Gabriel Garcia Marquez Short Stories English Literature Essay

September 29, 2017 English Literature

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of the most of import advocates in the literary sphere that surrounds the universe, normally known as El Gabo can be considered as the most of import Latin-american novelist of all times. Besides developing his composing accomplishments as a journalist and a shor-story author, “ El Gabo ” reached his extremum of illustriousness in 1982 when he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. As the author of worldwide recognized novels as One Hundred Old ages of Solitude ( 100 Anos de Soledad ) , Love in the Time of Cholera ( Amor en Tiempos de Colera ) and Chronicle of a Death Foretold ( Cronica de una Muerte Anunciada ) , Gabriel Garcia Marquez have developed and revolutionized the aesthetic manner “ Charming Realism ” . The ability of uniting the world and phantasy in a narrative wipe outing the thin line that divides both Scopess doing the normal charming and the charming normal is what defines Charming Realism, the early influences of Franz Kafka in The Metamorphosis when Marquez ‘s was still a pupil surprised him and made him accommodate Magical Realism to the Latin-american environment which is much more different than the European. The Latin-american cultural elements are pinted in every line of El Gabo ‘s novels and short narratives, practically reflecting the twentieth Century ‘s Country-life. In the undermentioned narratives ; Leaf Storm ( La Hojarasca ) , A Very Old Man with Enormous Wingss ( Un senor muy Viejo con unas Alas Enormes ) and The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Erendira and her Heartless Grandmother ( La Increible Y Triste Historia de la Candida Erendira y de su Abuela Desalmada ) , the supporters are all in struggle with a alteration in their normal perpesctive of what they define as society, they cope with this by work outing the ineluctable and reshaping their position of society, which along with the Magic Realism and similar symbols, uncover a subject that describes from the root degree what compose the Colombian and Latin-american Culture.

“ Leaf Storm ” ( La Hojarasca ) is a narrative which reflects town created by Marquez in his head but incorporating all the features of a Latin-american town, -Macondo- as the town is called is conformed by a little sum of households after the war. During the permanency of a really of import Company in the town, Macondo had its public assistance and was described as a nice topographic point to populate. As the clip went by, the Company left Macondo go forthing merely, go forthing the town radically different a topographic point where the dust had combined with a odor and a presence “ debris ” characterized the town for the remainder of the old ages. Macondo is an first-class contemplation of how the Industry works in the Third-World Countries, A Company that built a town raised schools, infirmaries, agribusiness so leaves when all the money is collected in order to go forth the whole town in bankruptcy. This is a manner to knock the political state of affairss encountered by Third-World states where the dwellers of little towns live with this world.

“ Everyone will hold gone so except us, because we ‘re tied to this dirt by a roomful of short pantss where the family goods and vesture of grandparents are kept, and the canopies that my parents ‘ Equus caballuss used when they came to Macondo, flying from the war. We ‘ve been sown into this dirt by the memory of the distant dead whose castanetss can no longer be found twenty fthms under the Earth. The short pantss have been in the room of all time since the last yearss of the war ; and they ‘ll be at that place this afternoon when we come back from the entombment, if that concluding air current has n’t passed, the 1 that will brush off Macondo, its sleeping rooms full of lizards and its soundless people devastated by memories. “ A ( Leaf Storm )

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“ Leaf Storm ” presents some of Gabriel Garcia Marquez ‘s greatest grounds of Magical Realism when he starts working with the clip line of the narrative and the position of narrative, because the narrative ‘s narrative is divided in three different angles which represents three coevalss of the household ( Father, Daughter and Grandson ) and each 1 has a different point of position harmonizing to every state of affairs. This led the reader to understand each point of position in order to experience what Gabriel ‘s is truly seeking to convey. Even though its complicity, “ La Hojarasca ” attaches the reader as one more citizen of Macondo, an first-class manner to use Charming Realism.

The chief subject on Leaf Storm is Death, by the minute the Company left Macondo the whole town was surrounded by a feeling of decease. All characters and state of affairss transmits decease to the reader, giving the thought that Macondo will decease at some point.

“ A Very Old Man with Enormous Wingss ” ( Un Senor muy Viejo con unas Alas Enormes ) tells the narrative of a adult male that after a storm is founded, the particular thing about him is that he had wings. The old adult male is left in the backyard of a house and where the proprietors Elisenda and Pelayo take him and handle him as a circus attractive force, because the people thought he was an “ Angel ” . This narrative reflects and knock how Latin-american society reacts to something they are non used ; a new phenomenon, the religion of the people that went to the circus looking for a miracle is really characteristic on how the Latin-american society trades with religion. The thought of believing that something you have non seen earlier is blessed and was brought by a higher power is grounds of ignorance that besides surrounds Latin-America society, the 1s that made any sorts of wants to the “ Angel ” so fell in the disenchantment when they realized none of their wants became existent. The ignorance is the cause of their disenchantment this is really common in Latin-America, and -in my opinion- Venezuela, my state, would ne’er be a developed state until ignorance is eliminated among their citizens.

