Frederick Douglass Essay Sample

August 1, 2017 Communication

The Distinguished Slave In the novel. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Douglass was finally able to liberate himself because he was able to liberate his head. This was the rare quality that distinguished Douglass from the huge bulk of the slaves. Several slaves during this period of clip escaped from the subjugation of bondage. but Douglass had a alone potency that his equals lacked. Douglass possessed an amazing finding that would non let himself to be bound by anything or anyone. Doulgass was besides intelligent because he ever wanted to cognize and larn more. further separating himself from the mean slave. Through his optimism and knowledge. Douglass is able to set up his self “perception. leting him to go a rational homo being. and unsafe slave white society’s eyes. All three chief features. in coaction with each other. is what boldly distinguishes Douglass from his equals. and what allows him to finally interrupt free from the bonds of bondage.

Frederick Doulgass was determined that bondage was non his concluding finish. “A nigga should cognize nil but obey his maestro ” to make as he is told to do” ( 57 ) . There was no manner that Douglass would settle for anything of this affair. Douglass refused to stay in the establishment of bondage. even if it killed him. His interior fury and desire to be free would non let him to be contained by anyone or take more than he could manage. “Mr. Covey seemed now to believe he had me. and make what he pleased ; but at this minute ” from whence came the spirit I don’t know ” I resolved to contend ; and. accommodating my action to declaration. I seized Covey difficult by the pharynx ; and as I did so. I rose” ( 78 ) . Douglass was so focussed and starved on being free that he proclaimed that even God himself could non halt him from obtaining his award.

O. why was I born a adult male. of whom to do a beast! The glad ship is gone ; she hides dim in the distance. I am left in the hottest snake pit of ageless bondage. O God. salvage me! God. present me! Let me be free! Is at that place any God? Why am I a slave? I will run off. I will non stand it. Get caught or acquire clear. I’ll try it. I had every bit good die with ague as the febrility. I have merely one life to lose ( 74 ) .

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Douglass fundamentally tells God. if He exists. that he is traveling to acquire free whether he has His favour or non. The mean slave would non hold spoken to God in that mode. Fearing that they could be killed for trying flight. most slaves would hold to a great extent relied on God to be the steering visible radiation that would take them to freedom.

Doulgass’ cognition and passion for reading farther lighten up his vision and equip him for his pursuit for freedom. Once Douglass discovered the alphabet. his fate was set. “Very shortly after I went to populate with Mr. And Mrs. Auld. she kindly commenced to learn me the A. B. C. After I had learned this she assisted me in larning to spell words of three or four letters” ( 57 ) . Even after being forbidden by his maestro to read of all time once more. Douglass used his resources and tactfulness to acquire what he wanted.

Learning would botch the best nigga in the universe. Now if you teach that nigger how to read. there would be no maintaining him. It would everlastingly disqualify him to be a slave. He would at one time become unwieldy. and of no value to his maestro. As to himself. it could make him no good. but a great trade of injury. It would do him disconnected and unhappy” ( 57 ) .

“Give a nigger an inch. and he will take an ell. ” Douglass refused to be subdued by his maestro. and since he could non acquire reading lessons form place. when he was out. idea to be running errands. he was fall backing to the vicinity kids. From them he learned the pronounciations. and definitions of the written English linguistic communication.

The program which I adopted. and the one by which I was successful. was that of doing friends of all of the small white male childs whom I met in the street. As many of these as I could. I converted into instructors. With their charitable assistance. obtained at different times in different topographic points. I eventually succeeded in larning to read. When I was sent to errands. I ever took my book with me. and by traveling one portion of my errand rapidly. I found clip to acquire a lesson before my return ( 60 ) .

This farther helped Douglass because it added lucidity and identified the fury and desire for freedom that before he had uncertainness about. Now by being reassured and able to read. his finding is increased. and his finish is set. “The first measure had been taken. Mistress. in learning me the alphabet. had given me the inch. and no safeguard could forestall me from taking the ell” ( 60 ) .

Through his instruction and cognition. Douglass is able to set up his sense of ego and larn how to go a positive. rational human being. This is a difficult undertaking for Douglass to finish because he knows little of his female parent. and nil of his male parent. except for that he is a white adult male. “I ne’er saw my female parent. to cognize her as such. more than four or five times in my life ; and each of these times was really short in continuance. and at night” ( 40 ) .

I do non remember of of all time seeing my female parent by the visible radiation of twenty-four hours. She was with me in the dark. She would lie down with me. and acquire me to kip. but long before I waked she was gone. Very small communicating of all time took topographic point between us. Death shortly ended what small we could hold while she lived. and with her adversities and agony. She died when I was approximately seven old ages old. on one of my master’s farms. near Lee’s Mill ( 40 ) .

Through convulsion. adversity. and reason. Douglass discovers that it is non book cognition or intelligence in the abstract that distinguishes the human species from the beasts. It is the consciousness that allows people to change the conditions of being. a consciousness that develops in the battle for freedom from beastly necessity. While at Mr. Freeland’s he teaches the other slaves how to read. and develops strong bonds with all of them.

They were baronial psyches ; they non merely possessed loving Black Marias. but courageous 1s. We were linked and interlinked with each other. I loved them with a love stronger than anything I have experienced since. It is sometimes said that we slaves do non love and confide in each other. In reply to this averment. I can state. I ne’er loved any or confided in any people more than my fellow-slaves particularly those with whom I lived at Mr. Freeland’s. I believed we would hold died for each other ( 85 ) .

Douglass’ destiny was his freedom. Unlike other slaves. Douglass was able to use his resistance as a gateway to freedom. Several slaves in this clip period tried to get away from plantations. and several succeeded. but either it was luck or God’s prophet and favour on their lives. Several slaves during this clip period were caught and killed. and for this ground few slaves attempted to run off. In add-on. most slaves did non cognize where they were. nor did they know where they were traveling. Frederick Douglass stood where others may hold failed. He had an eldritch finding. doggedness. and a thirst for cognition. Several slaves merely wanted to acquire off from the subjugation of bondage. but Douglass wanted to get away to freedom and go a force to be reckoned with. “I will give Mr. Freeland recognition of being the best maestro I of all time had. boulder clay I became my ain master” ( 85 ) .


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