Freshmen Class President Essay

My name is Nora Hill, I am currently a 14 year old freshmen student at Walnut Creek High School. I love to participate in different sports such as cheerleading, basketball, and track and field. I’m also looking forward to trying new sports here at Waterford High School such as soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball. Through out middle school I have received several Honor Roll awards, and been actively involved in AVID all my years at Walnut Creek Middle School.

But as a new and proud student at Waterford High School, I plan to be included in many school activities such as FFA, theatre, Renaissance, and freshmen class office. In class office I would like to have the honor to be freshmen class president. As freshmen class president there are standards needed to qualify for the position. Characteristics, abilities, and skills. A few of my prized characteristics are that I’m friendly, open-minded, outgoing, perseverant, opinionated, intelligent, responsible, and honest. Some abilities of mine have been an advantage when it comes to school assignments, homework, projects, and essays.

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I am able to work under pressure, I’m able to work in a group, and I’m able to take charge if needed. Now why are skills important to this position? Skills can improve person and their natural abilities. A couple of helpful skills that I have are listening, organizing, and public speaking. With my characteristics, abilities, and skills I would love to have the pleasure of improving Waterford High School in every way possible. I promise to be an outstanding leader, a good student inside and outside the classroom, and overall a well rounded student.



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