Form The Brand Essence Marketing Essay

In comparing figure 6a and 6b, as seen in the Appendix subdivision, one can reason that trade name relevancy has occurred as the two moodboards portion a similar subject. Consequently, 54 On Bath intentionally uses George Clooney ‘s personality and human thrusts to pull consumers with similar personalities to the hotels physical infinite and trade name kernel. This implies that a five sense led trade name kernel is an of import portion of 54 On Bath, and therefore hotels to win from an emotional and experiential point in the 21st century and the hereafter.

4.1 Introduction

This thesis investigated the intent of utilizing famous person properties, such as George Clooney, in developing the elements to make the trade name kernel of a hotel, such a 54 On Bath. In the debut chapter, four chief inquiries were highlighted, along with subordinate inquiries which outlined the literature reappraisal. It was clear that the underlining subjects of the research inquiries resulted in three inter-connected parts ; the hotel trade name, the famous person and the consumer. Interrupting down these three parts ; important constructs, methods and theories developed a model to understand the procedure and intent of utilizing a famous person to build a hotels trade name kernel.

In sum-up of the literature reappraisal stuff, a five-step lineation was so formed to supply a bit-by-bit attack to successfully and relevantly

concept a celebrity-driven trade name kernel for a hotel. As a consequence of this five-step lineation, it can consequently prove if the intent of utilizing a famous person for a specific hotel instance is purposeful or irrelevant. This five-step lineation therefore shaped the methodological analysis aims to analyze the instance of hotel 54 On Bath, in order to get at a concluding hypotheses.

1 – Specify the organizational factors and internal and external restrictions of the hotel state of affairs to get at a trade name vision.

2 – Design a complete trade name scheme to back up the trade name vision, utilizing a chosen famous person ‘s character and personality.

3 – Interrupt down the famous person ‘s personality to reassign famous person ‘s nucleus human drives into physical infinite of hotel through the five senses.

4 – Attract an sole mark audience that entreaties to the distinguishable trade name kernel.

5 – Trade name relevancy has occurred if the mark audience profile matches the personality profile of the famous person.

It was once and for all determined, after carry oning the five-step procedure for the instance of 54 On Bath, that trade name relevancy has occurred as the consumers profile matched the famous person profile. Consequently, is can be concluded that 54 On Bath intentionally used George Clooney ‘s personality drives to mirror the trade name kernel of the hotel, in order to appeal to consumers with similar thrusts. This decision can be farther understood by re-addressing and replying the research inquiries this thesis explored.

4.2 Readdressing the research chief and subordinate inquiries

As it has been established in this thesis, a hotel uses a famous person ‘s personality to mirror it ‘s trade name kernel, for several found grounds.

First, there is no planetary method of hotel star evaluations, and with the influence that digital engineering and societal media has in the 21st century, hotel evaluations are seen as more credibly on Facebook, Twitter, Tripadvisor and While a hotel group, such as Tsogo Sun is more dominant in the hotel market, it is nevertheless of import that all hotels within the group provide a alone experience to remain consumer relevant in order to leverage high evaluations across the whole hotel group portfolio. It was besides discovered that the supply of hotels in South Africa is progressively higher than the consumer demand. As a consequence, many hotels are combating to last because the low supply of consumers are non supplying hotels with adequate concern and net incomes.

It was therefore found that a hotel has to distinguish its experience, trade name kernel, to appeal to distinct 21st century consumers in order to derive demand and increase fiscal net incomes. This nevertheless, led to the determination that it is non commercially viably to supply a different experience through retracing the brick and howitzer of a hotel. Likewise, a hotel edifice with tradition and trade name equity, such as The Grace Hotel, has formed a brandscape in the consumers heads which accordingly should n’t be destroyed. The reply nevertheless lies in the findings that the 21st hotel consumer is in an emotionally and experientially charged economic system where hotel trade names are n’t king any longer, but the hotel consumer is. It can therefore be concluded that it is of import for hotel trade names to concentrate on the trade name kernel, the internal experience of the hotel, to heighten an emotional and relevant connexion which is appealing to the demand of distinguishable consumers.

