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By October 10, 2018 Teaching

The organization that I chose is the United Way of America. I chose this organization because there is one right here in my hometown. I have volunteered with them, I have taken some certification classes, and even help organize some projects with them. The United Way here is also known as Live United. This is such an awesome organization. The United Way of America has a vision, mission & goals. Their vision is that the world where families and individuals can achieve human potential through healthy income stability, income, and healthy lives.

I know that in my community that they offer a lot of opportunities as to educating people in the community say if there was a disaster. Their mission is to help people in the community that are struggling through rough times, and to helping them through the struggles with education and even financial stability. Their goals are to help people get back on to their feet from their financial unstable environment, and help them be more independence economically.

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The United Way of America offers a Financial Stability program, that is run by volunteers with financial and tax assistance knowledge as well as teaching individuals how manage their incomes. On the United Way site they have five areas that they focus on mainly. They are Family-Sustaining Employment, Affordable Housing, Saving s and Assets, Manageable Expenses, and Income Supports. The United Way of America offers an Education Crisis Program that is run by volunteers with more of a background in education.

The program is more steered toward high school dropout students. This helps the high school students to finish their education and to graduate. This program is through willing parents that want their child to succeed, teacher, volunteers, mentors that have worked with disadvantaged youth. This program focus areas on the webpage are as followed: Enter school ready to succeed, read proficiently by 4th grade, Make a successful transition to middle school, and Graduate from high school on time. The United Way of America offers a Health Program that is run by

volunteers with more knowledge of heath care. United Way will help any individuals that have no insurance, a mental illness, abuse and the list goes on to many other different type of individuals with issues. This program also works with obese children, adolescents as to educating their parents, and even the child of the high risk health dangers that may arise. The United Way of America has really focused on the youth, and has partnered up the NFL (National Football League). It is called the “United Way Team NFL.

They are teaming up together across the county. The NFL players are making an impact on the youth of America as to working with each other to get better advanced healthcare for mainly youth individuals. This includes that NFL team members are going out of their way as to helping young and even adolescent children to make sure that they have the best health care provided to them. The NFL players are trying to recruit more and more volunteers, teachers, tutors, and even mentors to be part of their team.

There is a game plan and The United Way and NFL players want you on their team. The United Way of America is a well-known website that is helping individuals across the county to help them get or to find jobs. These jobs can be for profit or they are just volunteering jobs. They are helping individual’s young, adolescents, seniors, mentors, teachers and other professionals as to getting involved and making a difference in their lives, other people lives, and live of others.

The United Way and their programs that they are offering is such an amazing thing and they are changing the ways for the future for everyone. This organization and the programs that they have to offer are outstanding as to getting everyone involved. I am a member of the United Way. I have received Disaster Relief training through the United Way. If there was a Disaster I am trained to run my own shelter. If it wasn’t for the United Way, I would have not received this training, and what would happen if this training was not available. I Live United, I will for the rest of my life


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