Flower induction in Carabao mango Essay

September 26, 2017 General Studies

Different Mangifera indica assortments of course produce fruit every other twelvemonth. That is. there are old ages or seasons in which a tree or the harvest may be really non efficient. bring forthing about no fruits. For trees to be productive yearly. flower inducers are used to excite flower growing during the ‘off’ seasons of the tree assortment. Inducers increase figure of feasible blooms for increased production and crop. Inducers work best on healthy. mature trees under 10-yr-old. In the flower initiation test. 2 % KNO3 ( Potassium nitrate ) was used. It is a flower inducer which contains potassium hydroxide and N for rapid growing of the flower.

It was sprayed on the shoots of the Carabao Mangifera indica tree with mature foliages. On the other manus. a control wherein pure H2O was sprayed was provided. This test. if turned out good. should demo significance of blooming even in off-season. Observation was done 14 yearss after spraying. Materials and Procedure:

*potassium nitrate/ KNO3. sprayer. bucket. hurler. tickets. pentel pen. and H2O a. Choice of Carabao mango tree shoots with healthy mature leaves b. Spraying of 2 % KNO3 until dripping-wet so labeling ( KNO3 treated ) c. Selection of Carabao mango tree shoots with healthy mature leaves on a different tree d. Spraying the shoots with works H2O. This will be the control without KNO3 intervention. e. Observe after 14 yearss.

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After 14 yearss. KNO3 treated shoot showed no significance. This may be due to the expected rainfalls during that hebdomad of KNO3 intervention. The inducer may perchance be washed off when it rained go forthing no consequence on the shoot. Therefore. optical density of chemicals was restricted. Decision

In flower initiation of Mangifera indica trees. the undermentioned must be considered: 1 ) Mangifera indica assortment and flowering seasons. 2 ) flower inducers to be used. 3 ) dose of the inducers given the present status and physical visual aspect of the shoots/trees. and 4 ) crop-dusting clip and environmental factors. In the test. flower initiation became unsuccessful for the rainfall that had occurred affected the blooming response of the Carabao Mangifera indica tree.

Therefore. blooming initiation won’t be ensured if crop-dusting was done in a short span of clip before a climatic happening that may curtail the whole test. But. as studied. there are still signifiers of flower initiation that may be applied aside from spraying KNO3. Mango trees may still be induced during its off-season.


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