Freeze This Moment In Time

August 30, 2017 Religion

To be remembered, to stop dead this minute in clip for a future coevals to look back on with a shrewd and deep apprehension of both who I am and what was of import to me in my clip would be a worthwhile end. I would desire to convey a deeper idea provoking, bigger message to be both touchable and intrinsic. I would desire the universe to retrieve the beauty, the nature and the ideas that ran rampantly in my clip. In making so I would draw a bead on to go forth a lesson instead than a selfish autobiographical snapshot. To make this I would include in my personal clip capsule a brassy thrust, and on that brassy thrust I would hold three images, two vocals, and a book. These things I have laid to hole up in my capsule this minute.

George Santayana, philosopher, essayist poet and novelist said, “ The hereafter must cognize the yesteryear or it is doomed to reiterate it. ” I do n’t cognize what the hereafter will look like, but I hope that it ‘s more beautiful than the present with the wars, environmental catastrophes and economic adversities. If it is non, so I have archived three images: a H2O autumn, a sundown, and a river, to demo the coevalss to come either the mistake of our ways or the victory of our resoluteness. Dark granite rises vertically from the Earth covered in exuberant green flora. Ivy vines creep effortlessly upwards against the granite walls. Clear bluish H2O appears to divide the stone in half. By agencies of clip and gesture the crystal bluish H2O has ground the stone into entry, free falling over the shelf into a shady blue and white washed pool that turns and whirls on stones that sprout out from the environing Earth. This exposure serves as a bench grade if we do n’t alter the way of our eco-destruction will we still have topographic points every bit beautiful as this exposure? If non the exposure proves as a acrimonious lesson. I pray that our civilisation see ‘s the mistake if its ways and we can alter our planetary warming manner of lives ‘ . To remind coevalss that nature is free and beautiful and must be at the preserved for of our manner of life to still flurrish.

The 2nd exposure nestled in my clip capsule shows one of God ‘s free manus pictures. In it the Sun has begun to skid over the side of the Earth to get down the dark and get down the forenoon for the other half. The Sun easy warns of the impending darkness against the ocean, transformed in colourss of bluish and violet like thaumaturgy from the Sun. Supreme beings paint brush dances effortlessly across the sky with chromaticities of ruddy, orange and xanthous blend painlessly in the clouds soothed by the expecting dark sky. The symbolism of this image for worlds of the hereafter is that Gods paint coppice can plaster the skies with colour so my clip capsule will supply for the approaching age hope that they might endeavor to alter their skies A exposure of a river would be the 3rd image on the brassy thrust. Water so clear that the multi shaded pebbles of the river bed reflect and radiance like ruby ‘s and diamond in the visible radiation of the Sun as the crystal clear H2O floats and axial rotations down watercourse towards its finish possibly 1000s of stat mis through evergreen flanked trees making and patching into a azure sky, the emerald colour of the tree tops. Fluffy white white clouds frozen in topographic point give deepness and accent to the calcium hydroxide grasses that skirt the river. These images hold a ocular representation of the universe I lived in and that I hope to be around for coevalss to come. They will demo what the Earth looked like in 2010 and whether adult male made the critical determination to raising and continue the beauties of this Earth or allowed them to disintegrate into ruin.

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The idea of the universe being nil like now, progressive as it is, concerns my really soul. But my religion in world is hopeful for the hereafter. “ It ‘s of import to retrieve that political grants which will be made in the future – as those made in the past- are irreversible ” said Ariel Sharon, Israeli general and politician. To show my religion in world, I thought that my clip capsule should incorporate a twosome of vocals stand foring my doctrine and the best looks of work forces. Music has throughout the age ‘s has been a normally used method of go throughing historical and cultural lessons from one coevals to the following. I have picked out a twosome of vocal that I think will be first-class artistic illustrations of the clip I lived in and the nationalism and the goodness of humanity I believe in. The first is a song written during the War of 1812 by a adult male named Francis Scott Key. He originally designed it as a verse form titled “ the Defense of Fort Mchenry ” which was published two old ages subsequently in 1814. The celebrated anthem did non make its full flower until Key ‘s brother-in-law Judge Joseph H. Nicholson married the words to a popular English imbibing vocal bring forthing this:

