Financial Analysis And Decision Making At Bresil Investment Finance Essay


As a squad of investing Analyst for Bresil Investment, We have been approached by one of our client, Stephen Curry to offer investing advice. Mr. Curry has two investing picks, either Games Workshop PLC or Hornby PLC. Our analysis will include ratio analysis of both the companies for current and old old ages, every bit good as some industry specific analysis. Aim of this study is to supply Best investing advice for Mr. Curry.

2.Financial Analysis

“ Fiscal Analysis exists to assist determination Makers. It is concerned with the ways in which financess for a Business are raised and invested ” ( Theoh 2009:3 ) . Fiscal analysis can besides be referred as analysis and reading of fiscal statements to find the current place and future range of the house utilizing Balance sheet, Net income and loss history and other effectual statistics. Fiscal Analysis uses the fiscal ratios for this intent. Fiscal analysis gives a good thought about the profitableness and fiscal soundness of the company so that investors can take right determination and put in the Best Company.

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3. Interpretation of Ratio analysis

3.1. Profitability Ratios

Tax return on Capital Employed ( ROCE )

The Return on Capital Employed Ratio is the cardinal step of concern public presentation. This ratio expresses the relationship between the operating net income generated during a period and the mean long term capital invested in the concern during that period. ( McLancy & A ; Atril 2008:229 )

Ratio in per centum can cipher as follows:

ROCE= ( ( Operating Profit ) / ( Entire plus – Current Liabilities ) ) * 100

The above graph shows the ROCE of both Games Workshop PLC and Hornby PLC for 2008,2009 and 2010.

Time Analysis

ROCE of Games PLC has increased at changeless rate from 2008 to 2010. That is 5.48 % , 17.26 % and 27.98 % severally. On the other manus ROCE of Hornby was better in 2008 ( 29.47 % ) , nevertheless it has declined in 2009 and 2010 ( i.e. 17.67 % and 12.65 % severally ) . The ground behind the diminution in the return of Hornby with recognizing from the capital employed is that the company has invested batch of money in assorted fixed assets. Besides the cost of production has increased in 2009 and 2010 as compared to 2008.

Industrial Benchmarking

Games workshop PLC ‘s public presentation really good in 2010 and 2009 ( 27.98 % and 17.26 % severally ) as compared to the industry norm in footings of ROCE. Besides in 2008 the ROCE ( 5.48 ) was above the industry norm. On the other manus for Hornby PLC besides ROCE figures are higher for 2008, 2009 and 2010 ( Fame 2010 )


From the ROCE comparing of Games Work Shop PLC and Hornby PLC we can reason that Games PLC is profitable as compared to Hornby.

Net income Margin

Net income border or Operating net income border relates the operating net income for the period to the gross revenues gross during that period. ( McLancy & A ; Atril 2008:229 ) .

Net income border can be calculated as follows

Net income border = ( Operating profit/ Gross saless ) * 100

Time Analysis

The net income border of Games PLC has increased at changeless rate during the old ages 2008, 2009 and 2010. Reason behind for this rise is increase in Operating net income and besides they become more efficient in their production. That means they have reduces the operating expenses. So the cost of gross revenues remained about changeless and under control. Whereas for Hornby PLC the net income border was higher during 2008 ( 16.85 % ) but it has decreased bit by bit during the old ages 2009 and 2010 ( i.e, 11.20 % and 9.27 % severally ) .The ratio is diminishing that is clearly unsatisfactory. This is due to the lessening in the operating net income. That means the cost of sale is increased.

Industrial Benchmarking

In 2010 and 2009 the net income border of Games Workshop PLC are good head than industrial norm, nevertheless in 2008 the net income border is about half of the industrial norm. On the other manus net income borders on Hornby PLC for 3 old ages are more than the industrial norm.


While sing the Net income borders of both the companies, we can reason the profitableness of Games Workshop PLC is really good.

