Findings And Discussion Primary Data Findings Marketing Essay

The Main Questions Raided in the Electronic Interview

The purpose of the interview is to happen out deeper and more elaborate information from people in important organisations.

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What ‘s the root of China has no planetary trade name?

There are many elements lead to that China has no planetary trade name. Harmonizing to the interview, I got two consequences for analysis that.

Findings-Country image

The first component is the state image. Country image influences consumer to take the merchandises. Such as when the choice of offerings on the footing of the two properties is non easy differentiated by the consumers, they will utilize the state of beginning of the merchandise to justice.

There were a batch of deficiency of high quality Chinese merchandises or trade names were exported to the oversea in the yesteryear. It made the consumers around the universe have small cognition of Chinese trade names and can non reason a merchandise ‘s quality from their trade name name. Unfortunately, the state image for China is rather non optimistic and this is reflected in trade name perceptual experiences. There are many people think Chinese trade names as cheap, undependable, and hapless value and quality. Therefore, it is a large challenge for Chinese trade names to get the better of the state ‘s unfavorable image.

Harmonizing to the theory above, bettering 1s state image should be done through keeping positive political dealingss and exporting trade names that leave consumers with favorable experiences. China should clearly concentrate more on exporting trade name with quality merchandises than seeking to hike its political or economic image. The procedure of bettering 1s state image is a long and delicate one, but it has been done earlier as we have seen with trade names from South Korea and Japan. Therefore, it is believed that China will be successful in constructing a bran-new corporate image.

Findingss – Intellectual Property Rights

Another is the Intellectual Property Rights, which is used to protect the makers from be counterfeited. Most of the states over the universe have carried out the jurisprudence. However, the consciousness of Intellectual Property Rights in China is merely get downing, still stayed at the infant phase. It is estimated that there are about two tierces of universe ‘s sham and pirated goods root from China. The misdemeanors of Intellectual Property Rights bring about a big of losingss, non merely on money, but besides do some injury to the house trade name image, even the national image.

The deficiency of Intellectual Property Rights non merely amendss the trade name images, but besides limits the development of Chinese stigmatization. The foreign trade names are non willing to come in the Chinese market due to be afraid of being counterfeited. In the fortunes, the domestic companies will non be able to larn from the stigmatization schemes and thoughts implemented by the foreign opposite numbers.

When trade names are counterfeited or copied, the original Godhead of the trade name is fundamentally stolen from because the investing in his trade name is devalued. When consumers purchase bogus merchandises, the original trade name will lose out on a possible sale, but the more significantly, the image of the trade name is tarnished. Manufacturers of forgery goods will of course utilize inferior natural stuffs when copying a merchandise ; hence the client will hold a less favorable experience and tie in this to the original trade name, thereby devaluating the trade name. In this instance, the original company is antipathetic to put money to construct trade name and is truly harm to the development of strong national trade names. As a consequence of a barbarous circle, most Chinese houses are utilizing the pricing schemes to vie.

Some understandings and Torahs about Intellectual Property Rights were signed by the authorities, it has showed that the authorities was willing to seek and battle the Intellectual Property Rights misdemeanors. However, a deficiency of rigorous enforcement of these Torahs has done small to forestall markets from openly selling forge trade names and makers from bring forthing them.

It is clear that in order for Chinese stigmatization to develop and to the full flourish, Intellectual Property Rights must be upheld and the enforcement of Torahs must be put into pattern. In this instance, the domestic companies are traveling to be able to do the stigmatization schemes and thoughts to keep and spread out the trade name to the universe.

What can you propose to Lenovo, or where do Lenovo should better?

Harmonizing to the interview of the analysts, after geting IBM ‘s planetary Personal computer concern and organizing a strategic confederation with IBM, Lenovo still have many things to cover with the internal of the company, Lenovo should absorb and incorporate the accomplishments from both sides and get planetary trade name acknowledgment, an international and diversified client base, a first distribution web with planetary range, more diversified merchandise offerings, enhanced operational excellence and leading-edge engineering.

What suggestions can you give to Lenovo for the planetary trade name? A

Findings-internal of the company

Cultural differences between the two companies must besides be taken into history, as it can be slippery particularly between a western and eastern company. The differences can be caused from the different corporate civilizations or national civilizations. Besides that, the two companies had the distinguishable civilizations: IBM personal computing machine was established for the planetary concern with a Western direction mentality, whereas Lenovo was a strictly China-focused company which was run by the local Chinese enterprisers.

In China, the concern is more frequently characterized by centralised power and individualized relationship, which is rather different from that of the West. For illustration, for the decision-making procedure of the house in China, as the power is more centralised in the company, the decision-making procedure will be more centralised to the top direction, and employees would prefer the foreman to do determinations for them.

