Pastor Spratt

July 2, 2019 History

Finally, I will be discussing how both females break away from their assigned gender roles to further conflict against societal norms. Gender roles are explicitly highlighted in Oranges, as Pastor Spratt displays sexist attitudes within in the history of the church. “The real problem, was going against the teachings of St Paul, allowing women power in the church.”

Winterson establishes the sexist assertions of the Pastor that Jeanette’s perplexity arose because she acted outside of her ‘gender’ limitations. The pastor’s position develops from an actively sexist belief that women are and will always be biologically inferior to males. To convey this; Winterson presents the male character of the Pastor to be ‘sexist’ and ‘stereotypical.’ Expressing that sexist concept seems preposterous, therefore presenting Jeanette to appear as the only rational member of the religious institution who becomes the ideal for balancing conflicts while still preaching the gospel. Winterson portrays Pastor Spratt, a male character, as a comical figure, as what he claims is not reality, but rather a genuine perspective of his sexist attitudes towards females. Introducing the Pastor with a gentle bird name, who is correspondingly as ridiculous as Pastor Finch.

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