Foregin Direct Investment Policy In Pakistan Economics Essay

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Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) plays a major function to run into the duties of spread in resources and accomplishment of ends. FDI is the major external beginning in end accomplishment. FDI has ever played a critical function in the economic growing. It ever took a major portion in human resources development, capital support, organisational growing and managerial accomplishments. In Pakistan the foreign Investment was $ 6.0 billion in which the FDI was $ 4.16 billion in 2007.

In developing states the FDI can be ever seen as an of import medium in economic growing. FDI ever facilitate the engineering transportation, development of human resources and capital formation. My intent of this survey is to look into the impact of FDI on the economic growing of Pakistan.

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Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) played the most of import function as external resource flows to developing states in 1990s and go a large beginning of capital formation in the development states ( Kumar and pardhan, 2001 ) . In economic growing, the function of FDI has been strongly acknowledged in the development states. ( Arshad, 2008 ) . FDI inflow increases the employment, productiveness, export and transportation of engineering in the host states.

FDI becomes a beginning of development of local natural stuff. It introduces the modern techniques of direction and selling, FDI introduces the new engineerings. The local endeavors are able to larn by watching if the economic model is appropriate ( Bhagwati, 1994 ) . It stimulates the investing in R & A ; D ( Calvo and Robles, 2003 ) . FDI appreciably improved in developing states during the period of 1985 to 2000. FDI influxs have been raised from 17.4 % to in 85-90 to 26.1 % during 95-2000. In Pakistan the FDI influxs increased from $ 0.24 billion in 1990 to $ 55 billion in 2007 ( WDI indexs 2008 ) .

Literature Review

There is a acute relation between FDI influxs and economic growing. Number of surveies has analyzed this relationship. Standard growing accounting model has been used largely to analyse the FDI consequence on growing of national income and other production factors. There is an economic growing theory which says that the FDI may impact non merely the degree of end product per capita but besides its rate of growing. There is account in this literature that how the FDI inflows heighten the growing rate of per capita income in the host state, FDI increases the economic growing, it builds up the capital in the state, and FDI improves the efficiency of local houses and the competition besides. FDI helps to increase the exports of the state in the manner to increase the production criterion. FDI helps the locals towards new engineerings. However it depends on the economic and societal conditions and besides on the quality of environment of host state. The quality of environment depends on the economy rates and technological development of the state. ( Buckley, Clegg, Wang & A ; Cross, 2002 ) .

FDI influxs can be more good for the states which have high nest eggs and high technological merchandise. Lot of work has been done by many people to understand the relationship between FDI and economic growing. The FDI influxs is the major cause of addition in GDP, economic growing rate and productiveness growing ( e.g. De Mello 1997, Kumar and Siddharthan 1997 and Saggi 2000 for recent reappraisals of literature ) .

FDI increases the proficient advancement in the host state by agencies of contagious disease consequence, ( Findlay, 1978 ) which eases the acceptance of advanced managerial processs by the local houses. In 150-1985 ( De Gregorio, 1992 ) analyzed the impact of FDI in 12 Latin American states. In his consequences, there is a positive and important impact of FDI on the economic growing of the state. The productiveness of FDI is ever higher than the productiveness of local investing. In the period of 1966-1988 ( Fry, 1992 ) analyzed the function of FDI in state ‘s economic growing. He used a model of macro-model for his analysis in 16 developing states. The states on which his analysis includes Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, India, Chile, Mexico, Pakistan, Nigeria, Srilanka, Turkey Venezuela, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

It has been founded the positive consequence of FDI on the growing rate economic development in 78 development and 23 developed states ( Blomstrom et al, 1994 ) . The least developed states could non larn more from MNEs. The ground is that the local houses in such states, there is no technological development. They are less known with new engineerings.

FDI Policy reappraisal in Pakistan

Policies of the state take the of import portion in the determinations of Foreign Direct Investment. Host states should follow the policies which can pull the foreign investing. They can better the economic growing in the state by following the policies.

Upon the independency in 1947, Pakistan was agricultural economic system. On that clip such industry of Pakistan was non so large for processing and bring forthing the natural stuff. Therefore the betterment was needed in the industry and fabrication capacity. In the consequence, there were alterations made by the authorities in the policies concentrating on the populace or private sectors. In 1960 ‘s the authorities of Pakistan focal points on the encouragement of private sector but in 1970 ‘s the populace sector played a prima function in the industry. In 1980 ‘s and 1990 ‘s private sector was becomes a leader in the industry. In 1990 ‘s the private sector was declared the taking participant in the economic growing of Pakistan. Then the authorities adopted the market-oriented policies and besides offered an attractive bundle of inducements to foreign investors. ( UNCTAD 1994 ) .