3.2. Efficiency Ratios

1. Asset Employee turnover

Asset turnover ratio examines how expeditiously the plus of the company is being used to bring forth gross or ratio assesses the sale that a company can bring forth for each dollar assets it owns. In common a higher ratio is preferred to take down one. However a higher ratio may bespeak that Company is overtrading its assets. Companies with higher plus turnover ratios can boom even with low net income border. ( Biafore 2004:151 ) Asset turnover ratio can be calculated as follows:

Asset Turnover= Gross saless / Capital Employed

The above graph the comparing of Asset Turnover Ratios of Games PLC and Hornby PLC for three old ages.

Time Analysis

It is clear from the graph the ratio is about same for Games PLC during 2008 and 2009 and it is bit in a lower side during 2010 ( 2.207 ) . Still the figures are satisfactory for Games PLC. This means that Games PLC is using its assets at changeless rate. On the other manus the ratios are diminishing for Hornby PLC. In 2008 it was better ( 1.749 ) , nevertheless when we check the gross revenues, the can reason that the growing of sale is unsatisfactory as the Capital employed besides increased besides over these old ages.


While sing the Asset Turnovers of both the companies, we can reason the profitableness of Games Workshop PLC is better.

2.Stock Employee turnover

Stock bend over can defined as gait in which the stock are being sold out. It helps us to find the continuance of buying period. ( Bose 2010:23 ) In another words it is the figure of times the mean stock list is sold out in a peculiar period.

It can be calculated as

Stock Turnover = ( Cost of Sale/ Stock )

Time Analysis

For Games PLC the Stock Turnover was better in 2009 ( 3.36 times ) .In 2008 it was bit on lower side, nevertheless in 2010 it has once more decreased to 3.03 times. These figures are satisfactory. On the other manus for Hornby PLC the stock turnover is better in 2010 ( 2.66 times ) and in 2008 and 2009 it remained about changeless ( 2.21 & A ; 2.24 times ) .


In every concern will desire and aim a higher Stock Turnover ratio. While sing the Stock Turnover ratios of both the companies, Games Workshop PLC seems to be in better status.

3.Stock Dayss

It is besides possible to show the ratio as a figure of yearss, which is sometimes an easy manner to understand it. To make this uses the undermentioned expression:

STOCK TURNOVER RATIO ( in yearss ) = Average Stockss

( Cost of goods sold/365 )

Or = 365/stock turnover

Time Analysis

As we can see from the graph, Hornby invariably has higher value of stock turnover than Games Workshop over the span of three back-to-back old ages. But if we closely examine the scenario, Hornby has successfully decreased its stock yearss ( from 160 yearss in 2008 to 137 yearss in 2010 ) while in the instance of Games workshop, it is reversed ( from 112 yearss in 2008 to 120 yearss in 2010 )


The ratio gives us an thought about the figure of yearss that on invested money is being held as stock lists. A company is considered as working good when its stock turnover yearss are less. Hornby decreased its stock turnover yearss well, nevertheless if we compare it with that of Games PLC, its values are in higher. Internet Explorers, While comparing the both companies in term of Stock Turnover yearss, Games Workshop PLC is better.

4.Debtor Time period:

Debtor Period or Debtor aggregation period tells us how long the clients take to pay back the money. Good managed Debtor policies can maintain the Debtor aggregation period every bit low as possible, without damaging the client relation. ( McLancy 2006:54 )

Debtor period = ( debitor * 365 ) /sales

Time Analysis

From the graph it is clear that Games PLC has been successful in cut downing Debtor aggregation period. That is, from 32.65 in 2008 to 28.97 in 2010. This is a satisfactory figure. In comparing with games workshop, Hornby had longer period of debitor. It had 71.11days in 2008 which has gone up to about 78 yearss in 2009 ; nevertheless they tried to cut down it to about 75 in 2010.


An addition in debtor aggregation period decrease company ‘s hard currency flow. That means it will increase the capital employed ensuing in lower ROCE. So when comparing the Debtor aggregation Period of the both companies, Games PLC ‘s Performance is satisfactory.

