Frederick the great vs. Peter the Great Essay

September 10, 2018 Engineering

In the seventeenth and 18th centuries Eastern Europe was marked by two powerful and influential swayers. Frederick the great of Prussia and Peter the Great of Russia. The rise of Prussia and the rise of Russia were relatively similar. yet both had marked differences.

Russia. under the reign of the immature Tsar Peter. was westernized and modernized about in the blink of an eye of an oculus. Peter the Great visited Europe. and worked difficult to larn and convey back every spot of engineering and wisdom possessed by the western portion of the universe. Throughout his reign he brought Russia up from the proverbial mopess. and placed it among the universe powers throughout the known universe. Not merely did he utilize his intelligence and finding to set Russia in this place. but besides his natural ability to command and take ground forcess into conflict.

Frederick the Great. along with his militaristic male parent. took Prussia from a dwindling witness along the out of boundss of European powers. and placed it on the top. Using his sheer militaristic nature. and the preparation and subject of his ground forces. Frederick the Great conquered many of the European ground forcess. His actions lead to the development of the Prussian ground forces. This ground forces would hold great influences all the manner to World War I.

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From first glimpse. both states rise to power look similar. Both work forces. Frederick and Peter. possessed great military cognition. and used that cognition to get the better of their oppositions. Each brought his state from ruin. and placed it upon the top ranks of universe powers. However. there are besides many differences. For illustration. Frederick the Great focused more on physical actions. subject. and award. while Peter the great looked more to advancement in engineering. instruction. and cognition. Frederick the Great promoted spiritual freedom throughout all of Prussia. Russia nevertheless. under Peter the Great. was wholly devoted toward the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Overall. we see how similar and yet different both the great imperiums were. Prussia. under Frederick the Great. became a military state. led by subject and award. Freedom of faith was encouraged throughout his kingdom. Russia. under Peter the Great. was made into an Empire about overnight. His ways were that of reform. and Peters determination brought Russia to the top. Both imperiums rose to the top. and while each swayers methods varied their Markss will everlastingly be imprinted in history.

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