First Advert: Please Slow Down Rta Commercial

April 15, 2018 General Studies

Learning, Perception The advert begins with Prof. Ian Johnston narrating the following simulation comparing two identical cars travelling at different speeds and the rate of their respective braking speeds. One car was initially travelling at 65 km/h and the other car travelling at 60 km/h when a change in the road ahead appears ahead a truck blocking their path.

The time between when the drivers initially react and the time they come in contact with the truck the car travelling at 65 km/h collides with the truck at 32 km/h and the other car which was travelling at 60 km/h also hits, but only at 5 km/h showing that 5 km/h’s difference initially results in 27 km/h difference when collision occurs. This advert was aired on T. V. and Cinema previews in 2002. They promoted this ad as a very informational and impactful advert by showing it in cinemas where they would get a large majority of people to watch it.

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Learning: The educational aspect of this ad is in the figures of speeds given by the professor during the advert. These facts provide useful information that might be enough to create awareness that small variances in speed can dramatically increase the chance of a major car accident Perception The audience might have viewed the advert not knowing or realizing the consequences of such a small amount to be seeing by.

This ad was designed to change the mind and perception of what the high risks are when partaking in speeding of any sort. The advert accomplishes this by showing real life people in the car showing how this is relative to real life. Effectiveness This ad is very effective firstly it shows comprehensive figures showing the harsh reality of speeding and also it put a human face to this simulation which attempts to connect to people on a real level rather than just viewing this ad as just a test.

The reliability of the figures given must be taken by the word of the narrator and this is what must be decided by the viewer however the simulation does give a visual demonstration of this thus backing up the narrator’s claims. The advert also has been changed into slow-motion which gives the audience a better chance to fully take in the message and give a more graphic view of the car crash. ? Second advert: RTA Youth Speeding Advertisement


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