Therefore, the determination might be less likely to be challenged and denied by the subsidiaries, to some extent ; it would be more easy and swimmingly to the execution of a determination in the company. However, on the other manus, it besides hinders the engagement of subsidiaries, as the employees ‘ fright of differing with their higher-ups will barricade the communicating between the taking and the led. Besides that, it besides weakens the enterprises of the employee in the company.

While in the U.S. , employees are eager to hold their voice heard on the company determinations without being afraid of piquing the authorization and are more expressive in the treatment. They are recognized as portion of the decision-making and are profoundly involved along with the procedure.

Therefore it was demonstrated that American and Chinese civilizations are at polar antonyms.

Findings- external


As we known, Lenovo have got some success in the Beijing 2008 Olympic. However, the planetary trade name will non turn up merely in a few months. On the contrary, it is a long battle, need a long clip of accretion.

Lenovo should prehend the chance to construct their trade name both in China and internationally. In China, there are many consumers have already marked Made in China merchandises as low quality, and may prefer the Japanese and American trade names such as HP, Dell and Sony. However by patronizing an international event such as Shanghai EXPO 2010, Lenovo can shift their trade name in the head of consumers and enhance perceptual experiences environing quality. If they see Lenovo engineering being used to host an internationally esteemed event such as Expo 2010, it communicates to domestic clients that Lenovo trade name is on the way to winning world-wide trust.

At the same clip, Lenovo besides strives to better their trade name repute and market portion in the international market. Shanghai World Expo 2010 expects to have 70 million visitants from both within China and abroad, so it is a good chance for Lenovo to show their expertness to a planetary audience.

All in all, sponsorship of the Shanghai 2010 World Expo should be an effectual manner for Lenovo to construct their trade name equity, supplying they do n’t see any proficient troubles during the event. In the hereafter, Lenovo besides should seek up every chance to allow the universe know Lenovo is all over around the universe.

Seek aid from the authorities

The authorities in China has implemented a scheme called “ Traveling Global ” which aims to promote houses to encompass both domestic every bit good as foreign markets. One precedence under this strategy is to make “ big transnational houses with globally recognized trade names able to vie in the international market place. ” The scheme is non merely an official policy but does hold significance and makes the thought of puting abroad more attractive for domestic houses.

Another signifier of support from the province comes via offering favorable loans and recognition to assist houses finance abroad activity. Given the Chinese authorities ‘s active engagement in seeking to promote big domestic houses to travel planetary, it is clear that there is urgency for Chinese houses to set up their trade names abroad.

Second informations findings

Case study-Samsung

Korean trade name LG, Samsung and Hyundai which are the illustration of Lenovo.

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Samsung, the South Korean trade name, has been one of the most influential trade names. Harmonizing to interbrand ( 2009 ) , Samsung with 17.518 billion dollars of Brand Valuation ranked the nineteenth of the best planetary trade names. For old ages, with the spirit of non-stop and grim, Samsung paid a batch of money on R & A ; D and selling, and maintained Awareness of enduring all the clip. Finally, it has been the most representative national endeavor in Korea.

R & A ; D

If want to construct the world-class trade name, it must necessitate the world-class merchandises. In order to make a first merchandise, Samsung was non meanspirited to pay a tidy amount of money to construct their ain squad for R & A ; D, and improved the capablenesss of engineering development and engineering of the merchandises.

Lee Kun-Hee, the president of Samsung, he stated that there were many uncertainnesss in the universe economic system, at the critical minute, Samsung needed to increase the investing and use more gifted people to prehend the chances in the planetary market, and expanded the power of the market by preemptive investing and merchandise development.

For this ground, Samsung is go oning to increase investing on the merchandise research and development. Harmonizing to CNR ( 2010 ) , Samsung Electronic planned to put 21.8 billion U.S. dollars on semiconducting material and LCD ( liquid crystal show ) . It has been the largest investing since the company is established.

In order to construct production lines for big graduated table integrated circuit ( LSI ) french friess, Samsung As the first in the field of memory french friess, still plans to put 1.6 billion to the semiconducting material mill at Austin ( Texas ) in US. It shows that Samsung has launched the challenge to Intel, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm who are the transnational endeavor and monopolise the LSI french friess.

Besides the R & A ; D in the company, Samsung besides marks the engineering transportation understanding with the other companies. It acquired the LUX of a Nipponese company in 1994, and held a major portion of AST Research in America. Samsung Electronic strengthens the strategic confederation with the leading-edge engineering companies and sharing the engineering.


With the intent of constructing the taking trade name in the electronics industry all over the universe, Samsung invested much capital in the publicity to raise the trade name acknowledgment. In 1996, the “ TOP ” was drawn up, and Samsung became an official patron of Olympic Games. By the large phase of Olympic Games, it could show the “ Samsung trade name ” to all over the universe.

