Following the study

By March 14, 2019 General Studies

Following the study made on all the books and research papers in both of the fields involved in this Ph.D. research, cemented carbide powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing, it can be concluded that for successfully 3D printing cemented carbide green bodies all the methods and steps involved in this process have to be specifically designed only for this application. Starting with powder properties used in the cemented carbide composition, the polymer powder that acts as the binder in SLS process, the mixing of the powders to form the SLS powder bed, the SLS process parameters to fabricate the green parts, followed by post-processing operations to increase the green part density and finally the actual sintering process are all important steps in the process of manufacturing 3D printed cemented carbide parts. As analyzed in this report, each step has a big influence of the final result and the problem imposed by one of the steps cannot be solved by the next one.


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