To consequently make an emotional and experiential trade name kernel in the 21st century, it was uncovered that a hotel has to undergo of import stairss to get at an experience that will drive consumer demand and hence have a intent. Firstly it was discovered that by making a situational analysis of the current hotel, by placing the administration factors, a hotel trade name vision can be identified which directs the type of personality the hotel needs to take on in order to appeal to the possible consumers in its location. As such, a hotel can stand for this type of personality by indirectly draw a bead oning to a characters personality, such as the famous person, George Clooney. The famous person needs to be believable, attractive and movable in order for it to be chosen to suite the hotels future trade name kernel personality.

It was so found that the famous person ‘s personality profile demands to interrupt down, in order for the hotel to expressively mirror the personality of the famous person through all its touch points. In making so, the famous person ‘s personality can be broken down utilizing 23plusone ‘s online tool which identifies the characters most of import human thrusts. For illustration, George Clooney ‘s most of import human thrusts were found to be ; Standing Prestige, Challenge and Winning, Possess and Collect, Beauty and Esthetics and Influence and Leadership. Each thrust explains the personality traits attached to the thrust, which so needs to be heightened throughout the hotels trade name kernel to organize this personality.

In utilizing a famous person to organize a hotel trade name kernel, it hence became apparent how a hotel can take on distinguishable humanistic thrusts and emotions from a famous person, to heighten entreaty and demand from a distinguishable mark audience. It was later noticed, which brought this thesis to one of its chief findings, how a hotel creates a strong emotional connexion with a consumer by sensorially triping the worlds five senses throughout its trade name kernel. The famous person hence moving as ‘the instructions ‘ to construct these five senses and evidentially determine the hotels trade name kernel personality.

It was so found that the five senses of the celebrity-driven trade name kernel boosted and heightened the platform for consumer relationships to be formed. As discovered, the hotels relationship with its consumers is its biggest plus. The more intimate the hotel-consumer relationship, the better the hotel can accommodate to its distinguishable mark audience by doing little alterations and better on personal touches to enrich deeper emotions. It can hence be concluded that the personality of the hotel, mirroring the famous person ‘s personality ; effects the type of consumers it entreaties to, as the famous person is purposefully used to build an experience that creates attractive force to consumers who have similar personality traits and thrusts.

The disadvantage of utilizing a famous person to bring forth an emotional hotel-consumer relationship, nevertheless, is when a chosen famous person is used to mirror the trade name kernel of a hotel but is irrelevant to the hotels concern theoretical account and trade name vision. For illustration, if George Clooney ‘s personality was mirrored throughout a hotel in a low-income location, really few consumers would appeal to the trade name kernel offerings and personality. Therefore, ensuing in low consumer entreaty and demand, and accordingly deficient net incomes to last – where the famous person hence provides no trade name relevancy and therefore no intent.

4.3 Prospects for future researches and review

I do n’t cognize?

Possibly a large review is that I cant to the full substantiate with the commercial success of this celebrity-driven method because the hotel is still new and has non gone through a fiscal twelvemonth terminal yet, where fiscal figures could besides heighten the intent of utilizing a famous person?

4.4 Concluding words

Must I restate my hypotheses from chapter 1 here once more?

This thesis can therefore conclude that the intent of utilizing famous person attributes to develop the elements of a hotels trade name kernel, is to merely bring forth alone emotional stigmatization which entreaties to consumers with a similar personality as the famous person personality used. If the famous person personality represented, is relevant to the hotels concern theoretical account and trade name vision, so the famous person personality will determine a relevant trade name kernel that is tailored to the demand of this sole mark market. As a consequence, hotel staff can be trained to present on the wants and demands of these consumers through the trade name kernel offerings. Through these offerings, this implies that a ‘five senses ‘ led trade name kernel is an of import portion of a hotels trade name success, as it can bring forth an emotionally appealing experience for the 21st century consumer. The hotel accordingly becomes ‘a hotel for you ‘ , and hence does non supply an experience for everyone ; where a hotel aiming everyone has no distinguishable personality and hence does non present an emotional connexion.

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