Frederic Edwin Church Essay

October 13, 2017 History

Frederic Edwin Church was born on May 4. 1826 in Hartford Connecticut. He passed on April 7. 1900 at the age of 73. ( Bereading for pleasance. blogspot. com/… /Fredrick-Edwin-Church-Twilight ) Frederic was a gifted nature creative person. He painted many beautiful scenes of the states wilderness. The picture I have chosen to compose my analysis on is “Twilight in the Wilderness. ” This picture was done in 1860 right around the civil war clip period. At the same clip peoples heads were set on manifest fate.

Manifest fate was the belief that Americans would have seashore to seashore in America and flourish in wealth by making new occupations and utilizing their new land to make so. Church’s purpose. by painting these scenes of nature. was to pull more attending to the fantastic scenery and off from the pecuniary component of this new land. Although there have been many different sentiments and positions on his pictures. they all seem to indicate in the same way of his positions on “Nature” and the hereafter of our great state.

Now that I have given you a small history on Frederic Edwin Church and his picture “Twilight in the Wilderness. ” I will give you my formal analysis on this picture. Based on what I have learned from the history of this picture I will lucubrate on the attending to detail that Frederic has put into this picture. The first thing that I notice is the focal point seems to be the mountains in the background. The sky around these mountains is bright with xanthous and white that fades off into the darker sky and dim landscape gardening.

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The head of this picture had deceasing trees and a broken tree stump. As the river flows off from the head. it gets smaller as do the trees and mountains. Attention to detail gets less from the head to the background. These things combined gives the picture deepness. With the clouds and mountains turn overing soft borders gives the spectator a sense of relaxation and comfort. But yet when you think of the history of the picture you can pull a different position. It is interesting that Frederic non merely uses the normal colourss of nature but. uses the influence of ruddy. hite. and bluish to exemplify the backing of the clip period in which it was painted in.

In decision I feel that the composing that Church uses in this picture gives his positions in gesture. In the head is deceasing trees. This shows the battle that is happening at this clip. The skyline is ruddy with H2O reflecting that colour. an illustration demoing the blood that is being shed. As the painting slices off from the head to the background the skyline clears up and gets brighter. This shows that his belief is that times will acquire better and the state will be beautiful one time once more.


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