Factors act uponing the flow of FDI in Pakistan

There was really fast growing of FDI in whole universe before the Asiatic crises FDI reached at $ 204.2 billion in 1990 to $ 400.5 billion 1997. Inflow of FDI can be seen in Asiatic states besides. In Pakistan the inducement offered to foreign investors attracted FDI in better manner. 100 % foreign ownership of capital inducement was announced and the foreign investors started their concerns. The more inducements can be seen at that place but holding these inducements and policies, there was a minor success to pull the foreign investors in Pakistan recent old ages. Pakistan is still unable to pull the FDI like other states like China, Malaysia, and Thailand etc. We are traveling to happen the grounds.

There are 10 factors which could be impact the FDI in host states

Political stableness

Law and order

Economic strength

Government economic policies

Government bureaucratism

Local concern environment


Quality of labour force

Quality of life

Welcoming attitude

( Shirouzu 1993 )

Political Stability

This factor is important to pull the foreign investors in the state. ( See MIGA 1994 ) . Political instability could take the assurance of foreign investors, the investors feels them in hazard, hazard of concern and besides the hazard forces lives. Many investors have paid a heavy monetary value of overlooking or ingoing this factor of the universe ( Jegathesan 1995 ) . Lack of political stableness has been observed in Pakistan. Most of elective authorities dismissed before they can finish their term of office. Frequent alteration in authorities affects the policies made for foreign investings.

Law and Order

Law and Order is besides indispensable for pulling the foreign direct investing. Unsatisfactory status of jurisprudence and order keeps the investors off from the state. Investors need the safety of their capital and forces as good. Unfortunately the jurisprudence and order status of Pakistan is non satisfactory. There is merely one metropolis of Pakistan ( Karachi ) , holding the commercial port has been effected by the unsatisfactory conditions of jurisprudence and order. This is the large disheartenment for the foreign investors. In the study of International Asset Management Company ( IAMC ) , affiliated with British-based Morgan Stanely Asset Management found that the concern environment in Pakistan is traveling down quickly. Harmonizing to the study, 74 % from 115 companies including multinationals runing in Karachi says that there is negative response in Karachi to work more due to jurisprudence and order state of affairs.

Economic Strength

The investors do non desire to put money where there is economic basicss are weak because the investor would non cognize what authorities traveling to take following measure sing the policies and betterment of economic system. In the states where the economic system strength is strong, there would be more chances for concern, there would be more developments, and there would be more purchasing power. Increase in buying power agencies positive consequence on the economic system and beginning of stableness besides. ( UNCTAD 1985 ) .

There was a big financial shortage in Pakistan and it becomes major ground of instability in economic system of Pakistan. In1980 ‘s the rising prices rate in Pakistan was 7.3 % and it becomes 11 % in 1990 ‘s. Foreign modesty besides decreased. In this state of affairs the foreign investors can non anticipate the attractive policies and inducements. These fortunes discourage the foreign investors to put in Pakistan.

Government Economic Policies

Economic policies of Pakistan are really hapless. Change in the Government means alteration in the policies. With the alterations of policies the denationalization system has been slowed down. For illustration with the alteration in authorities, the Lahore-Islamabad expressway undertaking had been delayed. This state of affairs discourages the foreign investors to put in Pakistan

Government Bureaucracy

In this state of affairs the perceptual experience of a concern adult male does matter instead than the authorities policies. What the concern adult male thinks about his concern hereafter, do he has the support of authorities in runing his concern.

The general perceptual experience of concern adult male in Pakistan is that there exists a big spread between the policies and their execution ( Shirouzu 1993 ) . The execution procedure is slow and the perceptual experience of a man of affairs is non good to put in Pakistan. This state of affairs discourages to pull the FDI in Pakistan.

Local Business Environment

Local concern environment covers the handiness of local attorneies, comptrollers, designers, edifice contractors and local advisers etc. The man of affairs will besides look the joint venture spouse before get downing the concern. In Pakistan there is no satisfactory status.