3.3. Liquidity Ratios

1. Current Ratio

This is one of the most widely used ratios defined as

Current ratio = current assets/Current Liabilitiess

Current assets are expected to be turn into hard currency within about 12 months and the current liabilities are duties that company owes that will necessitate hard currency within in one twelvemonth. This ratio is a step of short term liquidness. An investor might anticipate this ratio at least 1. ( Stickney, Weil, Schipper & A ; Francis 2010: 266 )

Time Analysis

The graph illustrates continues higher value of current ratio of Hornby over games workshop except in 2009.For this three old ages Current ratios of both the companies are higher than 1. That means figures are satisfactory for both companies. One can understand that higher value indicates good mark for creditors.


This ratio gives thought that whether the company ‘s current assets can cover the current liabilities. From the above graph it is clear that both the companies have equal figure of current plus to cover the current liabilities.

2. Acid Test Ratio

Acid Test Ratio or Quick Ratio is more terrible trial of concern solvency than Current ratio. It excludes stock list ( Stock ) which is the current ratio includes and restrict the Current plus to hard currency and points which can be rapidly change over to hard currency. Investors and loaners are more interested in Acid Test ration. ( Tracy 2008:287 )

It can be calculated as follows:

Acid Test Ratio = ( Current assets- Stock ) / Current liabilities.

Time Analysis

From the graph we can see a steady addition in Quick ratio of Games PLC. Ie, from 0.904 in 2008 it has increased up to 1.49 in 2010. However on the other manus for Hornby we can see the ratio is fluctuating. That means, in 2008 it was 0.94 but in 2009 it came down to 0.72 and so in 2010 it shot up to 1.38.

Industrial Benchmarking

While we compare the Acid trial ratios of Games PLC and Hornby PLC for each twelvemonth, we can see that, the liquidness of Hornby is less than 1 in 2008 and 2009. That means Companies Current assets are non sufficient for covering current liabilities. In the average clip value for Game PLC remained about same in 2008, which was a affair of concern. However Games liquidness has been increased during 2009 and 2010 and the figures are satisfactory. And in 2010 the liquidness of Hornby has improved to a satisfactory degree.


While comparing the liquidness of both the companies, Games Workshop PLC is in better place.

3.4. Solvency Ratios

1. Capital Gearing

Capital Gearing attempts to mensurate the hazard to the equity stockholders originating from company ‘s capital construction. It is the mathematical relation between the borrowed capital and capital employed. ( Elliot & A ; Elliot 2006:146 )

It can be calculated as follows:

Capital Gearing Ratio: Long term Borrowing / Capital employed

Time Analysis

In 2008 Capital Gearing of Games PLC was better ( 36.6 % ) , nevertheless in 2009 and 2010 the value dropped ( 27.23 % & A ; 3.53 % ) . And this is non satisfactory. On the other manus Capital Gearing of Hornby PLC was really low in 2008 ( 1.21 % ) . In 2009 the value has gone up to 19.17 % and it reached a upper limit of 22.82 % .


When we compare both the companies in footings of capital geartrain ratio, we can reason that Games PLC is in a better place.

2. Interest Cover Ratio

Interest screen Ratio ensures that the borrower has equal sum of hard currency to pay involvement on its out- standing debt. ( Wight, Cooke & A ; Gray 2009:302 ) . It can be calculated as follows:

Interest Cover = PBIT/ Interest payable.


Time Analysis

In 2008 the involvement screen ratio was really low for Games ( 1.33 ) , nevertheless in 2009 it showed a good mark of betterment ( 4.98 ) and in 2010 the ratio is at its best, Internet Explorer. 43.17. On the other manus the state of affairs was better for Hornby in 2008 ( 25.1 ) , nevertheless it started dropping in 2009 and reached to the minimal value of 7.42

Industrial Benchmarking

As per Watson and Head in their Text book “ An involvement screen of more than seven times is normally regarded as safe and more than three times is acceptable ” . When we compare the involvement screen ratio of Games PLC in 2008 with that of Hornby PLC, its value is really low and it is unsatisfactory and its value in 2009 is acceptable. In 2010 Games PLC ‘s place is really safe. While sing the involvement screen Ratio of Hornby, even if its value dropped from 25.1 to 7.42, company ‘s place is safe in all these twelvemonth.


