Frito Lay Company Cracker Jack Case Analysis Marketing Essay

Frito-Lay is world-wide leader in bite fabrication and selling. It represented 54 per centum of retail gross revenues of snack french friess in United States, doing it leader in that class. Frito-Lay is division of PepsiCo. Inc and in 1996 represented 31 per centum of PepsiCo ‘s net gross revenues and 60 per centum of PepsiCo ‘s operating net income ( Kerin & A ; Peterson, 2010 ) . Some of popular trade names of Frio-Lay are Lay ‘s and Ruffles, Doritos, Tostitos, Potato french friess, Cheetos, Sun Chips and Funyuns onion-flavored bites. During 1990 ‘s bulk of Frito-Lay ‘s growing was attributed to its low-fat and no-fat bites such as Baked Lay ‘s murphy chip, Baked Tostitos tortilla french friess, and Rold Gold pretzels. Frito-Lay has extended fabrication substructure with 45 fabrication workss in 26 provinces, including universe ‘s largest bite nutrient program in Frankfort, Indiana. It has extended warehouses and distribution installations as good with more than 1,800 in figure and 17,500 sales representative who make 750,000 gross revenues and bringing calls on approx 350,000 retail shop clients each hebdomad ( Kerin & A ; Peterson, 2010 ) . It besides is one of taking national advertizers in the United States.

Borden Foods ‘ Cracker Jack is one of taking trade name in Ready-To-Eat ( RTE ) caramel popcorn class. Because of Borden ‘s strategic determination to concentrate its resources on pasta concern and grain-meals, which needs important resource investing, it has decided to deprive Cracker Jack and related assets. Frito-Lays ‘ New Ventures Division, which seeks and creates new concern platform and merchandises to turn concern ( Kerin & A ; Peterson, 2010 ) , measuring purchase of Cracker Jack trade name to turn Frito-Lays ‘ concern.

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Problem Designation

Ready to Eat ( RTE ) caramel popcorn merchandise class has several different types of rivals ; national trade name houses, seasonal/specialty houses, regional houses and private label houses. Cracker Jack is national trade name and its biggest viing trade name is Crunch ‘n Munch from International Foods Home Inc. In 1996 dollar gross revenues market portion of Cracker Jack was 26 % whereas Crunch ‘n Munch enjoyed 32 % of market portion ( Kerin & A ; Peterson, 2010 ) . Generally RTE caramel Zea mays everta is viewed as “ undermarketed ” class, particularly Cracker Jack spent far less in media advertisement compared to Crunch ‘n Munch. Because of grounds mentioned above and several other grounds Cracker Jack is seen by consumer as a trade name which has lost impulse. Frito-Lay has decided to buy Cracker Jack trade name and recovering this impulse is cardinal factor.

Identifying the Root Problem Components

Cracker Jack trade name has cosmopolitan consciousness, nevertheless it ‘s seen as traditional and old fashioned, and less modern-day than Crunch ‘n Munch. Although there are several Cracker Jack merchandises such as Cracker Jack Fat Free, Butter Toffee, and Nutty Deluxe, consumer consciousness of these is below 50 per centum. Although consumers are cognizant of Cracker Jack trade name mostly because of its heritage, merely 7.1 per centum of U.S. family consumes it chiefly because a ) they do n’t believe about it as they do n’t see advertizements b ) unavailable where they shop and c ) they see it as excessively expensive and state boxes are non big plenty.

Components of root job which Frito-Lay needs to undertake are premium monetary value of Cracker Jack, extend Cracker doodly-squat hallmark and regenerate Cracker Jacks ‘ base concern. To make this it needs to spread out distribution of Cracker Jack, develop new packaging and spirits ( and at same clip cut down SKUs which are non popular. It has 32 SKUs ) , impactful merchandise placement, increase consumer advertizement and set up monetary value leading.

SWOT Analysis


Frito-Lay has strong strong-door-delivery gross revenues force.

Executives are really proactive and detailed in undertakings they undertake, undertaking Bingo is good illustration of it.

