Franchise vs New Business Essay

October 5, 2017 Business

Deriving net income is one of the grounds why most people do concern. They buy stocks. get down their ain concern. or the most popular now is franchising. However. due to some factors – economic system and competition- it is slightly hazardous to make so. Hence. in make up one’s minding. one should cognize the pros and cons of each.

Deciding whether to put money on franchise or get down a new concern requires cognizing the different characteristics one can acquire are worth the cost he/she has to pay for. This may look to be a problematic issue that is why the organisation JAM prepared a argument sing this issue. There were two groups. each group had discussed and rebutted.

It is your ain thought ( originality ) . you are the foreman and you can implement basic direction rules ( be aftering. commanding. etc ) are some of the grounds given by those who favor get downing a new concern. But. we noticed that the most of their replies were being repeated and non elaborated by supplying specific illustrations. An illustration is the execution of direction rules. It would hold been better if they have provided state of affairss in which these can be used since these direction rules can still be used in franchising. Furthermore. when they had rebutted the other group. we noticed that they merely repeated what the other group had said without lucubrating it farther. Despite some weak points. there are some good things they had pointed out. They discussed that on get downing a new concern one can harvest the fruit of its ain labour. One has control with the concern without the franchisors roll uping fees. This may look true since in franchising one can non alter the concern. It is as it is.

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The group of franchising. on the other manus. pointed out that it is less hazardous since there is an bing concern and a protective repute from the franchisor. One good point that they had discussed was the advantages of franchise. They talked about the uninterrupted support from direction. advertisement was non dearly-won. and no needed feasibleness survey. However. this strong point is slightly their weak point for ground that they simply focused on discoursing it without opposing the other side. The clip was consumed explicating them.

In a nutshell. we can state that it went good since we gained thought on the advantages and disadvantages of the two. This will assist us a batch in the hereafter on how best to utilize our money.


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