Friend Or Foe

January 19, 2017 General Studies

There were two women who were very helpful in Charlie’s development as a person. Alice Kinnian was Charlie’s teacher, and Fay Lillman was Charlie’s neighbor after Charlie becomes a genius. They both taught Charlie very much but in different ways. Alice was more of the conservative, teacher, loving mother figure who was mutually in love with Charlie. Fay was more outgoing and taught Charlie things about life you couldn’t read in a book. She took him dancing, got him drunk for the first time and she was the first person Charlie got intimate with but, Alice helped Charlie develop his emotions and was there for him before he was smart. The argument for who was more helpful in Charlie’s development as a person will be discussed in this essay.

Alice Kinnian was there for Charlie even before she even knew the operation to make you smarter existed. She is a caring woman because she teaches retarded adults at a special school, and she recommended Charlie for the experiment because of his noticeably eagerness to learn. Alice is the first person that Charlie fell in love with after he gained a few points on his IQ and he would’ve never known what this love feeling felt like if Alice hadn’t have helped him develop his emotions and feelings. Whenever Charlie had a problem or needed advice he would go to Alice right away because the professors working at the lab that Charlie had to attend after the operation were more scientists than friends to Charlie, so he felt that the only person he could confide in was Alice. .

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Fay Lillman was first introduced to Charlie when he moves into an apartment across he hall from her. The first time Charlie goes to Fay’s is because he gets locked out and needs to go in her apartment to get onto the fire escape, which Fay climbed through into Charlie’s apartment a day or two before, in order to get inside his apartment. He goes in and crawls over to his apartment and from then on they use that fire escape to go over to each other’s apartments quite frequently.


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