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April 10, 2019 Philosophy

FS 6
1. Nobility of teaching as profession take by the teacher with their experience, one’s gain awareness on the nature of every student, their attributes, abilities and behaviour patterns. The resource teacher take pride in the nobility of teaching, by doing such formal did. And also as a teacher you must be the role model of your students, because you have your profession. Whatever be the nature of these teachers who stand out, all of them- teachers, trainers, mentors and facilitators- impart education to their kids not only on academic brilliance for a living but equip them simultaneously with the education for life as well.
2. Teachers are main contributors of education. The resource teacher must maintain his/her stature and behavior by act or think about your profession. And by that you can gain respect from your student. Because if your stature and behavior is not good, do you think your students would respect you. So, maintain your proper behavior. A good teacher shows his affection and love to his pupils and affects children in almost every way like manners, styles and actions. This indicates how a teacher becomes a role model to his pupils. So teachers should maintain stature and behavior that upholds dignity, good moral and professional etiquette.
3. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be an effective teacher. Professional development is a mandatory component of being a teacher. Every state requires teachers to earn a certain number of professional development hours each year. Great professional development can be critical to the overall development of a teacher. The resource teacher allocates time for personal growth and professional development by attending seminars and conferences opportunities to improve and to enhance herself/himself.
4. The resource teacher manifest personal qualities like enthusiasm make learning fun; eagerness for teaching will make a difference in the motivation of your students. Beyond the classroom, it helps build a sense of teamwork. Enthusiasm is contagious. Flexibility, while creating a lesson plan to outline important concepts that should be addressed in curriculum is important for any classroom, even the best plans go off the rails. And caring attitude, care about imparting knowledge to students. But the best teachers also care about the relational aspect of teaching. They take time to establish a trusting and caring connection with their students, who in turn become more receptive to what’s being taught. They get to know their students’ interests, talents, and needs, which helps them prepare lessons and helps students feel the partnership of the learning experience.
5. It has been recognized by many teachers that the process of identifying a personal philosophy of teaching and continuously examining, testifying, and verifying this philosophy through teaching can lead to change of teaching behaviors and ultimately foster professional and personal growth. The good teacher knows and understands students, how they develop and learn. The resource teacher knows that students actively construct and transform their own knowledge based on past experiences and prior learning. Teaching philosophy affect the teaching and learning process.
6. As a future teacher, I used to think teaching was a job. And then I thought it was a profession. And now I’m of the opinion that it’s a calling. It’s a very noble calling. You’re a manager when you’re a teacher. You’re managing a lot of disparate personalities all under one roof and they’re doing many different things at once and they’re working on many different levels and they’re interacting. So you have so many variables at play. If you’re good at it, and stay with it long enough, you become a pretty good manager in chaotic or unknown situations.

1. In teaching for thinking, we are interested in how students produce knowledge rather than how they merely reproduce it. Intelligent behavior is performed in response to questions and problems the answers to which are NOT immediately known. Thus, we are interested in focusing on student performance under those challenging conditions that demand strategic reasoning, insightfulness, perseverance, creativity, and craftsmanship to resolve complex problems.
2. Emotions are at the heart of what teachers do and why they do it. As a future teacher, I will develop my emotional stability by maintaining my poise all the time, remains steadfast under pressure, tempers extreme emotions, calm down in the midst of chaos and especially maintains dignity in all circumstances.
3. Being resourceful means developing the ability to look at multiple solutions to a single problem. To develop my resourcefulness as a future educator, I will utilizes any materials to the maximum, accepts responsibility and performs my job well, creates new things, and I will be adventurous, imaginative and innovative to try out new things.
4. Being compassionate makes you a more considerate and caring individual and this will help your children to feel part of their communities and contribute positively. To develop this attributes when I become a teacher, I will appreciates other people, have a happy disposition, good-natured, kind, sympathetic and extends help without being told.
5. It is the ability to recover quickly from illness, depression, or adversity – that is, buoyancy. As a future educator, I will always be look at the bright side of life, enjoy the company of others, laughs at my own mistakes, feels comfortable as a member of any group and adjust to different situations.
6. Every aspect of teaching will be shaped by the role you want to play in the mentorship and development of students.. To become a good teacher in the future, I will develop my objectiveness by thinking that my own suggestion is not always the best, sees other’s opinion as unique, gives everybody an equal chance to be heard, treats everybody fairly and does not consider myself as better than others.
7. Self-motivation is, in its simplest form, the force that drives you to do things. To develop these attributes as a future educator, I will work beyond the set objectives, do things without being told, not give up easily on a task, set high goals for myself, and works with a sense of urgency.
8. Having confidence as a teacher can improve your overall effectiveness as well as your wellbeing. Teaching confidence comes from knowing your subject matter and your students and from studying the material you are to be teaching. As I build my experience as a future teacher, I will become better and more confident in what I do.
9. Attractiveness is very important because a teacher serves as the most important visual aid in the classroom.

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