Fita Analyzation

March 26, 2018 General Studies

I. Narrative structure “YES OR OO”, which is the word that would love the guy to hear from the girl he is courting, but there are times that the girls, means this in a more different way. And that’s what FITA commercial wants to show us with the use of their product. The story of the FITA commercial is about a suitor who doesn’t figure out that the girl he is courting, answered him already. And the story goes like this. . . The guy (suitor) fetched Claris, the girl he is courting in the gymnasium.

He grabbed the bag of Claris and put it on his back, Claris saw the FITA biscuit in the pocket of her bag then she grabbed and opened it. While they are walking inside the gym, the guy started to whine over Claris and told her that he’s courting her for about 2 years and yet there’s nothing happened with their relationshipand said “kailan ko ba maririnig ang matamis mong oo? ”The guy look back at Claris then she raised a two pieces of FITA biscuit in her hands while smiling at him and finally decide to accept the guys love thru showing him the biscuit, depicting OO, or YES.

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The guy just grabbed the piece of FITA and jut ate it and said that “naghihintay na lng ba ko sa wala? ” So Claris frowned and just ate the FITA she’s holding. The commercial is a dramatic comedy in a way that when the guy didn’t get what Claris means by showing the 2 pieces of FITA. II. Characters “The next hottest love team in town” That’s what the 2 main characters in the commercial wants to portray. The leading man is the suitor named Arran Sese in real life that is good looking, stands 5’9”w /white complexion and a dark brown hair. In the commercial, he is a college student that’s somewhat 18 to 20 yrs. ld and he’s voice is natural and there’s no something strange about it but he speaks very well specially when he whined with Claris, acts as the leading lady, named Amanda Lapus in real life with an angelic face who stands 5’7”w/ a white complexion and a black shiny hair. Again in the commercial, Claris is the girl who is being courted by the guy. They did not directly advertise the product by saying that people should buy FITA; instead, they used it as props in the commercial. They help sell the products by showing humility that remarks in the mind of the viewers of what the guy did, that he didn’t get that Claris already means yes.


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