In substructure, the man of affairs will look the handiness and cost of the substructure installations like power, telecommunication, H2O and gas etc. All these are the of import factors to pull the FDI. Pakistan ‘s railroads and roads are hapless as comparison to other developing states. Karachi port of Pakistan is more dearly-won so the Dubai port ( Jebal Ali ) . In Karachi port there is no proper direction of containers and there is besides deficit of infinite and deficit of planning. These conditions besides play a function in diminishing the per centum of FDI in Pakistan

Labour force

In pulling the FDI, there is ever demand of educated, disciplined and trained labor. In Pakistan, there is inexpensive labor but there is deficit of trained and educated labors particularly in in-between managerial and technology field. As comparison to other developing states, wellness and instruction rate in Pakistan is low. The Illiteracy rate of Pakistan is 62 % as against 17 % in Malaysia, 16 % in Indonesia, 5 % in Philippines and 6 % in Thailand. Pakistan ‘s outgo on instruction is merely 1.1 % as against 10 % in Indonesia 15.9 % in Philippines and 20.3 % in Malaysia ( World Bank 1997 ) . This is really bad status to pull the foreign investing in Pakistan.

Quality of Life

Social life and quality of life is critical to pull the foreign investing. Social life is better in other states as comparison to Pakistan. Foreign investors find the better conditions in Malaysia and Indonesia instead than in Pakistan.

Welcoming Attitude

The welcoming attitude plays a really critical function to pull the foreign investing. Is the in-migration, imposts functionaries and authorities functionaries welcome the foreign investors in the state? Is their attitude with the man of affairs is welcoming, good or non? This is the of import factor to pull the FDI in the state. In Pakistan the authorities bureaus and functionaries seems to hold an indifferent and intensive attitude towards foreign investors ( Shirouzu 1993 ) .

Economicss Effectss of FDI

FDI is the major beginning to increase the capital and besides to increase and progress the engineering and managerial accomplishments. The growing rate of FDI is higher than the international trade. FDI growing in developing states has been rise in recent old ages.

FDI ever have a positive consequence on the economic growing of the host state. Inflow of FDI has positive impact on the host state ‘s balance of payments but the investors increase imports of goods and direct back the net income in their place lands. There is another research says that the impact of FDI on the balance of payments depends on the exchange rate. In the flexible exchange rate, any perturbation to the balance between supply and demand for foreign exchange is corrected by the motion in the exchange rate but in the fixed exchange rate an addition in the demand for foreign exchange by the FDI undertaking will ensue in decreased excess or increased shortage in the balance of payments. Inflow of FDI has a bigger positive impact on the export of host state and has negative impact on the imports. So the balance of payments jobs will be little. ( WTO 1996 ) .

Power Sector of Pakistan

The demand of electricity in Pakistan has grown with really fast rate. The one-year growing rate of electricity ingestion in Pakistan from 1980 to 1995 was 9.3 % and the one-year growing rate of GDP was 5.7 % . Pakistan ‘s per capita ingestion of electricity is less than other developing states. The ingestion was 340 KW H as in Thailand ( 636KW H ) , Malaysia ( 1146KW H ) , Iran ( 724KW H ) and Asia on norm ( 1235 KW H ) ( Ansari 1996 ) . The coevals capacity of electricity in Pakistan is besides less than other developing states. Like Pakistan produces 7KW for 100 people and it ‘s 7.5KW in Sri Lanka and 9KW in India. The power system losingss in Pakistan were besides higher, as in Pakistan the losingss were 24 % , in India 19 % , Sri Lanka 18 % and 20 % and lupus erythematosus in other states like Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco and Thailand ( Esfahani 1995 ) .

There are two companies which generates the electricity in Pakistan.

Water and Power Development Authority ( WAPDA )

Karachi Electric Supply Corporation

The chief responsibilities of these companies are to coevals, transmittal and distribution of electricity. In 1970 the industrial sector was the largest electricity ingestion sector of Pakistan. With the clip being, the lifting income degree of people encouraged them to utilize electrical contraptions in places which cause the higher ingestion rate of electricity.

Demand and Supply Situation of Electricity

The power deficit is the biggest job of Pakistan which truly affected the economic growing rate of Pakistan. We have already observed that this job was started in 1990 ‘s when the demand of electricity was increased. The spread between supply and demand still exists which resulted the terrible load-shedding, overloaded substructure and power losingss. The authorities of Pakistan is looking for the investing in power sector. The concern sector has been severely disturbed due to the energy crisis in Pakistan. This state of affairs resulted the addition in monetary values of electricity. The industrial advancement has been slowed. Production has been slowed and the economic growing rate has besides been slowed as good.

Furthermore, harmonizing to the latest burden state of affairs, entire electricity demand touched the figure of 15885 MW on 30 June 2009 and a shortage of 2566 MW was managed which was 3998 MW on the same day of the month last twelvemonth. Attempts are besides being made to finish the fix work at Mangla power house at the earliest to reconstruct 1100 MW of electricity supply for bridging the demand and supply spread, widened due to this shortage.