“ His immense turkey vulture wings, dirty and half-plucked were everlastingly entangled in the clay. They looked at him so long and so closely that Pelayo and Elisenda really shortly get the better of their surprise and in the terminal found him familiar. “ A ( A Very Old Man with Enormous Wingss )

Charming pragmatism is presented in this novel as the inclination to unite phantasy ( a adult male with wings ) to a wholly existent scenario, as Pelayo and Elisenda found the old adult male familiar does non demonstrates the reaction of today ‘s society towards a adult male with wings. As the narrative continued, another of import event happened ; a immature kid is turned into a Spider because she disobeyed her parents. This gives the town a narrative full of repentant and afflictions, and takes away the little sum of religion and celebrity that the old adult male have left. By this clip, Pelayo and Elisanda had already made a luck out of the old adult male, constructing a sign of the zodiac for themselves. Pelayo and Elisenda did non care about the old adult male ‘s fate because they already have taken net income off from him. They merely took advantage of the Angel ‘s forbearance and disinterest about what surrounds him, and the people ‘s ignorance which led them to look up to the angel ; that is what made Pelayo and Elisenda rich and affluent, the Latin-american civilization. This occurs every twenty-four hours with the new engineerings ; for illustration, a new phone is presented by a group of “ mastermind ” where they make everyone think their creative activity will do your universe easier in order to take a net income out of you.

The narrative technique of this narrative is what makes it comprehendible, the storyteller is presented as omniscient and patterns the perspectivism technique which consists in stating the narrative in one position. So the narrative is non told by stating the facts as they happened, the narrative is told by stating the narrative as the storyteller thinks and understand about the facts that happened. The narrative line besides helps, the narrative being presented in one, consecutive narrative does non confound the reader as in Leaf Storm.

“ A Very Old Man with Enormous Wingss ” is presented by Marquez a societal review to how new a phenomenon or an thought is presented to a society, and how people ‘s outlook reacts to it. Marquez tries to explicate that this reaction procedure to new things is cyclical and cosmopolitan.

“ The Incredible and Sad Tale of Inoccent Erendira and her Heartless Grandmother ” ( La Increible Y Triste Historia de la Candida Erendira y de su Abuela Desalmada ) is a narrative presented by Gabriel Garcia Marques, it narrates the narrative of Erendira a fourteen-year-old adolescent that by accident incinerates her grandma ‘s house. Erendira lived with her grandma since her male parent ‘s decease ; they lived in the center of the desert in a little town. As Erendira brings down the house with the inadvertent fire, her grandma considers is clip for Erendira to get down paying back what she has taken off from the grandma. Before the fire Erendira was been partly exploded by making domestic labours for her grandma, but after the fire everything went worst and Erendira started to be exploded sexually in order to her grandma to gain money. The lived in a nomadic collapsible shelter traveling from town to town until all the work forces from every town have used Erendira ‘s services, Erendira realized that at that beat she would decease by exhaustion at some point. Ulises is a adult male who is in love with Erendira, she asked her to kill her grandma. After many efforts he win, both take away the grandma ‘s gold and flight.

This narrative explains how immature grownups ‘ harlotry worked out at the twentieth Century Latin-american society, where most of the harlotry occurred by detonating adolescents without caring if they are relations. Many households worked that manner in order to derive money and stay at the same degree, households did this as a last resort before hapless.

This narrative can besides be interpreted as a metaphor, depicting the attitude of developed states ( The Grandmother ) over sub-developed states ( Erendira ) .

As Gabriel Garcia Marquez writes, “ Her monumental size had increased ” ( The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Erendira and her Heartless Grandmother ) mentioning to the grandma. Marquez describes how the grandma started to turn in Erendira ‘s position where she was the victim of all maltreatments committed by her grandma, Erendira could merely wait for a miracle because as she was turning weaker her grandma kept turning and turning.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez writes with the purpose of doing a mixture of any extraordinary experience into the world life, his narratives are full of charming happenings which are non considered as extraordinary in the narrative as it would be in existent life. In “ A Very Old Mas with Enormous Wingss ” the town is conglomerated by the visual aspect of a adult male with wings ; an angel, which destiny is to populate at his first inventors orders. In “ Leaf Storm ” the narrative reflects the narrative line of a town abandoned by the Company that founded it, and the villagers had to cover with many drawbacks in order to maintain the town off from bankruptcy. The contemplation of the twentieth Century life manner of the Latin-american state life is Marquez ‘s first concern, it goes either to knock it or allow the reader feel reflected on the narrative. His narratives talk about faith, religion, decease, differences, reactions, jobs, and many other factors that define a society different from another.

As “ El Gabo ” said, “ Charming pragmatism expands the categorizes of the existent so as to embrace myth, thaumaturgy and other extraordinary phenomena in Nature or experience which European pragmatism excluded ” . ( Gabriel Garcia Marquez )


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