Forensic science

January 4, 2017 Medical

Today science has enlarged the magnitude of crime. It has changed the capabilities of the criminal, and given them advanced weapons and tools to act with, as well as affected his method of escape. So it is natural that science, in return, should be expected to help the police in the detection of crime. This is why forensic science is science as it relates to the law.# Without a doubt the forensic science field has come a long way form it’s Chinese beginnings in the 700″s, where they used fingerprints to establish the identity of documents and sculptures. As you move along to the 1200’s you start to see more of a medical approach to things. Like a book called, Hsi Duan Yu (Washing away of Wrongs)#, which described how to tell the difference between drowning and strangulation. This is the first recorded application of medical knowledge to the solution of a crime.

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The 1800’s and 1900’s saw substantial progress, with a great deal of firsts. For example, the first use of fingerprints to solve a crime, and a bullet comparison to catch a murderer. To add on there were also a number of technological advances which have opened up new opportunities to the forensic science profession. Such as the study of voiceprint identification, and the development of the scanning electron microscope. The 1980’s ended with only a few DNA breakthroughs but inclusive ones. The first use of DNA to solve a crime, also played the part of exonerating an innocent suspect. Also the introduction on DNA profiling in the United States. The last 10 years the science of forensics has become recognized as a critical ingredient in law enforcement and the solution of crimes.# Protecting a crime scene from contamination, gathering and interpreting evidence accurately have soon become some of the most critical components in crime solving. Because of that, advances in technology are being applied to make the field of forensic science better.


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