When we compare the solvency of both the companies, their current places are safe. However the Game PLC is more solvent than Hornby PLC.

3.5. Investing Ratios

1.Return on Stockholder ‘s Funds ( ROSF )

The Return on Shareholder ‘s Funds compares the sum of net income for the period available to the proprietor, with proprietors the mean interest in the concern during that same clip. This ratio besides represented in per centum. ( McLancy & A ; Atril 2008:229 )

ROSF can be calculated as follows:

ROSF= ( ( Net income After tax/ ( Share Capital + Reserves ) ) * 100


ROSF= ( ( Net income After tax/ ( Equity ) ) * 100

Time Analysis

From the above graph it is apparent that ROSF of Game PLC has increased systematically every twelvemonth. That is 1.51 % , 14.3 % and 27.27. On the other manus ROCE of Hornby was better during 2008 ( 19.31 % ) but it has decreased in 2009 and 2010 ( 13.30 % and 10.06 % severally ) . Reason behind in this bead, as explained above the cost of production has increased in 2009 and 2010 as compared to 2008.

Industry Benchmarking

Both Games PLC and Hornby are performed good every bit compared to industrial norm in 2008, 2009 and 2010. ( Fame 2010 ) . When comparing Games PLC with Hornby the ROSF of Games PLC in 2009 and 2010 are satisfactory.

2. Entire Shareholder Return

Stockholders will be interested to cognize entire return earned on their investing. This will be comparative to general monetary value rises, a equal group of houses or may be the market as a whole. TSR includes the dividend returns and portion monetary value alterations over a peculiar period. ( Arnold 2008:701 )


[ Dividend+ ( Share monetary value at the terminal of period- Initial Share monetary value ) ] x100 / Initial portion monetary value

Time Analysis

In 2008, the investing was non good for stockholders for both the companies. That means 38 % loss for Games PLC and 33 % loss for Hornby. In 2009 there was a net income of 20 % in return for Games and in 2010 the net income in return once more increased to 77.5 % . For Hornby, on the other manus, the investors got good return from their investing. Ie, 62.6 % in 2009 and 92.7 % in 2010

Industrial Benchmarking

When we compare the Entire stockholder return for both companies, we can see that Hornby has achieved better return for their stockholders. And the status of Games PLC is non that bad in 2009 and 2010. Their return besides is better than industrial norm.


We can see both the investors of Games PLC and Hornby PLC experienced loss due to fall in monetary value portion. However in 2009 and 2010 the investors got good net income.

3. Net incomes per Share

Net incomes per portion step company ‘s growing. EPS takes what company has earned and divides it with figure of stock portion outstanding. ( Jackson Kelly 1998 )

EPS= Net income after tax/ Number of Shares

Time Analysis

From the graph we can see that the earning per portion of Games PLC has increased steadily. The growing, we can state, is consistent. In 2010 it achieved a maximal earning of 48.9 pence. On the other manus for Games PLC Earnings per portion was higher in 2008 ( 15.1p ) and it has come down to 11p in 2010. Still we ca n’t state that it is a large bead. Hornby Earnings per Share is besides satisfactory.

Industry Benchmarking

Net incomes per Share of Games PLC have been good for over 3 old ages. It has achieved a upper limit of 48.4p in 2010. On the other manus for Hornby, the company executing good in 2008 but in 2009 and in 2010 the Value has dropped. Still the company ‘s values are much above the industrial norm.

4.Dividend Per Share

Dividend per Share or DPS is the dividend paid to the stockholders on a per portion footing. DPS is the better than EPS as the former shows what precisely is received by proprietors. ( Khan & A ; Jain 2007:24 )

It can be calculated as follows:

DPS= Net dividend / Number of ordinary portion in issue

Time Analysis

It is clear from the graph that Games PLC has non given any dividend during 2008 and 2009. However in 2010 they have given in a really good dividend of 25p per portion. On the other manus Hornby PLC has given dividend every twelvemonth. Even if the Dividend varied each twelvemonth, the company managed to give dividend to stockholder. This is a satisfactory.