A sum of 630 MW were exported to KESC, where as last twelvemonth the export was alsoA 630 MW. ( http: // ) .

FDI in Power Sector of Pakistan

Infrastructure is the wheel of economic system for every state. There are some factors included in substructure telecommunication, H2O, power paved roads etc. The population of Pakistan has been increased with really high rate, which increased the demand of substructure. Pakistan did non come on in this field as per demand. The spread has been created between the supply and demand. The most affected factor is power. The burden sloughing of electricity is the most common characteristic in Pakistan which is truly set uping the growing of economic system. The burden sloughing and rise in cost of electricity has stopped the growing of economic system. The undertaking force of energy ( 1994 ) noted the loss of industrial end product due to lade casting in the vicinity Rs. 12 billion. 200 of industrial endeavors in Pakistan founded the loss of 21 working daies in a twelvemonth due to lade casting ( study study Stone 1995 ) .

This spread of power between supply and demand required the big sum of capital and investing sing domestic and foreign every bit good. The authorities of Pakistan focused to decide the power deficit job from 1994 to 1996. The domestic and foreign investors were asked to put in this sector. The policies and inducements were announced to pull the investors. The investors welcomed the policies of the authorities particularly from UK and USA.


Foreign Direct Investment is a cardinal beginning of needful capital, advanced engineering and managerial accomplishments. FDI is besides an of import medium of economic growing of host state. The developing states taken the of import stairss to pull the FDI and they are succeeded. The Asiatic states were the largest FDI receiver with an estimated of $ 87 billion of influxs before the fiscal crises. Pakistan stands to shut with many other states pulling FDI.

Pakistan is confronting a major job sing energy sector. It needs much capital to decide the job. Installing the new power workss and opening the new undertakings required large foreign and domestic investing.

Policy Recommendations

Pakistan should do really strong attempts to pull the FDI every bit much as possible to the energy sector. The political leading must take practical stairss to better the jurisprudence and order state of affairs. Macroeconomic stableness plays a major function in hiking the growing of economic system ( Kim 1993 ) and reconstructing foreign investor ‘s assurance on the economic system. Large financial shortage and foreign modesty state of affairs of Pakistan discourages the foreign investors to put in Pakistan. In Pakistan licenses and some formalities are required at regional, national and local degree to get down a new concern. This causes the holds in get downing the concern. The bureaus and governments should give some relaxations to foreign investors sing blessing and official clearance. The legal state of affairs is bit complicated in Pakistan sing the concern which should be made easy. The Torahs and ordinances should be simplified, updated, modernized and transparent.


The revenue enhancement system of Pakistan is complicated and complex. The indirect and direct revenue enhancements are applied on federal, provincial and local degrees which is complicated state of affairs for the foreign investor to do the determination about puting in Pakistan. The authorities should cut down the figure of revenue enhancements and should simplify the revenue enhancement Torahs. The duties of import of machinery and workss are detering the investors which should be reduced.

Recognition installations

Due to Asiatic crises and hard currency flow jobs, foreign companies are confronting jobs. The companies are confronting borrowing jobs that the policies are complicated to borrow the money. There is need to reexamine the policy and needs to simplify the jurisprudence every bit good.

Labour Laws

Overprotected labour Torahs ever discourage the foreign investors. There is needed to reexamine the policies about labour Torahs.


The handiness of dependable and quality services in all countries of substructure is major medium of good concern environment and to pull the foreign investors. As comparison to other developing states, the substructure degree of Pakistan is non much reliable, and that is detering state of affairs for the foreign investors to take portion in economic growing of Pakistan.

Investing Policies

Prepare seamster made investing policies that suit investor demands. Policy tendencies should stay consistent, with liberalisation, de-regulation, denationalization, and facilitation being its foremost basiss.

Fiscal Markets

The Government of Pakistan has to take stairss for bettering capital markets. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan should better the regulative environment of the stock exchanges, corporate bond market and the leasing sector. As antecedently stock market of state crashed twice due to short merchandising and other factors which shuddered investors assurance. Federal Board of Revenue should ease structural reform in revenue enhancement and duties and simplify them.

Economic Outlook & A ; Law and Order Situation

Pakistan was one of the fastest turning economic systems of the universe holding touched a GDP growing rate of 8.4 % in 2005 but due to hapless jurisprudence and order state of affairs its GDP growing rate is diminishing and financial shortage increasing. Therefore demand for an hr for a state like Pakistan is to chew over over bold stairss for developing fool cogent evidence scheme for happenings of any terrorist activities, as the hereafter of all the factors associating to investing are straight dependent upon it.

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