Flame Test Lab Essay

August 8, 2017 General Studies

Introduction/Purpose: When a certain sum of energy is supplied within an atom. the negatrons of that atom Begin to travel up the degrees of negatron constellation. This degree of energy is called a quantum. The object of this experiment was to analyze the motion of negatrons up and down energy degrees through the usage of given elemental substances. With heat providing a big sum of energy. the belongingss of the elements caused them to give off a certain colour or tone of the light spectrum.

Materials: Several stuffs were needed for the conductivity of this experiment. Bunsen burners were used to bring forth heat. The procedure besides required elements in liquid province. LiCl. NaCl. KCl. CaCl2. SrCl2. CuCl2. BaCl2. nichrome wire ( or take a pre-soaked wood splint ) . little trial tubing for the metal ion solutions. safety goggles. and checks to absorb the liquids. Containers were labeled to place each component. Observations were recorded on a information tabular array.

Safety: You must have on your goggles at all times. Nothing on the lab tables except a pencil and your lab paper. No nutrient or drink allowed whatsoever. Make non physically touch the chemicals. No actin a sap.

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1. Fill the trial tubing with 5-10 beads of each metal ion solution.

2. Dunk a wire cringle into a metal ion solution ( or take a pre-soaked wood splint ) .

3. Keep the wire cringle in the Bunsen burner fire and detect the colour of the fire. Record your observations in the informations tabular array. If utilizing wood splints avoid catching them on fire.

4. Be certain the cringle is clean for the following sample ( no more flame colour ) .

5. Option: Watch the fire through a diffraction rating slide to see the bright line emanation spectrum.

Decision: In decision. we discovered that every metal ion solution has a distinguishable emanation spectrum. Low energy red was proven to be on the low energy side. While violet indicates high energy.


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