allowance and many more. The sum of services that the authorities provides is rather impressive but of class this is done with revenue enhancement remunerators ‘ money. There are many other societal securities provided but these are the chief 1s that slightly redistribute the wealth a little more every bit.

Chart: Where taxpayers ‘ money is spent

Economic Growth

Australia ‘s economic system is turning but decidedly at a slower rate than before. Australia has recovered from the first one-fourth of 2009 really rapidly. However, its economic system is non turning every bit fast as it was earlier. The graph below depicts the slow but steady growing in the economic system and there is a batch to anticipate from Australia in the coming old ages.

International Trade and Competitiveness

Forms of Trade

Over the old ages, Australia ‘s economic system has changed greatly. Its economic system is based mostly on international trade and therefore it is assumed that the alteration in industries has affected the trading forms. In 2000-2001, $ 3300A million was spent on aid to the fabrication industry, with 40 % traveling to the fabric, vesture and footwear industry and the rider motor vehicle industry.A At that clip, fabrication accounted for 48 % of exports, and 45 % of AustralianA research and development.

Assorted international trade understandings that are discussed subsequently on hold helped Australia do a name for itself. Basically, Australia is no longer trusting on the United States or the United Kingdom to assist prolong its economic system. It has expanded trade to states that are closer to it and is taking advantage of the flourishing economic systems in Asia.

File:2006Australian exports.PNG

Competitive and Comparative Advantages

Labour productiveness and costs

The fight of a state ‘s goods and services can be influenced by motions in Australian labor costs, labour productiveness and the Australian dollar relation to other currencies.A

Real unit labor costs measure the gait of existent pay rises compared with the gait of productiveness betterment. Australia ‘s existent unit labor costs decreased between 1986 and 2009. This lessening was due to productiveness additions surpassing additions in existent hourly labor costs and is likely to hold had a positive consequence on Australia ‘s international fight.

Other chief advantages

Openness is another advantage that Australia has. Ideally an index of openness would mensurate both the size of, and barriers to, flows of trade and investing.

Australia ‘s natural resources are an advantage every bit good and are able to better its excavation industries greatly. Australia can establish its exports on minerals and other natural resources and there will be a demand for them at about all times. Therefore,

Australia ‘s use of bipartisan trade helps it be a more competitory trading spouse. Basically, this helps Australia addition advantages over other developed states that may non import as many merchandises from a state that it imports.

Trading Partners and International Agreements

World Trade Organization and Australia

Australia is

Free Trade Agreements ( FTA )

Australia ‘s Government supports dialogue of free trade understandings and believes that it helps beef up ties between states and open up chances for Australian exporters. Australia already has Free Trade understandings with the undermentioned states:

Newzealand: ASEAN FTA

Singapore-Australia FTA


United States

Free trade understandings are under dialogue for China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia.

Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation ( APEC )

APEC consists of 21 states from the Asia-Pacific part ; for illustration, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Canada, South Korea, and Japan. APEC was established in 1989 and its primary intent is to ease economic growing and prosperity in the part. Through APEC trading, Australia has achieved investing liberalisation, concern facilitation and proficient cooperation.

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States included in APEC

Australia ‘s major trading spouses

Australia has good dealingss with the universe and imports and exports merchandises to and from all over the universe. However, Australia ‘s geographic location allows it to take advantage of trade from Asiatic states. Its chief export spouses Japan 20.3 % , China 11.5 % , South Korea 7.9 % , US 6.7 % , New Zealand 6.5 % , and India 5 % . Australia ‘s chief import spouses US 13.9 % , China 13.7 % , Japan 11 % , Singapore 5.6 % , and Germany 5.6 %

Major Goods Exported and Imported

Australia being a developed state has fewer primary and secondary industries. Agricultural merchandises are non imported or exported but are instead kept within the state. Therefore, goods from secondary industries are needed. Major Australian imports include machinery and conveyance equipment, computing machines and office machines, telecommunication equipment and parts ; crude oil and crude oil merchandises.

Australia has a batch of natural resources to offer to the universe besides because of its geographic location. Major Australian Exports are coal, Fe ore & A ; dressed ores, Ni, gold, meat merchandises, wool, wheat, machinery, conveyance equipment, and natural gas.

Balance of Payments

Graph: Australia ‘s trade balance to October 2010

When the balance of payments is positive, it means that the exports are higher than the imports, therefore intending that there is a demand for Australia ‘s currency. The opposite happens when the trade balance is negative ; the imports are higher than the exports doing a lessening in demand for the Australian currency. It is of import for any state maintain the balance of payments slightly consistent. In trade footings, the Australian EconomyA has had persistently big current history for more than 50 years.A One individual factor that underminesA balance of payments is Australia ‘s narrow export base.Dependent on trade goods ; the Australian authorities has strived to redevelop theA Australian fabrication sector. This enterprise, besides known as microeconomic reform, has helped Australian fabrication to turn from 10.1 % in 1983-1984 to 17.8 % in 2003-2004.

Large balances frequently attract foreign investors into an economic system, therefore conveying in cherished foreign exchange.A When imports are greater than exports, a state has to utilize its foreign militias to purchase more merchandises and therefore it affects the economic status of the state. Australia has been fluctuant in the past three old ages as seen in the graph above. Political stableness is besides linked with balance of payments, if there is a excess, citizens gain assurance in the federal authorities and addition assurance and assurance is the base of economic stimulation. Therefore, the balance of payments is rather of import for a state ‘s economic system.


Australia has done a applaudable occupation of keeping economic stableness even during the current economic depression. It did this through monitoring financial and particularly pecuniary policy closely as described before. The mentality is good for Australia but possibly non every bit good as it was 4 or 5 old ages ago. There are still facets such as unemployment, distribution of wealth and maintaining its balance of payments in a excess that have to be improved.

The citizens of Australia are populating a good life. The criterion of life is 2nd best in the universe harmonizing to HDI, the unemployment rates are relatively good, economic growing seems to be coming back on path and income distribution follows a bell curve which is rather good for any state. The Australian authorities should be praised for Australia ‘s present economic conditions ; it is making really good in times of the lag. International Relations are besides really good and Australia is seeking to merchandise with new states.

In decision, all the factors combine to give us assurance that Australia will go on to boom in the coming old ages and that the authorities will be able to back up its people and its economic system. Hopefully, Australia will go on its excellence in pecuniary policies and better on financial policy. The financial policies have been said to be excessively safe and that the authorities must take more hazards in order to guarantee a better economic system and society.



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