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September 7, 2017 Medical

Thesis: American households will profit from Family Security Insurance. STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE: If your like me. you’re acquiring a college grade to non merely supply your ego with an income. but besides to take care your household members in their times of demand. STATEMENT OF CREDIBILITY: I have found through researching work and household in the United State’s. that we as a state are making a hapless occupation back uping parents. and I have found a policy that I believe would assist. PREVIEW OF MAIN POINTS: First. we’ll examine why working households need a better safety cyberspace today than working households have in the past. second. we’ll take a expression at how current Torahs are non making plenty to protect households from adversity in the current work force. and eventually. we’ll understand how a modest proposal will do a dramatic difference for the lives of American households.


I. Working households need a better safety cyberspace in today’s work force. A. The job is that today’s workplaces have non caught up with social alterations. 1. The work-life balance is acquiring progressively harder for adult females because the current economic state of affairs requires two earners. 2. Bankruptcy adept Elizabeth Warren stated that two-incomes are needed to do terminals run into for in-between category households in a 2006 article for the Social Science Research Council. B. This job has the effects that more kids and adult females populating in poorness. Elizabeth Warren’s 2003 book “The Two-Income Trap” . she states that holding a kid is now the individual best forecaster that a adult female will stop up in fiscal prostration. The US Census Bureau’s 2011 informations show among adult females who head households. 4 in 10 lived in poorness ( up from 38. 5 per centum in 2009 ) . The child poorness rate. already high at 20. 7 per centum in 2009. jumped to 22. 0 per centum last twelvemonth. More than half of hapless kids lived in female-headed households in 2010. C. This job started when wellness insurance. in-between category revenue enhancements and lodging monetary values experienced a crisp addition. yet incomes remain level.

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1. Warren illustrates that there is a paradox. because households make more. yet have more money but less income to salvage. 2. The add-on bump in income has placed households in a higher revenue enhancement bracket giving them another fiscal load. The cost of kid attention is another fiscal load. D. This job has the largest impact on in-between category and hapless households. 1. Joan C. Williams writes in her 2010 book “Reshaping the Work Family Debate” that many individual female parents are one ill kid off from being fired. 2. Elizabeth Warren points out that now. more kids will populate through their parents bankruptcy than their parents divorce.

Passage: Now that I have shown you that working households need a better safety cyberspace. allow me state why today’s workplaces is puting households in a unstable place. II. Working households are traveling to workplaces where the current Torahs don’t do plenty. and regulations still represent the out-of-date society of the sixtiess. A. The current jurisprudence. Family and Medical Leave Act ( FMLA ) doesn’t go far plenty. 1. Under the current Family and Medical Leave Act. parents are merely offered legal protection from acquiring fired for taking a leave of absence to care for newborn or ill household members. 2. Harmonizing to a 2010 study from Georgetown University Law Center and the University of California Berkeley. the FMLA protections reach merely half the work force because it excludes little concerns.

3. The FMLA provides protection for workers to take merely unpaid leave. which many workers can non afford. B. Few are recommending for alterations in FMLA. so on the job mother’s frequently quit their occupations when they have a babe or there is a household crisis. which is doing America autumn buttocks in the planetary market topographic point. 1. Harmonizing to Edward E Gordan’s 2009 book “Winning the Global Talent Showdown” a deficiency of household friendly workplaces is doing a stampede of new female parents out the office door. 2. Gordon concludes that America’s inability to retain gifted adult females is doing America less competitory in a planetary economic system. C. Working households today are still working under workplace norms from the 1960’s. 1. Joan C Williams notes that in the 1960. merely 10 per centum of female parents worked and merely 10 per centum of twosomes divorced. 2. Today. 70 per centum of American kids live families where both parents work and 40 per centum of twosomes divorce.

3. Today. many households will stop up in economic ruin if merely one partner works. Passage: Finally. since the workplace norms and current Torahs have non caught up to our altering society. Lashkar-e-Taibas look at a policy that could supply some alleviation to households. III. Working households would profit greatly from Family Security Insurance ( F. S. I. ) policy inaugural co-authored by research workers at Georgetown University Law Center and the University of California at Berkeley in 2010. A. Family Security Insurance would supply paid leave to both work forces and adult females for wellness and care-giving grounds. The policy could be implemented by the State or Federal Governments The policy would pay a federal lower limit pay for up to 18 hebdomads. a. This wage is nonexempt.

B. We could besides supply babe fillip ( appox. $ 5000. ) to parents who don’t take the leave to countervail the cost of child-care. c. This policy has already been implemented in Australia in 2010. B. Lew Daily of Newsweek. Aug 3rd. 2009 published 2007 survey from McGill University found that out 173 America is “among the worst” for back uping households. 1. We stood with lone Liberia. Swaziland. and Papua New Guinea as the lone states supplying no paid pregnancy leave. 2. Of all the affluent states. excepting ours. parents are entitled to up to 47 hebdomads of pregnancy leave. 3. Australia’s 2011 Paid Leave Scheme is the most modest ; least dearly-won of all industrialised states household leave Acts of the Apostless. C. Some would reason that implementing a broader household leave act would ache concerns.

1. A broader household leave act will take to better concern result. 2. It would retain gifted workers who have households. Paid clip off for ill employees would help in full recovery doing less chronic conditions salvaging concerns money on health care. 4 Recent research at Georgetown University Law Center and U of C Berkeley found parents having paid leave to care for a new Born came back to work subsequently and were more productive overall. D. How to assist Washington State lead the manner with Family Security Insurance. 1. Write your congressman. Jaime Herrera Beutler. showing your concern for the households of Washington’s 3rd territory. 2. Raise consciousness by speaking to your friends and household. 3. Name your parents and say thank you for whatever picks they have made to acquire you here.


REVIEW OF MAIN POINTS: Today. we have foremost examined why working households need a better safety cyberspace in the current workplace. 2nd we have looked at how the current Torahs are non making plenty to protect households in 2012 from fiscal adversity. and eventually we understand how a modest proposal could travel a long manner toward doing American households more secure.


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