Food, Inc.

April 27, 2019 April 30th, 2019 Chemistry

Food, Inc.

The documentary Food, Inc. directed by Robert Kenner gives the general public an unflattering look inside America’s corporate controlled food industry. The hidden way food in America is made and processed for normal consumption is not the way it is pictured on labels and advertisement. The generic image of farming with a red barn, a white picket fence, and happy animals is what the food industry wants you to continue to believe in but in reality, it’s far from it. Visiting a farm today it would be nearly impossible to find healthy happy barn yard animals. Instead, there will be chemically, and artificially made fruits and vegetables grown for humans and animals to consume. Even, worse there will be animals raised in living conditions that are hard to even view on this documentary. Farming is an industry that’s only focus has become a way to supply a demand of food corporations that is not attainable by normal means.

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The demand on the farmers today has forced them into a system of producing food rather than raising animals and growing crops. This means the way farmers take care of animals and collect plants is decided by the amount they are asked to produce for food industries. Farmers cannot wait on cows and chickens to grow naturally because of how long it takes to become adults. Farmers have had to resort to artificial ways of growing cattle while these ways are usually completely unethical and cruel to the animals. For example, keeping thousands of chickens in chicken coops that shouldn’t be holding even half the amount and feeding them steroids to make them grow at an unnatural rate. Another example is the way the cows are fed. Feeding cows’ corn when they are grass eaters and opening up their stomach to feed them would not be interpreted as the “natural” way of taking care of animals. Its astonishing the way that the food industry has come up with ways of keeping up with their ever-growing demand.

My view point on the whole situation on the way food is produced now is that it needs to be changed to ways that are healthier for both the animals on farms and the people consuming the food. However, is there even a possible way? The United States population today is 325.7 million. This means that food industries have to find ways to meet a demand from all these people while having the price of their product be reasonable, so people don’t starve. On top of keeping the price down the food has to be safe and FDA certified. This means the Food and Drug Administration has to deem the product to be safe for consumption. If farmers were to go back to the old traditional ways of farming the amount of food being produce would be nothing compared to what is made today. This drop-in production would both raise prices of food to an amount not payable by most and even then, still won’t have enough product to feed everyone. The result would be wide spread starvation and casualties that obviously could be prevented if there is no change from today. It is upsetting that the food industry has come to this but what other options do they have. Relying on traditional farming methods is too slow and would hurt the entire country in both economic and physical ways. If there is an answer to sustain the demand of production while treating the animals more ethically than no matter the cost the food industry should do it. They should do this only if food production stays relatively the same while maintaining a reasonable price.

My viewpoint on the food industry and how it is carried out today is disappointed, but I understand why it has come to this. The worlds population is too much for farmers to keep the same old agricultural methods that worked years ago. Farmer have had to adapt to ways that are unethical and unhealthy for everything involved, from the animals to final consumer. There doesn’t seem like a viable option to both raise cattle naturally while producing product at a similar rate. Substantially lowering amount of produce and raising prices of food would have devastating effects on the world. If there is a more ethical way of doing business, then no matter the cost to the billion-dollar food industry it should be executed. Until then it is understood that the food industry has to be this way.


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