Foxtons was founded by entrepreneur Jon Hunt in 1981


Foxtons was founded by enterpriser Jon Hunt in 1981 as a two-person estate bureau in Nothing Hill Gate. An initial aim was to be alone from rivals and to be known within the existent estate sector for making things otherwise.

With radical offers of 0 % committee aboard longer opening hours 9am to 9pm, lead to the successful gap of other offices in the undermentioned old ages to spread out to London ‘s biggest estate agent today. Today Foxtons owns 28 offices across London, Surrey and Middlesex.

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“ Foxtons believe in encompassing alteration and disputing traditional positions with the desire to better the manner industry operates. ”[ 1 ]

1995 saw the production of the Foxtons leases magazine to advance the huge scope of belongingss available both for sale and to allow within an country together with in deepness and enlightening inside informations associating to market informations within the existent estate sector.

Their pioneering presence on the high street derives from the thought to make a different manner of offices than that of rivals to be more attention-getting, current and voguish as a scheme to lure clients and pull a greater degree of concern. Creation of cafe-style offices in 2002 revolutionised the traditional estate agent presence on the high street.

Better services are provided to clients to heighten the belongings hunt experience. In add-on, Foxtons has besides introduced “ Foxtons Fresh ” , which is a alone manner to establish belongingss onto the market with the new belongingss that can merely be previewed by doing a reserve with “ Foxtons Fresh ” .

Foxtons minis were introduced in 2003 to go moving hoardings across the streets of London ; utilizing staff as chauffeurs to drive clients around and demo belongingss. Their modern and fashionable design accompanies the whole ethos behind the Foxtons concern scheme. Each twelvemonth Foxtons comes up with the latest design for their minis which have now become iconic in London ‘s civilization.


Over the old ages Foxtons have established themselves as a extremely advanced concern ; disputing the tradition of today ‘s belongings markets. 2009 is the twelvemonth when Foxtons one time once more proved its advanced aims, making a 3D belongings hunt which lets clients “ fly ” between belongingss, with other characteristics including the add-on of Google Street View to the belongingss. This lead to deriving 3 industry awards for acknowledgment of invention and information available on the Foxtons web site.

Alongside Foxtons ‘ many awards, Minis, market presence, originative office infinite and advanced services, the company is besides known for its slightly aggressive and unethical attack when it comes to gross revenues, harmonizing to recent imperativeness.

“ The concatenation has besides found itself in problem for fly-boarding, seting boards up in streets irrespective of whether they have an direction to sell and even drawing down challengers “ for sale ” boards and replacing them with its ain ; it was fined in 2003. The most celebrated juncture of fly-boarding was when Alastair Campbell woke to happen a Foxtons “ For Sale ” mark outside his house. “ ( David Teather )[ 2 ]

Foxtons claims that they do n’t “ fly-board ” any longer. However in 2006 BBC featured clandestine docudrama about Foxtons unethical concern patterns which included forging signature on paperss and staff deceptive clients. “ Founder Jon Hunt admits that company made errors and has been judged for the ruthless gross revenues techniques. ”[ 3 ]

In 2006 Foxtons prepared themselves for the market listings with an estimated worth of about ?300m – ?400m. Mr Hunt received unprecedented involvement from purchasers and sold the company for ?390m to BC Partners in May 2007, reportedly gaining him about ?300m from the sale that took topographic point few hebdomads before the recognition crunch.[ 4 ]

Foxtons continue to run under BC Partners direction today ; as London ‘s taking Estate agent and independent mortgage agent with a turnover of ?100m on acquisition.

1.3 Reasoning

My concluding behind the determination to utilize Foxtons is mostly based on my acute involvement in belongings development and the existent estate sector as a whole. Foxtons is a company that patterns creativeness and invention to prosecute its aims and to dispute the conventional thoughts in the manner we approach the belongings market. I found the company both interesting and though provoking. With specific mention to the companies ‘ meteoric rise to go market leaders ; alongside the on-going contention in to the manner in which Foxtons conducts its activities. Furthermore, I was peculiarly interested to larn that the company ‘s laminitis started the company with ?30,000 and turned it into a multimillion company and the biggest on the market today. I believe I can larn a batch from this undertaking and understand that a combination of both engineering and invention can help concern to make higher degrees. The extra cognition gained from this undertaking with hopefully assist me in perusing my calling development.


Foxtons was the in private owned company of laminitis Jon Hunt until sold to private equity house BC Partners with Michael Brown as a Chef Executive. I believe Foxtons operate level construction with the strong speech pattern on squad work and strong gross revenues civilization. Their slogan is “ work hard, play difficult ”[ 5 ]. In add-on, I have recognized operations of Scientific Management Model with one best manner of making things, every bit good as foregrounding the importance of instruction and preparation of new employees. They believe that making a high energy and dynamic environment will convey the best out in people. Besides preparation and development, wagess and inducements are available to the best public presentation employees. The direction squad besides believes that the success of the company depends on happening the right people for the right functions.