“ Oh say can u see by the morning early visible radiation

What so proudly we hailed at the dusks last glimmer

Whose wide chevrons and bright stars through the parlous battle

O’er the bulwarks we watch were so chivalrously streaming

And the projectiles ‘ ruddy blaze, the bombs breaking in air

Gave cogent evidence through the dark that our flag was still there

Oh say does that star spangled streamer yet wave

O’er the land of the free and the place of the brave ”

I realize this vocal merely represents the United States, but the wordss are a shining illustration of a state ‘s resoluteness for autonomy, freedom, equality and the cost of that nationalism. These are cosmopolitan values of the clip in which I lived and will advance an apprehension of what drove the Black Marias of work forces in the early twenty-first Century.

Another vocal destined for my clip capsule, this one written in the early 1970 ‘s by Rush a set from Canada is called “ Closer to the Heart. ” It speaks about the basic belief that one adult male can do a difference and that alteration might be best served from the top down. Such is a doctrine common in the clip in which I lived, and hopefully will be and boom in a hundred old ages.

These wordss should give people in the hereafter a glance of non merely the modern-day music of my clip, but the deepness of the songwriting and my regard for the democratic traditions of my epoch.

“ For the work forces who hold high topographic points must be the 1s to get down

To model a new world

Closer to the bosom

Closer to the bosom

The blacksmith and the creative person reflect it in their art

They forge their creativeness

Closer to the bosom

Closer to the bosom

Philosophers and the ploughmans

Each must cognize his portion to seed a new outlook

Closer to the bosom

Closer to the bosom

You can be the captain I will plot the chart

Sailing into fate

Closer to the bosom

The wordss of this vocal have ever had a existent impact on who I am and how I live my life and by in encapsulating a transcript, I am go forthing a lesson for the hereafter ; an illustration of non merely who what I believe but of a deeper, more ambitious ideological lesson. Those words would be really of import for me to go forth for the hereafter

“ The lone difference between a saint and a evildoer is that every saint has a past, and every evildoer has a hereafter ” observed Oscar Wilde. He is an Irish poet, novelist, playwright and critic. Equally much as I believe in the cogency of this quotation mark, he is non the writer of the book that I would set on my brassy thrust for my clip capsule and the hereafter. That book, which portions Wilde ‘s apprehension, would be by adult male named Howard Zinn. Zinn, is an historian, dramatist, and societal militant who wrote a national best seller called “ A People ‘s History of the United States 1492-present. “ This book has changed the manner I feel about the state that I live in. It has opened my eyes to the world of our corporate yesteryear and although parts are difficult to get down because of the difficult world of the things we have done to each other as state, the book is both upseting and edifying. This survey would be a perfect fellow clip traveller to the music and exposure. The lessons this book holds for possible future coevals and to me are countless and they provide a strong illustration of my demand for history to be known and non repeated This is of import for the hereafter to cognize about me.

“ A adult male ‘s mistakes are his portals of find ” says James Joyce, Irish novelist ( 1882-1941 ) . Like all work forces, my life has been rich with find because of the errors I have made. Mankind during my clip besides committed awful mistakes. I lived in a clip of find, and all the things I have left in my clip capsule for the hereafter are touchable and intrinsic. I want to stop dead this minute and base on balls it on for old ages to come I know non what will be. I merely know what has passed and that whatever comes will be. If I can go forth something that in future clip can function as a reminder of who I was on this Earth, so I have merely succeeded in making myself a selfish unfairness. If I am able to go forth lessons that the universe had taught me, such as to be sort, to care for my fellow adult male, that merely through our humanity do we truly reach illustriousness as a civilisation, so I have genuinely shown who I am and have warranted my clip on Earth and altruistically tried to go through on the best that is in me and humankind for future coevalss.


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