Free Will and Leo Tolstoy Essay

September 29, 2017 General Studies

“You say: I am non free. But I have raised and lowered my arm. Everyone understands that this unlogical reply is an incontrovertible cogent evidence of freedom. ” ( Leo Tolstoy. 1998 ) This is the quotation marks of Leo Tolstoy. which related to the scene we present to you. This quotation mark means that everyone has their ain free will. their actions depend on their ain determination and their hereafter evolves.

If you apply this quotation mark to scene one. you can see that even when Anderton cognize his ain fate that he will kill Leo Crown. he will go liquidator merely like the precogs predetermine. he believe that fate could non be changed and fates have been set up so everyone will follow that trail to the terminal of their life. But in every adult male there exist a free will in them. it been proved that in the minute Anderton must make up one’s mind to draw the trigger and slaying Leo Crown or non. he overcome his feeling. made his ain determination even though he knew his fate. he chose non to kill Leo and changed his hereafter by himself.

It proved that everyone has their free will and their hereafter are in their manus. non in fate. Harmonizing to our undertaking. our point of position which we have been refer in our nowadays is every adult male have their ain picks. they create their ain hereafter. fate still a myth to us. it been shown in the film we presented. Many philosophers believe in free will. one of the most celebrated philosophers is St. Thomas Aquinas. this is the quotation mark from him: “Man has free pick. or otherwise advocates. exhortations. bids. prohibitions. wagess and penalties would be in vain. ”

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This quotation mark means that if free will non be. so everything we do will go meaningless. anything happen in our life is in one order and we are merely following the spot. culprits would non have penalty.


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