Below I have conducted a chart to show current organizational construction:

2. Analysis

2.1 PEST Analysis

A reappraisal of the external environment conducted below, shows different factors impacting Foxtons. Exposed to the consequence of authorities policies and The OFT ( Office of Fair Trading ) every bit good as socio-economical and technological factors, Foxtons still strives to be advanced and recognised for its originative procedures and actions.


Estate agents need to run into the footings of the Estate Agent Act 1979 and Property Misdescriptions Act 1991

The Office of Fair Trading can censor individuals from moving as estate agents if considered to be unfit to transport out estate agents responsibilities

Trading Standards Department takes attention of client ailments

OFT invariably improves place purchasing procedure

From 2011 formal record maintaining demands will be introduced

Market study publications[ 6 ]


Monetary values at the lowest due to belongings market slack

Steady recovery

Changes to VAT and stomp responsibility

Low demand/High supply

A diminution in the first clip purchasers

Welfare budgets cuts

Depressed degrees of activity in the lodging market[ 7 ]


Population ageing

Addition in cultural minorities

A turning involvement in life in communities

Turning figure of people who own more than one house including belongingss abroad

Amenity-based lodging[ 8 ]


Cuting border engineering includes email subscription, SMS belongings qui vives

Use of Google Earth to happen the latest belongingss

Continuous development of new IT softwares including Iphone applications

Using the fastest cyberspace services to rush up the procedure

Ability to go forth feedbacks[ 9 ]


Below is the diagram screening Foxtons internal resources and activities:

Foxtons is a multi-million company sold by its laminitis Jon Hunt to private equity house BC Partners in May 2007 to go joint company with the Alexandra Hall mortgage agents.

They place a high sum of clip into preparation and development of their staff as they are the 1s bring forthing all the net incomes through difficult gross revenues and work civilization.

Foxtons embrace engineering development and use their award winning web site as an advertisement and gross revenues tool.

Revolutionary 0 % committee and longer gap hours made Foxtons a multi-million house.

Foxtons offer most competitory gross revenues techniques to the place proprietors, bring forthing a big Numberss of providers over the old ages

They are known in media for forced gross revenues, determined agents working hard on publicizing the belongingss and selling them to the high profile market.

Using Internet engineering to bring forth concern

Using originative selling and gross revenues techniques

It promises belongings direction to clients and delivers information about belongingss throughout the twelvemonth

Firm INFRASTRUCTRURE: Foxtons Ltd. Owned by Private Equity Firm BC Partners plus Alexandra Hall prima mortgage agents.


Foxtons Fresh

Property direction 24/7

Foxtons Magazine


Concentrating on corporate and high markets, utilizing Foxtons Minis as traveling hoardings with the speech pattern on difficult gross revenues


Award winning website having all gross revenues and leases available at the highest velocity


Gross saless



Corporate resettlement


Property owned by providers

Procurement: 0 % committee and longer gap hours

TECHNOLOGY DEV: Award winning website plus uninterrupted betterment in IT section developing new engineerings.

HRM: Continuous preparation for employees followed by inducements for best performing artists.

3. Measurement Success

Foxtons won the award of The Lettings Agency of The Year 2010, even after negative imperativeness and allegations on their forceful gross revenues tactics ; they are yet to put the enlargement run to open another 20 subdivisions in the following three old ages. After a buyout of Foxtons from its laminitis Jon Hunt, BC Partners had a downswing in net incomes and saw its Bankss take a bulk interest during the lodging market clang. However, Michael Brown ( CEO ) predicts a good fiscal twelvemonth and plans out the enlargement run.

Foxtons last histories showed net incomes of ?16.7m compared with the loss of 980.000 the old twelvemonth, as the group turnover rose from 75m to 85m.[ 10 ]

They continue to put in to their selling runs and utilizing the latest engineering to bring forth concern through their web site and new technological appliances, non burying Foxtons Minis, used by its staff as a moving hoardings.

4. Decision

To reason, Foxtons may hold used unethical concern schemes and mistreated some renters, but remain to be the prima estate agents within the market. The laminitis of Foxtons, Jon Hunt former ground forces officer set the political orientation behind the company that it ‘s still followed by its new proprietors, made the company successful during the last 30 old ages.

I believe that Foxtons will go on to turn from strength to strength with the outgrowth of units across the UK. The company USP has allowed the company to stand out from the crowd and will go on to make so in the hereafter.



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