For the Constitution to be approved

By February 13, 2019 History

For the Constitution to be approved, at that time in 1787, nine of the thirteen states had to vote in its favor. This meant that the people needed to be convinced that a stronger government was needed to make this country more successful. The Constitution was voted in favor shortly after, but over time people started to separate into two groups, the Federalist, and the Anti-Federalists. Federalist believed in the Constitution and the Anti-Federalist did not. The Federalists have the best point of view on why we should keep and still follow the Constitution instead of getting rid of such a powerful document in history that we’ve used for years. The Federalists felt that there should be a loose interpretation on this new form of government. They also believe that things were implied or even understood just by reading the document.
The Federalist Party supported a strong centralized government. They believe that the most important branch of government is the executive branch, and that a strong leader was needed for the position of being president to keep this country strong. The Federalist party, people like Hamilton, supported the British more than the French. Federalists wanted to stay neutral in the French Revolution. For example Hamilton termed “energy in the executive” as an essential element to defend the country against foreign attacks, administer the laws fairly, protect property and individual liberty which he viewed as related rights. The rights of American people were a virtue that was well met while writing the Constitution. Laws, rules, and even expectations were set in the United States Constitution.  
Federalists are also in favor of the National Bank. They believed that the nation would end up thriving off of the businesses, commerces, and even the industries. Although the Constitution did not make it clear, the creation of the national banking system- loosely interpreted with the Constitution. The new form of government favored merchants, manufacturers, and also the lawyers in the country. (The support that the Federalists received was from urban areas in the United States.) Industry would teach the American people how to actually work for what one person wants/needs. Money would also be learned how to be properly managed by focusing on the Central Bank. The Checks and Balances were a new way of restricting government power and preventing it abuse with that power. The Federalists believe that the Constitution is sufficient to protect individual rights.
However, the people that opposed the Constitution were known as the Anti-Federalist. Anti-Federalists wanted power in the states and not the central government. The favorable document for this group was the Articles of Confederation. They opposed the ratification of the United States Constitution, but they never really organized very efficiently across all of the thirteen states. They had to fight the ratification at every state convention. This shows that not enough people were in favor of the Anti-Federalists. If they had more support behind them, their message would be a lot more powerful in today’s time. Their only popular success was in forcing the first Congress under the new Constitution to establish a bill of rights to ensure the liberties that the Anti-Federalists felt the Constitution had now violated.
In conclusion, the Federalists point of view is very different from the Anti-Federalists. Both groups, however, took notice that power was being abused and they wanted to put an end to that.


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