Fremont High School Discussion Essay

August 31, 2017 History

For my full life of schooling. both my parents and I would hold that I invariably complained about the educational systems in which I was enrolled. But when I really take the clip to believe about everything I have been through. I realize that I have so had an first-class instruction. My schooling was full of chances and experiences. all of which contributed to the individual I am today ; equal instruction has been an indispensable aspect of my being. Sadly. non everyone has had this same privilege. And now as a college pupil. I am going even more cognizant of this sad fact.

Looking around me in such a diverse metropolis as Chicago. I find myself being more and more thankful. When I read Jonathan Kozol’s Fremont High School. this these feelings were even more reassured. Here in his authorship. Kozol portions his experiences with pupils and instructors while sing Fremont High School in Los Angeles. California. From the beginning. Kozol set the temper for the piece by depicting the lacklustre conditions of the edifices. He described the deficiency of sufficient schoolroom infinite by stating that “nearly a 3rd of all the schoolrooms in the school. were located in portables…

took topographic point in born-again storage closets” ( Kozol 641 ) . By get downing his written circuit of this school with these graphic descriptions. Kozol immediately placed me inside both the school and a depressing atmosphere. The images painted in my caput by this history were tragic. yet unhappily excessively existent. When he interviewed pupils. one in peculiar captured both Kozol’s bosom and mine. While reading his interview with Mireya. I could merely visualize the miss: Intelligent. ambitious. and more than willing to utilize her voice. Unfortunately. along with those qualities. I saw the defeat and tenseness caused by being underprivileged.

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While I might hold complained about the deficiency of an AP category that I was interested in. I was once more reminded of my fortune when Mireya discussed her involvement in merely desiring “… to take an AP class” ( Kozol 645 ) . What was even more distressing to visualize was how the school’s deficiency of proper support caused pupils to be pressured into inscribing in non-academic categories. such as run uping and hair-dressing II. Finally. the unhappiness in that schoolroom was brought to a flood tide when I could both see and experience the “programing” within the students’ heads.

When Mireya was speaking about her reluctance to take the stitching category. a male child named Fortino said. “You’re ghetto… so we send you o the factory… you’re ghetto – so you sew! ” ( Kozol 645 ) . Even though he was likely talking sardonically out of his ain defeats. Fortino’s words cut deep. I am cognizant that there are better and worse high schools out at that place than Fremont High School. And yet. reading Kozol’s history of the awful conditions that are endured by these pupils made me experience more cognizant of the badness of improper or unequal instruction that ill funded schools provide.

All of these jobs. alongside my consciousness of my fortunate old ages of instruction. do me inquire. merely as Mireya did. as to why. “… [ pupils ] who need it so much more get so much less? ” ( Kozol 648 ) . Interestingly. I have small to notice on Kozol’s existent authorship manner. even though he wrote this history of his. I was merely so affiliated to the characters within that school that I wanted to be able to make out someway ; Kozol decidedly achieved something really touching here. Works Cited Kozol. Jonathan. “Fremont High School. ” The Norton Field Guide to Writing. 2nd erectile dysfunction. New York. London: W. W. Norton & A ; Company. . 2010. 641-48. Print.


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