5.Dividend Cover

Dividend screen is the ratio attributable to normal stockholders to dividend. It shows the affordability of the current degree of dividends. ( Arnold 2004:191 )

It can be calculated as follows:

Dividend Cover= Profit after revenue enhancement / net dividend


Dividend Cover = EPS/ DPS.

Time Analysis

In the graph we can see that antecedently for Games Plc, the dividend screen was zero in twelvemonth 2008 & A ; 2009 and in 2010 it all of a sudden became 0.39. Whereas for the Hornby Plc Dividend screen was 1.88 in twelvemonth 2008, so in autumn down to 1.94 in twelvemonth 2010, after touching highest 4.11 in twelvemonth 2009.

Industry Benchmarking

For Games Plc the dividend screen of the twelvemonth 2010 is a good mark but Dividend screen of Hornby Plc can non be under estimated because it has ever remain at a higher terminal in the last 3 old ages much above 0.39 degree of the Games Plc merely in the twelvemonth 2010.


On deeply analysing the ratios of both companies in the graph, Hornby Plc is holding greater value.

6.Price Net incomes Ratio

Price Net incomes Ratio shows the association between market monetary value of a portion of common stock and Net incomes per share.It can be calculated as follows:

Price Net incomes Ratio= Market Price per portion / EPS

Time Analysis

Price Net incomes Ratio of Games PLC was really low during 2008 ( -72.5 ) , nevertheless in 2009 it has improved to a good figure of 11.74. Again in 2010 it has gone down to 7.15. It is non satisfactory. For Hornby PLC, on the other manus, the ratio was better in 2008 ( 12.52 ) and in 2009 monetary value net incomes ratio was bit low. However in 2010 the value has gone up to 11.45. This is a good mark and it is satisfactory.

Industrial Benchmarking

A high PE ratio prognosis that the hereafter returns or gaining in the company are expected to turn significantly. It is a mark of Market assurance. While we compare the PE ratios of Games PLC and Hornby, we can see that Hornby ‘s public presentation is more promising.

4. Industry Specific Analysis

The Toys Manufacturing industry was aiming ? 2.2 Billion in 2007, with regard to twelvemonth 2003 its grew 22 % up in that period, it can turn at a better gait as economic scenario improves farther. But this Industry is confronting challenges from new engineering, such as kids are acquiring more attracted toward Internet online games. Due to this traditional plaything may endure & A ; could impact gross revenues. But there is a batch of range for betterment that the industry participants can make, wish, they can educate parents & A ; kids about the benefits of plaything & A ; traditional games as compared to internet on-line games. Widening the entreaty to purchase playthings in above age classs like adults & A ; grownups. But this is non the lone terminal to the jobs faced by this industry. Furthermore, the stiff competition is doing the market more competitory due to monetary value wars which have commoditized the market.

Hornby PLC

Hornby Plc is a U.K based fabrication industry specially trades in games & A ; toys design, sourcing, distribution of avocation & A ; synergistic place amusement merchandises. The Hornby Plc company develops and supplies Hobby and Toy merchandises. The chief clients of this industry are the turning kids. The trade name name are the Hornby, Scalextric, Electrotren, SuperSlot, Lima, Jouef, Rivarossi and MKD. On September 2006, the company acquired Heico Modell, a German company. ( Fame 2010 )

Games Workshop PLC

Games Workshop Group Plc is the largest and the most successful tabletop phantasy war games company that is based in U.K. They besides designs, industries and markets a avocation based upon roll uping, patterning, painting and tabletop gambling with theoretical account soldiers. The company ‘s major trade names are Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. The company ‘s merchandises are sold through its ain concatenation of more than 300 Hobby Centres and by more than 4,000 independent plaything and avocation stores around the universe. ( Fame 2010 )

The of import participants of industry are Hornby Plc, Games work store Plc, Vivid Imaginations Limited, Flair Leisure Products PLC, Vivid TOY Group Limited, Ethos International Ltd, Record RSS Limited, Hardy & A ; Greys Limited, Rockstar North Limited, Datel electronics limited etc.