Frito-Lay ‘s extended gross revenues and distribution substructure and fabrication installations.

Leading national advertizer in dollars exhausted and originative executing.

Frito-Lay ‘s trade name name repute and its strong presence in consumer nutrient concern.


Addition of new merchandise class allows Frito-Lay to make out to new clients for its bing trade names.

Cracker Jack trade name equity gives chance to Frito-Lay to get down selling its bing trade name in new markets.

Drawn-out merchandise line and market portion provides Frito-Lay with more dialogue power with retail merchants.

Extend Frito-Lay trade name presence in peddling machines.


Cracker Jack trade name is considered traditional and old fashioned.

Cracker Jack is premium priced trade name and its monetary value has risen by 5 to 6 per centum per twelvemonth since 1993.

Frito-Lay ‘s rawness in RTE caramel popcorn merchandise class.

Negative direct merchandise part for twelvemonth 1994,1995,1996 gives negative feeling of merchandise


Strong competition from International Home Foods, Inc. ( Crunch ‘n Munch trade name )

Rivals could outbid Frito-Lay to get Cracker Jack.

Increase in wellness consciousness among consumers could impact Cracker Jack gross revenues, unless consumer perceptual experience alterations to see it as low-fat RTE.

Retailers might non be willing to give shelf infinite, sing popularity and gross revenues of Crunch ‘n Munch.

Evaluation of Options

Frito-Lay has three options to spread out its growing. First, spread out its bing bite concern by researching new eating occasions for its bing or new merchandises. Second, enter new merchandise class by capitalising on its bing strength. Third, called “ Opportunist acquisitions ” , where Frito-Lay would get related nutrient company specific trade names or full concern. Frito-Lay has already penetrated market with its strong trade name name, gross revenues and distribution substructure and advertizement hence first option would be stretch and require batch of originative thoughts and dollars. Entering new merchandise class is hazardous due to inexperience in those classs and strong good established competition hence 2nd option has high hazards. Acquisition of new trade name or company would convey its ain challenges such as corporate cultural challenge but will besides give caput start in come ining new merchandise class.


Sing assorted options, Frito-Lay should travel with 3rd option ; get trade name or full new concern, particularly when Borden intends to deprive the Cracker Jack Brand, which has really high trade name consciousness. Frito-Lay should incorporate gross revenues and distribution of Cracker Jack with Frito-Lay trade names and topographic point Cracker Jack on Salty Snack Aisle. Doing so would direct signal to consumers that Cracker Jack is now portion of good known trade name which is progressive and will be easy accessible to consumers. For first twelvemonth it should chiefly concentrate on 8-oz Bag-in-Box merchandise so that consumers can associate Cracker Jack with good savoring merchandise which is comparatively inexpensive. Consumer Advertisement should be done sharply so that consumers see it and retrieve to buy it. For this, Frito-Lay should pass $ 22 million in Advertising and Promotion for 8-oz Bag-in-Box. This attempt is expected to convey $ 83.4 million in gross revenues. It should pass $ 15 million in advertizement and publicity of 7-oz Flex Bag, which is expected to convey $ 77.1 million of gross revenues. Using this combination of promotional activities, consumers will retrieve Cracker Jack trade name and when they go to buy it they would hold handiness to 8-oz and 7-oz Cracker Jack bags in same location along with Frito-Lay trade names.

To do certain resources are focused on re-establishing Cracker Jack prestigiousness to modern-day consumer base, it should cut down SKUs from 32 to 12. This would enable gross revenues & A ; distribution section of Frito-Lay to utilize bing substructure to administer Cracker Jack to about all market sections. Frito-Lay should non buy fabricating installation of Cracker Jack trade name, instead use its ain fabrication installation and widen it to box Cracker Jack trade name. This would guarantee consistence of machinery, maintain good concern relationship with current machine provider and enable use of bing trained work force.

In 2nd and 3rd twelvemonth, extra Cracker Jack spirits should be introduced in market and aggressive consumer advertizement should be done in scope of $ 32 million. Executing these schemes would assist growing of Frito-Lay by come ining in new consumer merchandise class.



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