Lee Kun-Hee ever stated the importance of trade name value in the competitory society. With the purpose ofA advancing the Samsung ‘s trade name value to the universe taking degree, he developed the “ TOP ” . For this ground, Samsung began to set about the trade name plus direction in the universe. From 1998, as the official patron of the Olympic Games, it sponsored the Olympic Games in Nagano, Sydney, Salt Lake City and Athens. In the Beijing Olympic Games, Samsung became to be the planetary patron. By that, Samsung left a feeling as a top trade name.

For the publicity of Samsung, it besides opened an exhibition hall in the terminal of 2008. It provided the visitants to see the top merchandises of Samsung ‘s freely. Since opened, it has received more than 250 1000 visitants. At present, the Samsung exhibition hall has been the one tourer attractive force of Korean.

By the trade name place, Samsung promoted the trade name value. In the sentiment of Samsung, the merchandises are the chief bearers of trade name individuality. For the edifice of high-end merchandise image, Samsung showed the high-end by the advertizements and market channels. No affair what the nomadic phones or family contraptions, everyone was set in the high-end market. In 2009, Samsung set a new establishment called as Brand Image Management Committee, which was used for working the potencies and value for the planetary trade name image.

Awareness of enduring

At the beginning of this twelvemonth, the field of smart Mobile was seized foremost by Apple. Lee Kun-Hee came back to the electronic market and said with anxiousness that Samsung faced an unsure hereafter, and most of merchandises stand for Samsung would be disappeared in the following 10 old ages. Therefore it ‘s clip for Samsung to travel on.

Harmonizing to 2nd one-fourth study of Samsung ( 2010 ) , the net incomes of gross revenues made a historical record which arrived 5 trillion. However, Samsung set a new direction construct as without a halt at this minute, which was used to beef up the Awareness of agony.

Although the accomplishment of second-quarter was better than expected, the leading were maintaining stressing in the presence of the staffs that the employees should acquire ready for the exigencies such as the European fiscal crisis and the decrease of stimulus bundle organize the adjacent states. At the same clip, it was necessary to get down the pride and with Humility and prudence to welcome the work for the 2nd half twelvemonth.

The leading of Samsung declared that non fulfill with the current position and invariably looking for motor force of development, they are the liquors of Samsung ‘s. As the incident of Toyota callback and so on, Samsung paid more attendings to the consciousness of agony, which was the power of keeping operation.

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Harmonizing to development some of the planetary trade names, such as Dell, HP and IBM, a batch of cognition can be learned from.

First, it is a long clip for the growing of planetary trade name, and it needs a long-run preparation and pique, which can non be successful shortly. It is necessary for the endeavors to construct their ain trade name. At the beginning, get downing for the long-run involvements, so do full usage of different of beginnings for the hereafter.

Second, for the accomplishment of planetary trade name, it can non merely prosecute the maximize net incomes for the endeavors. In fact, it besides pays close attendings to the repute. It should link and cover with the two relationships. For the no repute enterprises, even though they has a good net income in the short-run. However, in the long tally, the endeavors will non develop larger and stronger and go universe well-known endeavors. Therefore, if want to be a well-known endeavor and have a planetary trade name, it should appropriately give up some short-run net income. As the stating good goes, ” You have to give to acquire ” . For the long-run net incomes and the trade name scheme, the endeavor should take a firm stand some rules on the edifice of trade name repute.

Third, trade name can be restricted by the ownership, and the policy can non protect the trade name. It merely can be built during the competition, so that it will be more sustainable and full of energy.

Fourthly, the Chinese endeavors should larn the advanced direction and the selling experience from the well-known trade name endeavors. However, it can non copy everything randomly and transplant automatically. While it should non merely be connect with the province of the state, but besides be based on the features of their ain endeavors.

Fifthly, in order to make an international brandi??the endeavors need to do full usage of different resources, and give full drama to their advantages. They are included that merchandise resource, market resources and the indispensable human resource. It besides can use an international expert with specifically related experience to assist the endeavors to make trade names.

Sixthly, if the endeavor wants to travel to the universe and surrogate international trade name, it should hold the staffs with first-class engineering and the service. Therefore, the endeavor should pay an attending to the staffs with the satisfaction, rights and trueness, so that better the competition. Giving the better service to the consumers and better the consumers ‘ satisfaction, so travel on the path of sound advancement.

Seventhly, all the universe well-known endeavors have the all right corporate civilization, advocated ” humanist and stressing teamwork. Therefore, in order to accomplish the planetary trade name, it is necessary for the national endeavors to larn from the well-known transnational companies, and convey up their ain corporate civilization. The all right corporate civilization improves the stableness of endeavors and staffs, provides effectual warrants for the stigmatization and sustainable development.



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