Strengths of Industry

Once initial entreaty is established so attractive force of roll uping can guarantee repetition gross revenues.

The major plus point of Industry is that it is made for childs & A ; their entreaty can non be ignored by anyone because they ne’er compromise like grownups, for purchasing their favourite plaything or game.

Teachers & A ; parents back up playthings because they help in larning procedure of kids.

Infusion of new playthings frequently makes it fresh once more.

Licensed merchandises can be charged at high monetary values & A ; can be promoted through Television, Film, book cartoon strips etc.

Toys & A ; games could be good gift from grandparents – here is what I bought for you when I went to London.

Once a plaything is broken, it has to be replaced by a new one without hold, which means high gross revenues.

Failing of this Industry

Childs temper is extremely unpredictable specially driven by their equal group, about playthings.

Competition is high from digital media.

Due to the desire of childs to possess grownup size trade goods & A ; life styles, they may give less importance to dally.

New entrants can confront higher barrier to entry due to herd & amp ; to a great extent branded industry.

High monetary value sensitive playthings are largely pocket sized.

Performance of the cardinal participants of this Industry

Based on Employee turnover:

[ Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // context=9ZR65YBIF4ZMOI4 & A ; _cid=2399

The graph above indicates that both Games work store Plc & A ; Hornby Plc are above the industry norm in the twelvemonth 2009. This means both companies can hold a good hereafter & A ; investor can acquire good returns if he/ she invest money in either of them. Out of the two companies under our consideration, Games workshop group Plc is at a better place as compared with Hornby.

Based On Profit Margin

[ Beginning: – hypertext transfer protocol: // context=9ZR65YBIF4ZMOI4 & A ; _cid=2399 ]

We can see the immense dip in negative net income border for more than 3 companies, which indicate the current market place due to competition. But here the net income border of Hornby Plc is higher as compared to Games workshop Plc for the twelvemonth 2009.

5. Future chance of Industry

Even though the industry has failings like every other industry has, the hereafter lies to that industry which minimizes its failings & A ; maximizes the strengths. For this industry, since strengths are practically & A ; psychologically strong but the industry must non bury that consumers will be taking more carefully doing the industry more ambitious to make concern into. In old ages to come market will bask factors like turning child ‘s population, media influences, parent ‘s nature to give something that helps the kid to larn by practically touching it & A ; kids love for plaything & A ; their aggregation impulse.

Manufacturers can farther better it by depending less on accredited merchandises, understanding altering gustatory sensations of kids as they grow & amp ; establishing more advanced & A ; high quality merchandises whether their ain scopes or licensing.

6. Recommendation

Based on the above detailed analysis of Hornby Plc & A ; Games workshop plc, we would positively urge Mr. Curry, that if he is looking for long term investing so he should put in Hornby Plc, but if he is looking for short term investing he should take Games work store Plc. The grounds to make so are provided below: –

Reasons to put Long term in Hornby Plc: –

Looking at the Investment ratios, even though ROSF of Games is increasing & A ; Hornby Plc is diminishing in past 3 old ages, but we should non disregard the past stableness of Hornby which is strong & A ; Entire stockholder return is much better for Hornby Plc so Games workshop Plc.

Taking attention & A ; concentrating merely for better returns for Mr. Curry, after sing the Dividend Cover & amp ; Price net incomes ratios, which reflects stock market assurance in Hornby Plc than Games work store Plc.

The public presentation of Games work store Plc has drastically moved upwards in a really short term, that is why we are non certain whether or non the company can give good returns to their stockholders in long term, this status is prospective for Hornby Plc.

Looking at the graphs provided in the Industrial analysis of this study, where both companies are above industry norm but on carefully analyzing we can do out that even though turnover of Games work store Plc is higher but profit border of Hornby Plc is better.

Reasons to put short term in Games workshop Plc: –

Looking at the profitableness ratios, efficiency ratios, Liquidity ratios & amp ; Solvency ratios, we can do out that Games work store Plc is better than Hornby Plc. That means rapid growing is expected in close hereafter after looking at the past 3 twelvemonth ‘s public presentation.



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