Food Preferences

July 5, 2017 General Studies

Usman Hussain Mrs. Cross Eng 099 15 February 2011 Essay 4 Some people have different ways to eat. Some reasons people have food preferences is because they are vegetarians, vegans, or they are allergic to some foods. Vegetarians will not eat meat, fish or poultry, but they might eat dairy products such as cheese, eggs, yogurt, or milk. On the other hand, vegans will eliminate all animal products form their diet. When having a food preference, most people will have to be aware of where they go, what they can order, and how the food is prepped and prepared.

First, when people with a food preference go out to eat, they want to make sure that the restaurant they are going to will help meat there needs. If a vegan were to go out and eat, they would have to make sure that the place has entrees where they do not use any animal products. Vegetarians can go to any restaurants as long as the restaurants have a vegetarian menu. Some vegetarians can only go to restaurants that sell organic food.

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People with food allergies also need to be aware of where they go because some restaurants will use peanut oil and milk in their food. Second, people with food preferences must be aware of what they order. Vegans would have to order foods that have no animal products in their food. Vegetarians just have to order food with out meat, but some vegetarians have to order meals that are only made with organic products. People with food allergies have to make sure that they get meals that do not have the product that they are allergic to.

Finally, people with food preferences need to know how the food is prepped and prepared. The majority of people with food preferences ask most restaurants to tell them how the food they ordered are prepped. Vegans might order food that has been soaking in milk without knowing. Vegetarians could order food made with a little bit of meat for flavor. People with allergies could order food that has been soaked in egg, coated with bread crumbs, peanut oil, or other products.


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