Frankenstein: A Comparison Bet

January 24, 2017 General Studies

After watching the film “Frankenstein,” I discovered there were a few similarities and numerous inconsistencies with the book. The overall premise was the same: a man creates life from dead tissue. Then the creature escapes and wreaks havoc among the civilians. When the monster awakes the movie, like the book, shows the monster is kind and gentle until he realizes he is not accepted or loved. However, in the book this period of corruption goes into much greater detail. The humans” reactions to the monster are also very similar. Everyone starts at the sight of him, runs from his frightening features, or tries to kill him out of fear. In both the movie and book, a band of angry men attempt to hunt down the monster after Elizabeth is attacked. .

The are also many differences between the film and novel. The monster is referred to as Frankenstein. The monster is incapable of speech, and the audience does not have the opportunity to view any thread of humanity within him. Instead of feeling pity, the movies aim is to invoke horror or fear. Specific scenes are also changed. When the monster finds a young girl by the water, instead of saving her like the book, he throws her into the water. Another drastic difference is that in the book, Elizabeth is killed. In the movie, she is merely knocked unconscious. The purpose of the movie and book are completely different as well. The movie’s point was the scare the viewer and to show them something they never imagined possible. On the other hand, the books purpose was not only to bring horror to the pits of your soul, but for you to examine your thoughts and feelings. You leave the book having been entertained, enlightened, and perplexed. You are meant to question societal norms, as well as your own personal convictions towards those who are different. Over all the movie and book are quite different. If anything one can say the book inspired the movie by giving birth to a monstrous creature, which the movie manipulated and used to fit its own story line.

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